Can You Use A Griddle On Electric Stoves?

December 28, 2022 5 min read

Can You Use A Griddle On Electric Stoves

Once you start using a griddle, you will never want to switch to anything else for making your favorite meats and vegetables. However, there might be many questions you have on your mind regarding the griddle. For example, many people wonder if it is possible to use a griddle on an electric range or electric stove

Fortunately, you can use a griddle on an electric-powered stove for ease and convenience. 

Can You Use A Griddle On An Electric Stove?

Yes, you can use the griddle on the electric stove in no time. Keep in mind that it is crucial to follow some guidelines before you take this step. That is because you will have to prepare the griddle to ensure that it is ready for the cooking process. 

Another thing to keep in mind is the size of the electric stove and the griddle. After all, you will have to perfectly fit the griddle on the electric stove before you use it. This is why you must check the sizes of both to ensure that your food heats up and cooks thoroughly on the electric stove.

How to Use the Griddle on an Electric Range 

Now that you know you can use a griddle on an electric-powered stove, you might wonder how to use it. Fortunately, the process is incredibly simple. Here are all the steps you can follow to learn more about it. 

1. Griddle Preparation 

The first thing you need to opt for is griddle preparation. Remember that griddles are large in size, so you will need at least two electric stovetops for this process. You will have to position the griddle along with the two stovetops that are the closest to one another. 

The key is to sort the placement challenge and ensure that the heat is spread evenly throughout the griddle. Then, make sure that you turn the electric stove on to the right temperature before you begin using it. 

2. Heating The Griddle 

Turn on the heat of the griddle and let it become hot for a while. Of course, it should be hot enough to heat and cook your food. Please don't leave it for too long, as you don't want excessive heat on the griddle. 

Excessive heat can lead to food burning from the outside and not being cooked from the inside. A good way to tell that your griddle has overheated is if there is a lot of smoke coming out of it. Once your griddle is hot enough, you can move on to the next step.

3. Cooking Preparation 

Now that the griddle has heated on the electric stove, it is time to prepare it for cooking purposes. We recommend that if you have one small burner and one big burner, you must turn the warmth of the bigger one to moderate to ensure it gives the same level of heat as the small one. 

Doing this will ensure an even cooking temperature throughout the griddle. Then, you must apply a light layer of fat to the griddle, such as butter or oil. The step will guarantee that the food doesn't stick to the griddle. 

You can use a spray of cooking oil, or you can smear some butter on the griddle. Whatever method you use, be sure to coat the entire griddle evenly. 

4. Begin Cooking 

Finally, you can begin cooking on the griddle on the electric stove. If you are cooking in a few batches, we recommend that you lightly layer the griddle with fat before you cook each batch. On the other hand, if the fat begins smoking, be sure to turn your electric stove to moderate or low heat. 

Regulating the temperature on the electric stove while cooking is important to ensure that you don't end up overcooking your food. Besides that, it will also protect your griddle from too much heat damage in the long run. So, keep an eye on the temperature and the food as you use the electric stove for the griddle. 

Are Electric Stoves an Efficient Option for the Use of Griddles? 

You understand the cooking process on the electric stove. However, you might wonder if this process is efficient. Well, in some cases, it might be an efficient option, while in other cases, you might want to look for alternatives. 

That is because you will reap no additional benefit from cooking on the electric stove. It will be just as efficient as cooking your meal on the griddle outside. The results are the same, which is why it is efficient. 

On the other hand, it can be challenging to cook on the griddle when you are using an electric stove. That is because the size of the griddle can be an issue. Griddles are big, and you might not have a big enough electric stove to accommodate them. That's why electric griddle could be a better option for you.

Even if you do, it will take you longer to heat the griddle at the temperature you need. You will have to ensure that the heat is spread evenly throughout the griddle. Sometimes, the griddle can have hot and cold zones if the size is not uniform. 

So, yes, it can be efficient, but this may not always be the case. You must fit the griddle in the right way on the electric stove before you begin the cooking process. 

Is It Safe To Use A Griddle On Your Electric Range?

While it can be efficient to use a griddle on an electric stove, you might also wonder whether it is safe or not. The answer is yes, it is safe, but we still recommend that you practice safety guidelines if you want to get the best results. For example, you must never use a plastic tool on the griddle when it is on the electric stove. 

That is because the high temperature will melt the plastic tool in no time. On the other hand, you must avoid touching the griddle or stove with your bare hands. Always wear mitts or gloves so that you don't end up burning your hands. 

Finally, the safest material for a utensil is cast iron for your griddle on the electric stove. Cast iron will easily handle high temperatures and is safe to use. So, you must follow all of these safety guidelines to ensure that you use the griddle on an electric stove without any issues. 

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Final Thoughts 

That was your complete guide to understanding if you can use a griddle on an electric stove. The answer is yes, you can, but you have to be careful and follow the right guidelines to use it properly. Keep in mind that using the griddle on the electric stove is just as efficient as using it outdoors. 

So, there is no added benefit that you will reap by cooking on an electric stove with a griddle. Be sure to keep all these things in mind and then make an informed decision about whether you want to use the griddle on an electric stove or outdoors. 

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