Can You Use Blackstone Griddle In Garage?

March 01, 2023 5 min read

Can You Use Blackstone Griddle In Garage

There are many ways to cook delicious meals at home for your small or large family. A Blackstone griddle can help you prepare breakfast, lunch, and dinner in no time. Of course, you must use the tool in the correct part of your house.

Blackstone griddles are mainly suitable for outdoor use, but you may not be able to do that. This may be because of rain or other reasons. So you may be wondering whether you can use the tool in your indoor garage.

If so, here is a guide to help you get the best out of your outdoor griddle inside the home.

Can You Use Blackstone Griddle In Garage?

A Blackstone griddle can be used in a garage during emergency cases such as rain. However, this may not be true in all cases. You will have to maintain the proper conditions if you want to use your griddle in your garage.

If the space meets the optimal requirements for a griddle, you can cook dishes quickly. This is mainly necessary for using a gas-powered griddle in a garage.

Remember, you will not have to worry much if you have an electric Blackstone griddle. These work differently than regular tools, making them more suitable for indoor use.

Things To Consider When Using Blackstone Griddle In Garage

You must think of different factors to use your appliance properly. Here are some things that will help you use a griddle in your garage:


The top thing you must have in your garage is space. Outdoor griddles can be large, so they require more storage space than other tools. It will be best to remove clutter from the garage before moving the griddle there.

You must also consider the space other kitchen tools will take up in the garage. After all, you will have to transfer the food to plates. So you may bring another storage cart to keep different things in it.

The best option is to keep the tool in the garage's centre. This will offer you enough room to walk around the room. It will also be easier to perform other tasks.

High Safety

Blackstone griddles can work on gas and electricity. If you have the former type, it is necessary to take safety precautions. You should remove your car from the garage and park it at a distance away from the space.

It is also necessary to keep flammable things away from your tool. These items may include paints, fuel cans, and other things. This will prevent your garage from catching fire unnecessarily.

You should also ensure the ceiling is high if you're working with high flames. Safety risks increase when cooking in a garage, but you can make things safer for you and your family. So be sure to think about all safety precautions before starting to cook.

Proper Ventilation

Another thing you should ensure your garage has is proper ventilation. This is because gas and smoke should not build up in the indoor space. If it does, the risk of fire accidents will rise.

One way to ensure good airflow is by opening the windows of your garage. You may also keep the door open for higher safety and an easy cooking experience.

If there are no windows in the garage, you may use a fan to create the best atmosphere. Of course, you will have to be careful about the fan's position. Research the best positions to keep the fan in the correct place and at the correct distance.

You should wear a mask while making food. It will save you from the effect of harmful gases.

Consider The Griddle Type

electric Blackstone griddle for garage

The type of your griddle matters a lot during garage cooking. You should get a tool that will make your experience easy and quick. An electric Blackstone griddle is a better choice if you want to cook often in your garage.

Remember, you will not have to worry about fire accidents much when using such a tool. So your house's safety will be high. It will also offer more security if children roam around you when you're cooking.

You must also choose a model with smaller dimensions. Blackstone griddles of 22 inches are better for indoor use. Avoid getting tools of a size greater than 22 inches.

How To Use A Blackstone Griddle In Garage Safely?

You can maintain the correct size and airflow in the garage for using the item safely. Here are some other actions to improve safety:

Place The Griddle On A Safe Surface

Placing the griddle on the correct surface will do you good. You can reduce the risk of fire accidents this way. Stone is one of the top things you can keep your tool on.

The stone must be heavy and unpolished to avoid heat conduction. It should also be large enough to offer a good balance to your item.

Avoid using wooden surfaces because the heat may burn them and cause damage.

Keep Kids Away

Another thing for better safety is keeping kids away. Children like to play around with griddles and may topple the tool. They may also bring flammable items into the garage.

After all, kids are known for carrying their toys, such as teddy bears, everywhere. It is no secret that these items can catch fire easily near gas and electric griddles. So keeping kids away will help you work with lesser stress.

You should also consider your pets when considering this factor. Pets can also cause as many distractions as kids. This is why both of them should not be allowed near your cooking station.

Place A Fire Extinguisher Nearby

You can take many precautions, but the safety risk will never be zero when working in a garage. This is why you should have tools that will help you deal with the aftereffects of an accident. A fire extinguisher is a must-have to cook safely.

If anything catches fire, you can use the tool to react immediately. Getting rid of the flame early will prevent the fire from spreading. So you will suffer less damage by keeping this safety tool nearby.

You may also have an extinguisher at home already. If so, be sure to check whether it is filled or not. Thinking about these things will ensure the best cooking experience.

Keep The Tool Away From Sockets

You may have electrical sockets in your garage for using different tools. If you're using a gas Blackstone griddle, be sure to keep the item away from sockets. Sparks can cause the explosion of propane gas.

So cover all the sockets when cooking in the garage. Place the griddle away from electrical items to increase security. It may best not to use the griddle in your garage if your outdoor space is unaffected by rain.

Working outdoors is best because of the lower risk, and you will not have to make much effort to make things safer. This means you can get to cooking faster.

Final Words

This is everything you need to know about using a Blackstone griddle in a garage. Of course, you must follow precautions for safer cooking. You can use the griddle to make pancakes, steaks, and much more.

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