Does an Electric Grill Get Hot Enough? 

June 27, 2021 3 min read

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Many advantages come along with cooking on electric grills, such as ease of use and convenience. Convenience is experienced from even heat distribution on the cooking surface and attaining a suitable heat level for specific foods being grilled. 

So, does an electric grill get hot enough? Electric grills get hot enough to grill most foods and attain high-temperature levels of about 500 to 600 degrees F. However, most grills come with temperature controls to regulate the heat while cooking. Let’s explore how hot electric grills get at each setting and how much time it heats. 

 Grilling bacons on Atgrills electric grill pan

How Hot Does an Electric Grill Get? 

One thing that makes electric grills relevant in most cooking is the regulation of heat. You can adjust the temperature to make it hot enough for that specific food you’ll be cooking. Usually, the lowest temperature is approximately 250 degrees F, and the highest is about 650 degrees F. However, it depends on the grill model you could be using. 

The below table shows how hot a grill gets at various settings of an electric grill.   


Temperature Level

Low Setting

250 to 275 degrees F

Medium-Low Setting

330 degrees F

Medium Setting

350 degrees F

Medium-High Setting

400 to 450 degrees F


500 to 650 degrees F


How Long Does it Take an Electric Grill to Heat Up? 

An electric grill takes approximately 15 minutes to reach the highest temperature that is suitable for searing. It takes about 10 minutes or less to attain an ideal heat for slow cooking at low heat setting levels. However, some people prefer heating their grill for up to 20 minutes to get their grill hotter, depending on the foods being cooked and the electric grill they are using.  

All of the above periods are attained while preheating a grill before cooking. 

What Can I Cook on Each Heat Level on an Electric Grill? 

Each temperature level is ideal for cooking specific foods. Here is our recommendation. 

High heat (450-650 degrees F)

High heat on electric grills is best for cooking steaks, kabobs, and pork chops. A grill that has attained this heat level is best for searing. It’s hot enough, and you’ll note sizzling once a piece of meat is on the grilling plate. Additionally, it easily creates sear marks on foods. 

Medium heat (375-450 degrees F)

This kind of heat on an electric grill is perfect for cooking vegetables, hamburgers, and fish. Despite cooking slow, this kind of heat ensures that food attains an ideal internal temperature and proper cooking at the middle portion of foods. It’s also practical for creating sear marks. 

Low-medium heat (325-375 degrees F) 

The heat between this range is ideal for grilling sausages and chicken. It’s hot enough to bring about an optimum internal temperature for proper cooking. You also achieve a browning effect on steak with this level of heat. 

Check out our guide on how hot an electric grill should be for steak 

Bottom Line 

No doubt that electric grills get hot enough from a low heat level of 250 degrees F to a high heat level of about 650 degrees F. Most electric grills come with temperature controls. It makes it easier to regulate the heat levels for specific foods being grilled. Check out Atgrills indoor electric grills and griddles to cook food on a cookware with natural stone coating.


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