How to Cook Bacon on an Electric Griddle

December 06, 2021 4 min read

Cooking bacon on indoor electric smokeless griddle

Since the 1990s, Americans have been “bonkers for bacon.” It’s estimated that over 2 billion pounds of bacon are produced annually in the U.S. Additionally, an average American consumes about 18 lbs each year. There are different ways of cooking bacon, depending on how you want it. 

Can you cook bacon on electric griddles? Yes, it’s possible and easy to cook bacon on electric griddles. Indoor electric griddles have a flat smooth cooking surface that has even heating, thus making it easy to cook bacon. Additionally, it has a large surface area that can accommodate a significant batch of bacon slices at once. Below is a comprehensive guide on how to do it. 


Bacon on Atgrills indoor electric griddle


How to Cook Bacon on an Electric Griddle: Step by Step Guide 


The first thing you do is to prepare by selecting quality bacon. According to the USDA, the best bacon should have long veins of lean pink meat and a relatively small amount of fat. Follow the below process to make bacon on electric griddles perfectly. 


Season the bacon strips 


Seasoning your bacon enhances the taste and flavor. Bacon has a high-fat content; therefore, seasoning with cooking oil is unnecessary. Nevertheless, you can add it if you want to attain the flavor of a particular oil. 

Common bacon seasoning includes herbs, maple chili, brown sugar, honey-chipotle, etc. You can add your favorite seasoning.


Preheat your electric griddle 


As the bacon absorbs the seasoning, you should be preheating your indoor electric griddle. Most foods cooked on a griddle require a well preheated griddle for better searing. 

However, it’s slightly different with bacon, i.e., you start low to high. Basically, you need a low heated griddle to start cooking and gradually increase the temperature. You may decide to preheat it to about 300 degrees F while you start. 


Cook the bacon strips on your electric griddle 


Once your indoor electric griddle is ready, and bacon strips are well seasoned, it’s time to start the “real game.” 

Use a tong to place your bacon strips on the preheated griddle. Ensure you put the bacon side by side, and they don’t overlap on each other. If you have many bacon strips or intend to cook for a large group, consider cooking in batches. Don’t overcrowd your pan.

Once your strips are on the griddle, allow them to cook for about 5 to 7 minutes. You will notice they will shrink, and edges turn golden brown. Then use the tong and flip the strips to cook on the other side. 

You should cook the second side of your bacon strips for a similar period, i.e., 5-7 minutes. Also, make sure they attain a golden brown color. However, if your strips are thinner, the cooking time might be less. 

Electric griddles such as the Atgrill indoor griddle have a drip tray whereby excess grease produced by the bacon is disposed of. 

Remember to gradually increase your griddle’s temperature as you cook to about 375 degrees F. 


Remove from the griddle 


Once your seasoned bacon strips are cooked, remove them from the electric griddle and place them on a plate or tray with paper towels. The paper towels soak up any excess grease/ fat on the bacon. 

Additionally, allow your bacon strips to rest for about 5 minutes before serving. It’s that simple! 


Why Cook Bacon on an Electric Griddle?


While most people have been coking bacon on frying pans, electric griddles have become a popular choice in many households. Below are reasons why you should consider cooking bacon on electric griddles:


A smooth and flat surface 


Electric griddles have a smooth and flat cooking surface; therefore, your bacon strips cook evenly. Also, you don’t have to worry about strips sticking to the cooking surface due to the smooth non-stick coating.


Less cooking oil/grease


One significant advantage of cooking bacon on electric griddles is that you use little to no cooking oil. Additionally, electric griddles have an extra drip tray that collects all excess oils produced by the bacon strips while cooking. Therefore, it reduces messy cooking. 


Large cooking surface area 


Electric griddles have a large cooking surface compared to frying pans. Therefore, you can have a significant number of strips at once on a griddle and allow enough spacing of strips while cooking. 


Easy to flip 


It’s pretty easy to flip bacon strips on an electric griddle than on a frying pan. Frying pans have less cooking surface area and sidewalls that limit flipping strips. On the other hand, electric griddles have a large cooking surface and no side walls; thus, you can easily flip bacon strips. 


Final Thought 


Bacon is a typical breakfast food that we all enjoy, and cooking it should not be daunting. Therefore, cooking it on an electric griddle is the ultimate solution. It’s easy to use, fast, offers even heating, and its large surface area can accommodate a significant number of strips at once.

Ensure you preheat your indoor electric griddle to medium heat, season your strips and cook them for about 5 minutes on each side until you attain a golden brown color. Check out Atgrills indoor electric griddle to cook bacon on a cookware with natural stone coating.



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