Can You Put A Pan On A Griddle?

December 28, 2022 6 min read

Can You Put A Pan On A Griddle?

A griddle is an excellent tool for making grilled cheese sandwiches, steaks, pancakes, and much more. The best part about the tool is that it will allow you to achieve a higher temperature easily. For instance, griddles can work at up to 600°F easily.

Of course, sometimes you may not want to use the cooking surface of your griddle directly. For instance, the recipe may require you to put a pan on your griddle. If you want to know whether this is possible to put a pan on a griddle, you’re in the correct place.

Here is all the information you require about putting a pan on a griddle.

Can You Put A Pan On A Griddle?

You can put a pan on a griddle easily for cooking various items. The cooking surface is suitable for containing a pan to help you enjoy a better experience. Typically, you may be required to keep another tool on the griddle when working with liquids.

For instance, you can fill a pan with water if you want to boil the liquid. However, remember that the utensil must meet specific requirements before putting it on a griddle. The top thing your pan must have is an exceptionally high melting point.

Typically, the melting point must be above 600°F. This will prevent the pan from melting on your griddle. After all, a griddle can reach a maximum temperature of 500 to 600°F in no time.

What Types Of Pans Can You Use On A Griddle?

You can use various pans such as cast iron pans, aluminium pans, and much more on your griddle. Here is everything you need to know about the different pans you can use:

  1. Cast Iron Pan

Cast iron pans have an exceptionally high melting point because of the material's strength. This is why it is the only pan you should use with your outdoor griddles such as a Blackstone griddle. Remember that outdoor griddles have a higher maximum temperature capacity than indoor tools.

Another benefit of using a cast iron pan on a griddle is that the tool will trap heat easily. This means cooking different dishes on the pan will be easier because of heat retention and even heat distribution. The chances of burning the food item also decrease when using a cast iron pan.

  1. Aluminum Pan

Aluminium pans are also suitable to put on a griddle. However, these pans are mainly suitable for warming cooked things on the griddle instead of cooking from scratch. This is because it will take a very long time for an aluminium pan to heat up on a griddle.

So the pan will not be able to retain enough heat for cooking dishes without any issues. This is why you should only use aluminium pans when you have to warm or reheat semi-solid food or liquids on a griddle. The primary reason aluminium pans take too much time for heating is their thickness.

These pans are thicker than other tools on the market to offer them high strength. Of course, this also makes it difficult for a pan to gain adequate heat on griddles.

  1. Ceramic Pan

A ceramic pan is one of the best utensils you can use on a griddle. The primary feature of ceramic dishes and pans is that they can withstand exceptionally high temperatures. So the melting point of ceramic pans is usually greater than the maximum temperature your griddle can reach.

You will not have to worry about the pan losing its shape during cooking. The best part about ceramic utensils is that you can also use them on grills, cooktops, open flames, and much more. They also help you cook the food evenly while distributing uniform heat.

Another great thing about ceramic pans is that they are non-stick. You can easily put them on a griddle to cook food items that usually stick on your griddle.

  1. Stainless Steel Pan

A stainless steel pan is another tool that you can put on your griddle. They are designed to withstand high heat and spread heat more evenly to all parts of the food. This means that you can use them to avoid cold spots when cooking different dishes.

However, stainless steel pans are not the best option for griddles with high maximum temperature capacity. The steel pan may lose its structure if used on a griddle at high temperatures. So you must ensure your griddle remains at low heat when using a stainless steel pan on it.

You should also pay high attention to the pan when using it on a griddle. Always remove the utensil before the temperature starts to increase too much. This will help you prevent the pan from suffering damage.

  1. Copper Pan

Copper pans are excellent for putting on a griddle because they have a high melting point. Typically, the melting point of copper pans is above 1,000°F. Meanwhile, the maximum temperature a griddle can reach is 600°F. So you will not have to worry about the pan getting damaged on the griddle.

These pans are suitable for cooking items on high heat using a griddle. This means you should avoid using a copper pan if the recipe requires cooking on low heat. You must also be careful when using this pan type on other griddles.

Remember that copper pans can cause your food to stick to the surface at high heat. This is why you must choose a non-stick copper pan when using a griddle. You can also grease the utensil to prevent food from sticking.

  1. Dutch Oven Pan

A Dutch oven pan is a specific type of cast iron pan that is used for cooking items with a high amount of sauce or gravy. It can also hold more food than standard pans. The best part is that you can use this pan on a griddle easily.

However, you will have to preheat the pan to use it on a griddle. This may take 20 to 25 minutes, depending on the flame. Once your Dutch oven pan is preheated, you can transfer it to the griddle to start cooking.

These pans should mainly be used with outdoor griddles or devices that can reach a significantly high temperature easily.

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Benefits Of Putting A Pan On Griddle

Many people use griddles directly without other utensils. However, using pans on a griddle can offer various benefits. Here are the top things you should know about:

  1. Allows You To Work With Liquids Easily

The top benefit of using a pan on a griddle is that you can work with liquid ingredients more easily. For instance, you may want to boil pasta. In such a case, you require a pan or a pot for containing the water. The best part is that pans and pots can be easily used on a griddle.

Besides that, heating dishes with gravy on your griddle is only possible if you put the item in a pan. So using this utensil will make your cooking experience easier. You will also not have to remove the griddle from your stovetop to use a burner.

  1. Keeps Your Griddle Clean

Another benefit of using pans on a griddle is that they will help you keep the griddle clean. Remember some dishes can make a huge mess on your cooking device. It may also be difficult to clean your griddle, depending on the material.

You may also want to avoid high cleaning time when using a griddle. That is where using a pan will be helpful. It will keep your ingredients contained and prevent you from cleaning the griddle later. The best part is that if your pan is dishwasher-safe, you will not have to worry about cleaning them.

Typically, cleaning griddles may take up to 30 minutes or more, depending on the type. You will also not have to worry about seasoning your griddle again after using a pan on it. So this method of cooking is more convenient.

  1. Helps You Distribute Heat Better

Many griddles have no issue in distributing heat evenly across the food. However, this may not be possible if your griddle is too large or placed incorrectly on the burners. In such a case, using a pan will allow you to distribute heat better.

So you can cook food more evenly by putting a pan on a griddle. Using a pan will also reduce the risk of leaving dry spots on your dish. It will also decrease the chances of burning your food. You can also cover the pan with a lid to steam the dish.

Final Thoughts

This is everything you need to know about whether you can put a pan on a griddle. You can use pans and pots with your griddle. However, you must use a tool with a higher melting point than the griddle's maximum temperature.

If the pan has a low melting point, it may start to melt during cooking and suffer permanent damage. The cooking tool may also lose its structure and reduce the flavour of your dish. So it is necessary to choose the correct pan when using a specific griddle.

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