Do You Soak The Wood Chips For Electric Smoker? (Answered)

March 02, 2023 6 min read

Do You Soak The Wood Chips For Electric Smoker

Outdoor cooking is incredibly versatile because it allows you to use various methods to prepare your food. Recently, many outdoor cooking enthusiasts have started using electric smokers. These take barbecued food to the next level by providing a smoky and juicy flavor.

Some cooks like soaking the wood chips and then using them in the electric smoker. You might also wonder if it is okay to soak the wood chips. Well, here is your answer.

Should The Wood Chips Be Soaked When You Are Using An Electric Smoker?

Yes, you can soak wood chips for an electric smoker, but it depends on your personal preferences for food taste. The primary aim behind using wood chips is to boost the aroma and the smoke that can enhance the meat flavor. Most electric smokers are designed to accommodate the soaked wood chips.

If that is not the case with your electric smoker, then you can put them inside a tin foil or a metal can. After that, you can place it in the smoker's chamber bottom. On the other hand, you can also invest in a smoker box if you want a solid smoky aroma and flavor.

What Is The Duration For The Wood Chips To Be Soaked In Electric Smoker?

You can soak more minor wood chips for one to eight hours. On the other hand, large wood chips need a soaking time of twenty-four hours. The size of the wood chip will determine how long you can smoke it inside the electric smoker.

By small wood chips, we mean those that are less than a quarter’s size. Remember that you should not let the large wood chips soak for more than a day. That is because it can ruin the purpose of the wood chips and interfere with the food flavor.

Besides that, the time for soaking wood chips will also depend on the time of smoker you are using. However, these times are ideal for absorbing the wood chips inside an electric smoker for your ease and convenience.

Should The Wood Chips Be Soaked For Charcoal Smokers?

Yes, you can soak the wood chips for the charcoal smoker because many come with a box for such chips. However, there are some models that enable you to add wood chips to charcoal. If that is the case with your charcoal smoker, then we recommend that you don't soak the wood chips.

That is because you will have to add the wood chips when the fire is already going on. If you add wet wood chips like this, then it will interfere with the fire, and your meat will not cook in the best way possible. So make sure you are following the proper guidelines when soaking wood chips for charcoal smokers. 

Should The Wood Chips be Soaked For Offset Smoker?

Offset smokers need to hold a consistent temperature to help cook their meat. While you can use soak wood chips, we recommend using wood or charcoal chips for this purpose. That is because if you only use soaked wood chips, then the offset smoker will have a lot of issues in providing consistent temperatures.

Outdoor cooking enthusiasts that have used offset smokers understand that it is challenging to maintain high temperatures in the smoker. Soaked wood chips will make this process even more challenging. Because of this, we recommend against this.

If you are still set on soaking the wood chips, then you can soak them for two to three hours. However, make sure that you dry them in the oven before you add them to the offset smoker so they can light in no time.

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Pros Of Soaking Wood Chips

By now, you might be wondering what advantages you would reap from soaking wood chips in the electric smoker. After all, it means more work for you, and not everyone is to do it. So, here are the top advantages you will gain if you soak the wood chips for your barbecuing process:

  1. Using Fewer Wood Chips

Wood chips can be expensive, depending on the brand and flavor you are using for your food. However, when you soak them, they will absorb a lot of water. What this means is that the water will have to evaporate before the smoker can consume and burn the chips.

Over time, this will mean that you are using fewer wood chips to smoke your food. So, your bag of wood chips will last you a long time to come. Soaking them ensures that you get a lot of use out of them and get value for your money.

  1. Juicy And Smoky Finish To Food

The reason most outdoor cooking enthusiasts use wood chips is to add a smoky and juicy finish to the food. That is because the wood chips will let off steam before they begin burning. The steam is responsible for adding flavor and smoke to the food.

By the time your food is done, it will be incredibly juicy and flavorful. If you want such a flavor for your barbecued food, then you can use soaked wood chips. Once you do, you will see the results in the taste of your food yourself.

  1. Complex Flavors To Food

Adding complex flavors to your food is an art and requires you to use the best tips to make your food delicious. A great way to add this depth and complexity to your food is by soaking the wood chips in something other than water. It adds a unique touch to the food as the smoke will be flavorful depending on the liquid you use.

On the other hand, many people also use specific flavor blends for the wood chips. Wood chips come in flavors such as maple, hickory, and much more. You can select the blend you would like to add to your food to enhance the layer of flavors.

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Cons of Soaking Wood Chips

While there are many benefits to soaking wood chips, it is not for everyone. Some people don’t soak them because they don’t like the end result, and that is okay too. Here are some possible disadvantages of soaking wood chips that you might experience:

  1. Might Hinder With The Taste Of Food

The top disadvantage is that it can also hinder the taste of your food. The flavoring blend is there to add flavor, but it can also turn into a disadvantage. That is because the steam can also ruin the blended flavor that is already present in the wood chips.

So, by the time your food is done, it does not taste anything like the blend stated on the wood chips bag. This will not happen if you follow the right guidelines and soak the wood chips in the right way. It also helps to purchase a high-quality bag of wood chips for the best results.

  1. Can Take Longer Food To Cook

Yes, the wood chips can increase the time it takes for your food to cook. That is because the wood chips will absorb a good amount of liquid when you soak them. As a result, they don't immediately burn when you put them in the electric smoker because they are not too dry yet.

The liquid will take longer to turn into steam, and it will start burning when they are completely dry. This is when your food will begin smoking and get that flavor. So, it will take longer for the food to cook and serve, depending on how easily the chips dry up.

Best Tips To Smoke Your Food

Now that you are familiar with soaking wood chips, here are some top tips to help you smoke your food:

Less Is Always More

People think that more smoke equals a higher level of flavor. In reality, this is not the case at all, as too much smoke can lead to an overwhelming smoky flavor. That is why it is best to use less, as less is always more in this case.

Season Your Electric Smoker

Make sure that you season the electric smoker before you use it. Doing this will get rid of all the residue, smell, and dust. It allows you to prepare the electric smoker for your cooking needs.

Preheat The Electric Smoker

Finally, you must preheat the electric smoker before you decide to place the meat inside. It provides an ideal temperature for the meat to cook in the best way possible.

Final Thoughts

You can easily soak wood chips and put them in the smoker for a complex and deep flavor. It will allow you to have smoked meat flavor with a blend you like the most.

So, follow these guidelines, and decide whether the wood chips will prove to be ideal for your cooking needs. After all, this method is not for everyone. It depends on the type of flavor you want in your food and how you want to smoke it.

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