The Ultimate Guide to Resolving the Pit Boss ErH Code

March 30, 2023 6 min read

How to Fix Pit Boss ErH Code

Grilling on a Pit Boss smoker is a delightful experience for every BBQ aficionado. But what if an unexpected error may show on your pit boss smoker in the form of the ErH code? This isn't just a fleeting glitch; it's a culinary challenge waiting to be tackled!

Whether you're a seasoned griller or just starting out, this guide is here to demystify that ErH code. Together, we'll navigate its causes and solutions, ensuring your next BBQ is smooth sailing.

Let's get started and restore the joy of grilling!


What Is Pit Boss ErH Code?

Pit Boss ErH Code

The ErH code is an error that will show up on your device when it overheats. This issue is more common on old tools because of their greater usage. You may also face this error with your new tool.

You will have to fix the code before using your tool again. This is because the smoker will not work if you turn it on after an ErH code. If you still use the device with the error somehow, you will risk your safety.

What To Do When ErH Code Shows?

Before you move to understand the reasons and fixes for the error, you must take specific steps to avoid accidents. The first thing you must do is turn off the tool.

Then, let the device cool enough to touch without using gloves. You should also remove the tool's plug from the socket. This is to prevent the smoker from turning on again.

Pit Boss ErH Code Fix

Pit Boss ErH Code Fixed

Here are some reasons that may cause an ErH code to show up and their fixes to help you tackle the problem:

Excessive Fuel

Your Pit Boss smoker will be using wood chips or pellets for working. If you add too much fuel to the tool, the chances of overheating increase. This is because the smoker will burn the pellets faster and heat more.

It is no secret that overheating is the main cause of an ErH code. The good news is you can solve this problem in no time. You must remove all pellets from the tool.

Then, check other electrical parts of the smoker and whether they are working properly. You can do this by turning on your tool without the chips. The two things you must check are the auger and fans.

It will also be better to clean the pit boss smoker after emptying it. This helps you get rid of particles that may be causing the grill to overheat. 

Grease on the temperature probe may have also given a wrong reading to the system, causing the ErH code. So cleaning will get rid of this error and help you get to cooking again.

If your Pit Boss smoker smoke too much read this blog to know what to do- Pit Boss Smoke Too Much? What You Must Do To Tackle It

A Grease Fire

A common reason behind an ErH code on a Pit Boss machine is a grease fire. This usually happens when the oil on the smoker becomes too hot. It may also occur if you use water to put out a fire.

Remember, water can boil on extremely hot oil and turn into steam. This will cause the oil to spatter and may start a bigger fire. The end result of this will be an ErH code on your smoker.

During a grease fire, you should turn off the tool immediately. It is also best to wait for the flames to die out. Small flames die out without doing other things once the tool is switched off.

However, you may have to close the lid of your grill to prevent oxygen from reaching the flames and increasing the fire. You may also use salt or baking soda to extinguish high flames.

The last thing you should do before turning on your tool is to understand the reason behind the grease fire. If the oil is too hot, the next time you use the smoker, avoid leaving the grill unattended for a long time.

Weak Connection

It is no secret that a Pit Boss smoker comes with a built-in temperature probe or sensor. This part will read the temperature value and send it to the system. If the connection between the probe and the control board is weak, the value may be wrong.

So your grill may be mistaken that the tool is overheating. You can get rid of the problem by fixing the connection. Turn off the tool and unplug it from the socket.

Check the probe wire and its attachment to the control system. Tighten the cables to ensure a good connection. You must also see if any wire is broken or damaged. If the parts are damaged, you must replace them before restarting your Pit Boss smoker.

High Ash In The Firepot

Another reason your Pit Boss smoker may be overheating is because of the high ash in the firepot. Wood remains may also have buildup into the tool after being used. This mainly happens if you don't clean your smoker regularly.

The buildup of dust and ash will cause the temperature of your smoker to rise. This means that the chances of the tool overheating will increase. A flare-up may also occur if you use an unclean smoker after a long time.

Of course, the fire will cause the tool to show an ErH code because of the high temperature. The main solution for this problem is to turn off the tool, let it cool, and get rid of the ash.

You may use a vacuum at a low setting to sweep off the ashes and dust from the firepot. Remember you will have to remove the grease trays and other parts to reach the firepot.

It is best to clean the other parts you have removed before placing them on the smoker again. This will enable you to use a clean tool before cooking.

Faulty Control Board

Your smoker may not be overheating, but the system may be thinking otherwise. One of the common reasons for such an issue is a faulty control board. The wires in the system may have fried due to excessive usage.

A short circuit can also prevent the control board from working. All these things will lead to an ErH code on the display monitor. The worst part about a faulty control board is that you cannot do much to fix it yourself at home.

Your best option will be to call Pit Boss customer support for help. Getting the tool checked by an expert technician may also help you with the problem. The person may change the control board if it's beyond repair.

Where Else Can You Get Help For An ErH Code Fix?

If the earlier fixes do not work, you may be suffering from other issues. A good way to understand the problem is to get in touch with an owner of a Pit Boss smoker who has been using the tool for years.

The best thing is you can connect with such people easily on different online forums. They can share past experiences with an ErH code to help you. This is because you may have missed an issue while understanding the problem.

Another great way for an ErH code fix is to see YouTube videos. Many people offer video tutorials on how to check the wires for damage. You may also see clips on cleaning the firepot, hopper, grease tray, and other parts of the smoker.

You may not be cleaning the device properly or tightening the connections correctly. This is why the code may not be disappearing.

Closing Thoughts

This is all you need to know about a Pit Boss smoker ErH code fix. The main reason behind the error is overheating of the machine. You can let the tool cool down and start it again for cooking, but it is best to understand the reason behind the overheating.

Remember, if you are facing ErL code error then you  have to find alternative solution. To know more about ErL code error, read this- What Is A Pit Boss Smoker ErL Code? 

The code may disappear temporarily after cooling down and reappear when you start cooking again, and the device overheats.

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