Is an Electric Grill Griddle Combo Worth it?

August 30, 2021 4 min read

Atgrills electric griddle grill combo

Grilled foods are excellent, and so are griddled meals. Both cooking methods are great and loved by millions of food aficionados. Great news to those who like both of these cooking techniques. You can achieve both on a single piece of equipment, i.e., a griddle grill combo.
Is an electric grill griddle combo worth it? Electric grill griddle combo is best if you enjoy grilling yet you want to hear a sizzling sound of foods. As the name suggests, it’s simply a piece of equipment that combines two other pieces of equipment, i.e., a grill and griddle. It means you can cook your breakfast meals and grill some steak in the afternoon on a single piece of equipment.
Let’s explore why you should invest in this combo and how to select the best.

Atgrills electric griddle grill combo

Why You Should Buy a Grill Griddle Combo

Here are five reasons a grill griddle combo is worth it.

1. Grill and sear foods on the same equipment

This combo features grill and griddle sections on one piece of equipment. Therefore, you can cook on the grill and cook on the griddle simultaneously. For instance, you can sear your meat first on a griddle to give it a crispy brown texture and then cook on the grill. Also, you can cook a steak on the grill section and cook your vegetables on the griddle part.
A grill griddle combo is an ultimate selection that enables you to utilize two cooking methods altogether.

2. Easy to use and clean

Assuming you’re cooking on two separate appliances, i.e., a grill and griddle, you’ll have to clean both of them one after the other. Conversely, cleaning a grill griddle combo is much easier since you’ll be cleaning a single piece of equipment. Also, these combo’s cooking surfaces are made of non-stick surfaces thus food particle hardly sticks. Most importantly, the cooking plate with the griddle and grill sections is removable, making it hassle-free to clean.
Using an electric grill griddle combo is also easy. It requires a power connection, switching on the combo, setting the required temperature, and cooking starts. Additionally, you can use the thermostat to control the heat depending on the specific food you’ll be cooking.

3. Suitable for indoor use

The electric grill griddle combo is smokeless therefore suitable for both indoor and outdoor cooking. Unlike typical grill and griddle, the electric grill griddle combo does not use flames for cooking; thus, smoke is not produced.

4. Versatility

The fact that an electric grill griddle combo offers the functions of two different cooking appliances makes it suitable for cooking a variety of foods. For instance, you can cook your breakfast meals such as eggs, bacon, and pancakes on the griddle part and cook lunch meals such as steaks, kabobs, shrimps, pork chops, and vegetables on the grill part.
Generally, with an electric grill griddle, you can efficiently cook various foods any time of the day.

5. Budget-friendly

Electric grill griddle combos are cost-effective compared to purchasing an electric grill and griddle separately. For instance, a standard electric grill costs about $50 to $200, and a standard electric griddle costs approximately a similar amount. However, you can acquire a standard electric grill griddle combo on the same budget.
In simple terms, a budget for a single appliance (either a grill or griddle) can buy you an appliance that serves the purpose of two different appliances.

6. Saves space

Since it’s a single appliance, it will only occupy space for one and not two in the kitchen or the backyard.

How to Choose the Best Electric Grill Griddle Combo: A Buyer Guide

There are a variety of options of electric grill griddle combo in the market. Therefore, choosing the best one can be challenging.
However, it doesn’t have to be. Below are factors you should consider while choosing an electric grill griddle combo:

• Portability

You should choose a model that you can easily use indoors and outdoors. It should be easy to move from one point to the other. Also, it shouldn’t be extremely bulky.

• Size

Choose a grill griddle combo of reasonable size that is suitable for your available space. Some of them, specifically the commercial ones, can be bulky and occupy a large space, while others are suitable for home use.

• Ease of assembly and cleaning

A useful grill griddle combo should be easy to set up and clean. It’s not worth wasting an hour assembling one appliance while you should be enjoying your cooking experiences and tasty meals.

• Cooking surface area

Always think about the number of people you’ll regularly cook for before you buy a grill griddle combo. It helps you select one with a suitable size. These combos are available in large, medium, and smaller sizes.

• Versatility

Choose a grill griddle that is versatile enough and offers more use, i.e.; it can easily cook different foods.

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