Butterfly Steak In 6 Simple Steps For Fast Grilling

October 06, 2023 4 min read

Butterfly Steak steps guide - atgrillscookware

One of the joys of having a Barbecue with your friends is to round up around the grill with a bunch of beer while the steak cooks. However, everyone has preferences.

Most people love a thick piece, well-done steak. However, they must understand that cooking a thick steak takes longer than a thinner, medium-rare one, especially on high heat.

Therefore, we will discuss the butterfly steak hack that will save you time. 

The quickest way to obtain a thick, juicy, perfectly cooked beef is to butter it. Hence, to bring out its flavor.

Butterflying your excellent steak slices can save you time if you're running late on schedule and need more resources to prepare them properly.

Moreover, if you're new to the term and need to learn about steak cooking, don't sweat. This Cooking guide will help cover all the steps and basics of a chef.

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What Is A Butterfly Steak? 

Cut a steak lengthwise stop before reaching the end to create a butterfly. Then, open the meat after the cut. It will have two uniform sides that resemble a butterfly. 

Butterflied steaks can be filled with seasonings, which helps them cook more evenly and quickly. Additionally, when meat is butterflied, you can brown more surface area. 

What Is A Butterfly Steak - atgrillscookware

Simply put, Steaks that are split lengthwise are known as butterfly steaks.

The end of the flesh is intact and keeps the pieces together because they are not completely cut through. The meat will be uniform on all sides, like a butterfly's wings. 

Butterflying a steak is guaranteed to dazzle your guests and guarantee a delicate, medium-rare meal, whether grilling or using other cooking methods.

Beef tenderloin, ribeye steak, and thick sirloin are all the options you can prepare using the butterfly-cutting method.

Moreover, this approach is not exclusive to beef; it may also be used with pork and chicken.

A steak can cook more quickly if it is butterflied. It is fantastic for grilling or roasting. Butterflied steak can also be stuffed with cheese, cured meats, and seasonings. 

Please note that stuffing your steak will prevent it from cooking any faster.

Butterflying a good steak such as a ribeye is something we don't recommend. 

Along with big steaks, butcher's beef steak cuts are more frequently used. 

Another excellent possibility for butterflying is chicken breast. Only the priciest beef cut, the tenderloin, should be butterflied. It's a lean, flavorless cut that would benefit from getting stuffed. 

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6 Simple Steps To Butterfly A Steak

You'll need two main pieces of cookware, a sharp knife, and a reliable cutting board to cook and chop your favorite steak.

The method is straightforward to follow. These utensils help transform a thick steak into a perfectly cooked, thinner piece cut uniformly.

6 Steps To Butterfly A Steak - atgrillscookware

Step 1: Prepare A Steak With A Very Sharp Knife & Cutting Board 

You'll need an item of steak first. A cutting surface and a knife with a razor-sharp edge are also required. Keep your blades well-honed.

Sharp knives are healthier than dull ones. You are likelier to make a mistake or use less force with an effectively sharp knife. 

Step 2: Lay Down The Steak 

Place the steak on the cutting board and butterfly it there. Grab an extremely sharp knife, then hold the steak in the hand that isn't the knife's. 

Step 3: Start Cutting: 

Cut the meat neatly along the middle in a single motion. Once more, avoid cutting all the way completely.

Just before you get to the end of the steak, stop cutting. So that the two sides of the flesh stay together, leave plenty of it uncut.

Step 4: Open It For Stuffing:

Now is the time to add ingredients after opening the meat.

There are no restrictions on what can be used to stuff the meat.

We've observed chefs rolling up butterflied beef with: 

  • seasonings (black pepper, oregano, salt) 
  • vegetables (onions) 
  • cured meats 
  • fresh herbs, and other ingredients. 

Put your imagination to use and get creative to enhance the flavor & quality.

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Step 5: Roll The Steak/ Meat and start Grilling

Start rolling the meat up from one side. You'll have classy pinwheels after cutting.

If you need assistance, check out tutorials on YouTube for a visual representation. 

The live fire from the grills adds a texture and taste to your steak that you can't put into words. It's something you don't get from a traditional oven.

Also, we observed it takes less cooking time. Additionally, you can always try pan-frying to cook evenly.

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Pros & Cons Of Butterflying A Steak Or A Beef Tenderloin

Before cutting into the steak, it is wise to be aware of the benefits and drawbacks of the butterflying technique. 

  • The advantages include a shorter cooking time, twice as much surface area to sear on, more taste, and richer flavor. 
  • However, the more cuts you make, the thinner the meat will be and the more challenging it will be to get a deeply seared surface, especially if you want to retain the interior medium-rare or rare.

Furthermore, it might be acceptable for individuals who like their steaks medium-well or well-done.

If you prefer rare steak, you could be disappointed by the outcome.

A sharp knife with a narrow blade is recommended when butterflying a steak.

You can additionally employ a sharp chef's knife with wide blades if you don't have one. The blade's sharpness is more crucial than its shape.

Additionally, it helps when the steak is slightly frozen so that you can cut it neatly.

Before chopping the meat for the ideal thick steak, freeze it for 20 to 30 minutes.


You now have all the information you require to prepare a butterflied steak. We hope you try this recipe for butterflied meat tenderloin. Even vegans will slobber over it.

Try different fillings and cooking techniques, such as medium rare, while cooking with butterflying your meat. 

Moreover, AT Grills & Cookware has a variety of cookware, from the famous electric griddles to cookware accessories. Please look at the accessories and get them delivered to your doorstep.

Enjoy the art of cooking steaks and your favorite grilled burgers on long-lasting and efficient cookware.

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