How Long Do Pellets Last?

March 03, 2023 6 min read

How Long Do Pellets Last

If you are a traditional grilling enthusiast, the fire should be one of your favourite things. However, if you are a beginner cooking your meat on a fire grill should be the first step. But starting a fire safety can be a difficult task.

Many people use liquid fuel and other sources that may need to be safer. You may not think about it much, but the emissions due to the fuel may affect your meat.

That is why pellets are one of the best options for starting a fire. They work as the perfect fuel for a safe and healthy fire. However, there are many things you may want to know about, including how long they last.

Here is everything you need to know about pellets.

What Are Pellets Made of?

Many think pellets are small chunks of wood that work as the perfect fuel for a fire. However, some types of pellets are made of wood but only partially.

Various types of pellets are made out of several materials. Here are the top kinds of pellets

  • Biomass
  • Organic
  • Agricultural waste
  • And many others

Every type includes different materials by which pellets are made.

How Long Do Pellets Last?

This is one of the most common queries of grilling lovers regarding pellets. To avoid handling and using liquid fuel, people mainly use pellets as they are the best solid fuel source for a safe fire.

Therefore, many people stack sacks of pellets in their stores as they never know when they might need them. But like everything, pellets also last for a limited time.

Depending on storage and environmental conditions, pellets may last six to twelve months. But, of course, that, too, is stored in a cool, dry place.

On the other hand, if you reside in a high-humidity environment, that may affect the life of pellets. This then reduces to two to four months. Therefore, here you should pack pellets properly and ensure that no air enters the bag of pellets.

Packing and handling the pellets mainly affects its life. You may understand their importance if you use them regularly for a smoker or grill. Therefore, keeping them safe and away from any threat that could damage or affect their longevity is essential.

Can You Make Pellets Last Longer?

If made from organic and safe materials, pellets have an indefinite shelf life. However, it all depends on how you store them. Pellets are solid fuel, so very few things may affect their life.

How To Store Pellets Properly?

Once you open a bag of pellets, you must store them properly. You will surely only need part of the bag of pellets for a night of grilling.

Therefore, here are a few quick tips to help you pack and store pellets.

  • Use a thick and water-resistant bag to pack and store pellets
  • Keep the pellets away from a wet surface
  • Make sure no water enters through any means where you store the pellets
  • If living in a highly humid environment, pack the pellets in a double bag
  • Many pellets, due to the material used, emit carbon monoxide gas; make sure the storage facility is well ventilated
  • Place the pellet bags on a cardboard slip
  • Keep away from the reach of children

How To Make Your Own Pellets For Fire?

For those who keep grilling occasionally, getting the pellets from the store may add up to a reasonable amount. That is why many people like to make their own fire-fuel pellets. If you are one of them, here is the best and easiest way

A pellet-making machine is the only thing you need as a long-term investment. Once you do this, you only need to buy the materials to prepare the pellets.

Pellet-making machines are relatively inexpensive and easy to use. However, the list of materials that will be needed is mentioned below.

  • Sawdust
  • Wood shavings
  • Straw
  • Grass
  • Groundnut shell
  • Small branches
  • Bagasse

These are the best biomass materials to help you make the perfect pellets you were looking for at home. Depending on the machine you get, the sizes and quantities of these materials will vary.

Therefore, make sure to know everything about the pellet machine making you get.

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Can We Make Pellets Without The Machine?

It is nearly impossible to make pellets without a pellet-making machine at home. All the materials mentioned above are pressed and compacted to make a pellet. That in any way can only be done at home with the machine.

In addition, a pellet machine is a great option that reduces cost and provides safe pellets. Make sure to use safe and healthy materials when making pellets.

This will affect the quality of your fire and food to a great extent. In addition, try to keep the effect on environment minimal.

Are Pellets Recyclable?

Using pellets to start a fire is the best option as it emits very few gases compared to other fuels. Many people wonder if they can recycle the pellets they use to start a fire.

The answer to this is that pellets once burned cannot be recycled. The high temperature and fire will finish the pellet in a few minutes. So all you will find would be ashes and waste.

Recycling the pellets used to start a fire is impossible. They are for one-time use only.

What Are Other Uses For A Pellet?

Other than being used for grill fires, pellets also have many uses. However, every use is somehow associated with fire or high temperatures.

For example, in winter, pellets are used on pellet stoves to help keep you and the room warm. In addition, here are a few other uses for a pellet.

  • Highly used in animals bedding
  • Brick ovens
  • Biomass boilers
  • Smokers
  • And other fire purposes

Pellets have several uses so make sure you use them to the fullest. Don’t forget to get the best pellets available. And if you want to save cost you can make your pellets as well.

What Is The Best Type of Pellet To Use?

The fuel you use has a significant effect on the quality of your meat and the gases that are released by the fire. In such times of global warming, it would be best to act responsibly and use safe pellets for a grill fire.

The best type of pellet to use is made from biomass such as wood shavings, plant waste and others. This ensures a brisk fire and releases very few gases when burned.

In addition, make sure to read the materials used in the pellets you buy from a store.

Should I Soak Wood Pellets Before Using in A Smoker?

The more smoke, the better taste your food will get. However, there are better options than getting more smoke in a smoker and soaking pellets before burning them.

Pellets are best to use when completely dry. Soaking them before using them in a smoker would be a childish mistake. Of course, you can use more pellets if you want more smoke. But there are other options you should go for.

What If The Pellets Are Not Catching Fire?

If this is happening to you, it means that the pellets have lost their use. It can be due to high humidity or moisture trapped in the pellet bag. In addition, water damage can also ruin the pellets you have used to burn up the grill.

However, if the pellets are not catching fire, there are also many other uses. If you have cats or horses, pellets can be used for bedding or litter boxes. At least the pellets will be used somewhere rather than sitting in a garbage cart.

Can You Use Pellets For A Smoker?

Pellets have an excellent use for a smoker. Other than a grill, a smoker is one top thing where the pellets are primarily used.

In a grill, pellets are only used to start a fire. However, a smoker has a task to create smoke and enrich the food kept inside. So make sure to use the best wood pellets to give your food a smoky texture.

Wood Pellets or Branded Pellets: What Is The Best Option?

Be it wood or branded pellets, the primary purpose is to burn fire or smoke food. Unfortunately, many people need clarification when hit by these two options. It depends on your usage and the purpose you want the pellets for.

If you are looking for pellets to start a fire in your grill, then going for branded pellets would be wrong. Wood pellets would do this job better and cost-effectively.

On the other hand, branded pellets would be recommended if you want to give your food a rich, smoky texture and flavour. That, too, is the pellets mainly made for a smoker.

Final Words

Here is everything you need to know about pellets and how long they last. In addition, we have discussed many other questions pellet users may have. To clear everything up, we have answered every question in detail.

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