Can I Barbecue on an Electric Grill?

September 13, 2021 3 min read

Can I Barbecue on an Electric Grill? - ATGRILLS

Grilling and barbecuing are among the cooking practices people have embraced for centuries. The American community enjoys them during the summers. Statistics show that the electric grill market in the US was at $3.81 billion in 2019, $4.01billion in 2020, and it's estimated to grow to about $5.2 billion by 2025. It’s a reflection that people have embraced electric grills and switching from conventional gas and charcoal grills.
Can I barbecue on an electric grill? Yes, electric grills cook similar to typical outdoor grills. The only difference is that they don’t produce smoke and use electricity as their source of power. Keep reading as we explore more on how you can barbecue on electric grills.

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How Does Barbecuing Differ from Grilling?

Before we jump into explaining the aspect of barbecuing on electric grills, it’s essential to understand the differences between grilling and barbecuing. Many people tend to confuse the two and even use the two terms interchangeably.
Barbecuing means cooking slowly in a unit using hot air with the lid closed. On the other hand, grilling means cooking directly or indirectly from the bottom without a lid or with the lid open. Grilling is hot and fast. Basically, the differentiating factors between the two are the heat and the total cook time.
Additionally, barbecuing can be done on the grills or by a smoker while grilling is done only on grills and grill pans.

How to BBQ on Electric Grills

One thing that makes electric grills stand out is that they can be used indoors and outdoors. Additionally, they come with temperature controls that help in heat regulation while cooking. Above all, they come in different models, whereby some are strictly designed for outdoor use, indoor use, or both. The indoor electric grills models are smaller and suitable for use on the kitchen countertop, while the outdoor electric grill has relatively larger and features a stand.
So, what kind of electric grill can you use to bbq? You need a grill with a lid to enhance hot-air circulation as the foods cook for the most effective results. Luckily, there are specific electric bbq models that feature a similar design to the conventional grills. The only difference is that they don’t produce smoke and use electricity as their source of heat.

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Why is an electric grill good for BBQ?

• Convenience

Electric grills are compact and smokeless; therefore, they can be used indoor and in the backyard.

• Ease of use

Electric grills features simple designs and features such as temperature control that is easy to use. Setting up the entire unit is pretty easy. Depending on the specific type of food you’ll be cooking, you can easily set up the ideal temperature.

• Safe to use

Unlike conventional grills that have flames, electric grills use indirect heat. Therefore, you’re not prone to fires and accidents while cooking compared to charcoal and gas grills. Also, electric grills don’t produce smoke; thus, you’re not likely to inhale pollutants.

• clean char marks

Electric grills make excellent char marks on grilled foods due to high heat. Additionally, the grill marks are clean since the cooking surface is non-stick.

• Require less cleaning

Since the electric grills have non-stick grill grates or plates, food doesn’t stick. Therefore, it’s easy to clean.


1. Can I make an electric grill taste like charcoal?

Yes, you can make electric grills taste like charcoal. Before you BBQ foods on electric grills, marinate the foods to enhance the flavor. You can also use smoky ingredients while preparing your foods. Lastly, you can use wood or charcoal chips on an electric grill; it results in a smoky flavor in your grilled foods.

2. Is electric BBQ good?

Electric grills are good and have many advantages. They offer a healthier cooking method than conventional grills since they don’t produce carcinogens as traditional grills do. They are easy to use and clean. Additionally, they make nice grill marks on the food, and food won’t stick if the grill is well heated.

3. Can an electric grill stay outside?

Yes. However, it has to be a model that has a lid on top. Also, you must ensure the power cord of the grill does not come into contact with water. Usually, an electric grill can catch fire if the cord gets into contact with water.

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