How to fix a warped Blackstone griddle?

March 03, 2023 5 min read

How to fix a warped Blackstone griddle?

The metal expands on heating and contracts on cooling which causes the warping of griddle tops as they are made of steel. Warping may also be caused during the manufacturing process or when you cook on a griddle for the first time. Minor warping is generally temporary and it flattens with time as you cook. At least you should cook ten times to know expansion and contraction. Griddle performance is not affected by minor warping. 

You can contact Blackstone griddle customer support if your griddle does not flatten out. Register your griddle and activate the warranty on the Blackstone website. A griddle is an expensive investment and it is expected to be used for generations. With huge investment, it is important to properly maintain a Blackstone griddle to enhance its life span.

What is Warping?

Warping is when a flat surface is no longer flat and this makes cooking difficult as fluids from the food run on one side. Generally warping is minor and does not affect griddle performance. 

Warping might happen from the beginning and it can be caused because of poor welding during the manufacturing process. In this case, you should contact Blackstone support and return the griddle. Never try to flatten the warped griddle top.

Why does Warping happen in Griddle Pans?

When any metal pan is used for cooking and it is heated and cooled several times then the metal texture changes. Frequent changes in shape cause warping. The griddle pan's sides provide rigidity but the thin flat pan, when coming in contact with heat, gets curved easily. Thinly constructed aluminum, copper, and other soft metals always warp. Harder metals like stainless steel and carbon are resistant to warping but difficult to flatten when warped.

Buying the best quality griddle is worth investing in as they warp less as compared to cheaper ones. When it comes to griddle flattops, warping is common irrespective of the brand and it is not just Blackstone griddles commonly warp.  

How to avoid warping of Blackstone griddle?

Gradually heat your griddle to prevent warping. Blackstone griddles can easily tolerate temperatures up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit but you should avoid heating the griddle at too high a temperature from the start. 

Never put frozen food on a high-temperature griddle. Putting the excess amount of frozen food like frozen pizza, chicken, etc can harm the griddle but putting several frozen burgers at one time is fine and you do not worry about warping. Make a practice to begin cooking on lower heat when using a griddle and increase the heat gradually as required. Also, use multiple burners when cooking as it aids in even heat distribution and prevents warping. 

Never put cold water in an excessively hot pan especially if it is made of cast iron. Wash the pan in warm water but never submerge it. Never wash the cast iron griddle in the dishwasher. Cast iron must be washed by hand and it performs well when treated with care.

When you consider buying stainless steel griddle then make sure to buy a heavy base and good quality stainless steel as it is long-lasting. Hard anodized aluminum griddles are good to consider and they are non-stick and work perfectly for a long time. Never clean the non-stick hard anodized griddle in the dishwasher as the coating may come off and your griddle will spoil. Anodized aluminum is likely to warp. 

How to fix a warped blackstone griddle?

A minor warped blackstone griddle is not a big issue and can be used without any issues. Severe warping makes cooking difficult but you cannot do much if the griddle is extremely warped. Here we have explained the method to fix a warped griddle if nothing is worse. 

  • Take a wooden piece it should be short if the pan bows inwards and longer if it is bowed outwards. 
  • Heat up the griddle on medium heat using a stove
  • Let the griddle heat up on the stove for around 15-20 minutes and make it very hot. Remove the pan from the stove using a pot holder. Do this carefully to protect yourself from burning yourself. 
  • Now place the pan on a surface with the bowed side facing up and if the pan bows outwards, place the pan lip on a flat surface but the handle should not touch the surface. You can do this on the stairs.  
  • At the pan crown center, you should place the wood. The pan crown center is the area that is most bowed. Bang on the wood piece using a wooden mallet at the bowed area. You need to do it repeatedly and stop when the pan cools down.  
  • This process is effective to fix warped griddles but we recommend taking proper care to prevent warping so you do not have to deal with this issue.

Season Your Griddle to Increase Longevity

Once unwrapping is done you should wash the new Blackstone griddle thoroughly with soap and water. Ensure this is the one and last time you are using soap to wash it because the next time you need to use salt for cleaning the product. 

Now preheat so that water evaporates completely. Now take canola or any vegetable oil to season the surface. This gives a non-stick finish. 

Allow the griddle to cool down completely and this method adds a non-stick layer. Now your griddle is ready to cook delicacies. 

Simple ways to ensure that your griddle is perfect to use 

  • Never soak the pan as metal is prone to rust.
  • Never use soap to clean except the first wash. Soap contains chemicals so you should avoid using harsh chemicals on griddle.  
  • Use salt to clean once you are done cooking
  • Once washed, let the pan dry and then add oil for seasoning
  • Always store the dry griddle so that it does not rust. Water droplets cause rust which can be avoided only if your griddle is stored dry.  
  • Preheat but slowly. Even heating is perfect for your griddle
  • Make sure to season the pan once every 15 days to increase its lifespan. You can check whether a surface is shiny or not. If it starts to fade get ready to season it well.
  • Never put frozen food on a hot pan as extreme temperature difference can cause warping. Sudden temperature drop is not good for your griddle so you should avoid putting frozen food directly from refrigerator to the hot pan. 
  • Never leave acidic food for a long time. 

Final words

We recommend Blackstone griddle as it is of superior quality and pass it down through the next generations if used carefully. Your grandchildren will love using the griddle that you use over the years. 

Prepare pancakes and delicacies of your choice on the Blackstone griddle but follow instructions to increase its longevity. Outdoor cooking is always a special activity and it becomes extraordinary when you use a superior-quality griddle like Blackstone. 

The product is outstanding. In this article, we have shared a method to fix a slightly warped griddle so worry not and prepare your favorite food without hesitation.

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