How to Reheat Ribs on a Grill

November 04, 2021 3 min read

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Did you know it’s possible to reheat leftover grilled ribs? Yes, you can do it. Imagine you had grilled many pieces and didn’t finish it all, so you decide to store them in a refrigerator for about 2 or 3 days. You don’t have to eat them cold. 

So, how do you reheat ribs? There are different ways you can reheat ribs, such as through broiling, in a microwave, in sous vide machine, or even on a grill. However, reheating ribs on a grill is the best method because it leaves them with a fresh grill flavor. This article highlights how you can go about the entire process. 


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How to Reheat Ribs on an Electric Grill 


Here is a step-by-step guide on how to reheat ribs on a grill. Depending on the type of grill you’ll be using, the cooking period may vary. 


Remove the ribs from a refrigerator 


The first step is to remove the ribs from a fridge and allow them to attain room temperature. It will take about 30 minutes. You should never place ribs or other foods on a grill direct from a fridge unless it’s at room temperature.


Preheat the grill


Secondly, as you wait for the ribs to come to room temperature, you should be preheating the grill. Turn up the grill to about 250 degrees F and preheat it for about 20 minutes. It prevents the ribs from sticking to the grill’s cooking surface.


Prepare your ribs


Once your ribs have attained room temperature and the chill off the meat, you rub the ribs with some sauce or splash a few drops of water on them. 

Then loosely wrap your ribs with aluminum foil. You may consider adding another layer of aluminum foil to ensure you lock tight the rib’s moisture.


Place the ribs on the grill 


If the grill is already preheated, you can place the wrapped ribs on the grill. Let the ribs absorb the heat for about 5 minutes. Turn the wrapping and let it cook for 5 minutes for the other side. However, the cooking time may be more or less depending on the heat of your grill and the size of the ribs. 


Check the internal temperature 


Before removing the ribs from the grill, ensure you attain an internal temperature of about 165 degrees F.


Remove and serve 


If your ribs have attained the proper internal temperature, they are ready. Remove from the grill. 

You can leave them for about 5 minutes before slicing them. 

The process of reheating ribs on a grill is as simple as outlined above. It also retains the flavor and taste relatively similar to that of freshly grilled ribs. 


Frequently Asked Questions 


How do you grill already cooked ribs 


Remove the cooked ribs from the fridge and use cold running water to bring them to room temperature. As you thaw, ensure the ribs are in a sealed package and water cannot penetrate. Then preheat the grill for about 20 minutes. Lastly, grill the ribs for about 5-6 minutes on each side.


How to preheat ribs without drying them out? 


A good way to preheat ribs without drying them out is using low heat and going slow. By doing so, they can easily retain their moisture, texture, and taste.


How do you keep ribs moist after cooking? 


To keep ribs moist after cooking, you should wrap them tightly with two layers of aluminum foil. This technique locks moisture in the ribs for a significant period before serving. 


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