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October 13, 2021 4 min read

Electric griddle pan

You can use different cookware for the same function. Therefore choosing between two different products can be overwhelming because you’re likely to get similar results. However, each cookware tends to be exceptional in its way. And that is what distinguishes them.
What is the difference between a griddle and a pan? The difference between a griddle and a skillet is their size and shape, i.e., griddles feature a rectangular/square shape while most pans have a circular shape. Also, griddles are larger than pans. This post explores more about griddles and pans. It also outlines their similarities and differences.

What is a Griddle?

A griddle is a cookware with a large, smooth and flat cooking surface. Griddles are usually square, rectangular and some traditional models are circular. There are different types of griddles, i.e., gas griddles, electric griddles, and griddle pans.
Gas griddles use propane or natural gas, while electric griddles use electricity as their source of heat. Griddle pans are used over stovetops like other pans. One common feature between electric and gas griddles is their rectangular/square shape and large cooking surface area. However, some models have a side wall (about one inch) on the edge of their cooking surfaces that prevent liquids from pouring while cooking.
Griddle pans may be rectangular or round-shaped, depending on the manufacturer.

What are griddles used for?

Griddles are versatile and are used in several ways. First, its flat-top cooking surface allows easy cooking of most breakfast meals such as pancakes, bacon, eggs, sausages, eggs, burgers, etc. Secondly, griddles are used for cooking steak and other meats. They’re ideal for charring meats. Lastly, it can be used for other cooking techniques such as frying. 

What is a Pan?

A pan is typically called a skillet (North America) or a frying pan (UK). Depending on the design, pans are of different types, such as saute pans, frying pans, and saucepans.
Common features of a pan include round shapes and long handles. Some modern pans are designed with a pouring spout. While most pans have a non-stick cooking surface, others don’t. Additionally, some pans might have deeper walls than others and differ in size. However, small pans have a 3.5 inches diameter, while large ones can have about 16 inches.

What are pans used for?

Pans are also versatile and are used in a variety of cooking methods such as frying (deep-frying, shallow frying, etc.), braising, sauteing, searing, etc. Generally, pans can cook a variety of food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Some pans are also suitable for indoor baking (precisely those with no plastic handle and are oven-safe)

The Differences: Griddle vs Pan

From the above outline, you can tell that there is a significant difference between griddles and pans. Below are a few differences.

Cooking surface area

Griddles offer more substantial surface area than pans. Both can cook similar dishes, but griddles can cook a lot of food all at once due to the large space for cooking. Therefore, griddles are suitable for the person cooking for about five people. Pans can also work, but you’ve to cook several times.

Portability and storage

Pans are more portable and easier to store than griddles due to their size. However, griddle pans and countertop electric griddles are compact and easy to store.


Griddles leave foods with a unique taste and flavor due to caramelization. Pans also result in great tastes, but it’s different from that of griddles. Also, the taste of foods on the griddle depends on the specific cooking method you choose.
Griddles also tend to leave food with a slightly smoky flavor.


The design of griddles differs from that of pans. Except for griddle pans, most griddles feature a rectangular shape, while pans are circular and have high walls. Griddles have extremely low sides walls, and some models don’t have walls.

General use

Pans are built for general cooking methods such as frying, sauteing, searing, and braising, and they can handle both slow cooking and high-heat cooking. Also, pans are ideal for cooking foods that may need transferring from the stove to an oven.
On the other hand, griddles are most suitable for high heat cooking.


1.    Is a griddle pan better than a frying pan?

A griddle pan is best for cooking when you want charred food and a lot of it. A frying pan is a great deal when you want to fry or saute dishes in small quantities. However, they can be used interchangeably while preparing certain meals, such as searing meats or cooking vegetables.

2.    Can you fry eggs on a griddle?

Yes, you can cook eggs on a griddle. And it’s pretty easy whether they are scrambled or fried eggs.

3.    What temperature should the electric griddle be?

The ideal temperature on an electric griddle is about 375 degrees F. However, it varies depending on the exact type of food you’ll be cooking. Each food has its ideal temperature for cooking on a griddle.

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