Is Grilling Better than Cooking Indoors?

June 10, 2021 3 min read

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When summer is gone, and cold weather knocks in, most people tend to shy away from grilling. During certain periods of the year, many grilled food aficionados have to cook indoors and keep off their outdoor grills. However, it should not always be the case since you can still grill indoors. 

Is grilling better than cooking indoors? This is a debatable question, and it all depends on one’s preference based on the type of food one enjoys most. According to 2020 statistics, Americans love grilling because of the flavor of grilled food. Another survey illustrated that most millennials and Gen Z are popular with all-year grilling. It’s evident that grilling is a traditional practice that is not going away anytime soon and people enjoy it. 

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Why Indoor Grilling Anyway? 

If you love the taste of grilled foods, you probably grill your food indoors or plan to invest in an indoor electric grill. Additionally, there are many other reasons why indoor grilling is even better than cooking your foods. Let’s explore the why: 

  • It’s a Healthier Method of Cooking 

Unlike cooking, grilling requires a little amount of fat or oils to cook your food. All you need is to spray or put a small amount of high smoking point oils such as canola oil on the grill plate before cooking. It’s meant to prevent food from sticking. 

On the other hand, cooking methods such as frying require one to use more oils. Excess oils on foods are unhealthy. 

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  • Easier Way of Cooking 

Indoor grills feature simple designs that are easy to use and cook with most of the foods. On the other hand, typical cooking might require you to use various cookware such as pans and skillets to prepare a simple meal. 

Grilling requires you to prepare your desired recipe, and the versatile grill plate will handle most recipes. Additionally, the heat control settings on indoor electric grills enhance effective temperatures for any food you’ll be preparing. 

  • Cooks Faster 

Grilling is a faster version of barbecuing that takes few minutes. Other cooking methods, such as baking, are time-consuming depending on the foods you will be cooking. 

For instance, it might take up to three hours to bake a medium-size piece of roast beef in the oven, while grilling the same piece of meat takes approximately 10 minutes on medium heat. 

  • Grilled Food Tastes Great 

A significant number of people opt to grill their foods because of the flavors they attain from this particular method of cooking. 

I understand fried beef has a good crust, but a grilled steak has a better and more distinct flavor. Also, the grill marks on vegetables and meat look good. 

  • Easy Handling, Maintain and Cleaning 

Most indoor grills are easy to handle and clean due to their reduced sizes and simple designs. Also, parts of the grill are dishwasher safe, thus eliminating the cleaning hassle. Seasoning the grill plate is an easy practice of maintenance. 

  • Suitable for Persons Full of Activities 

If you are the kind of a person who leaves your home early in the morning and gets back to your house tired in the late evenings, grilling is the perfect cooking method. As discussed above, grilling is a healthier way of cooking foods, and it’s not time-consuming; thus, you easily prepare most of your meals. 

It’s also suitable for a busy person who does not want to eat unhealthy snacks and spend hundreds of dollars on restaurant foods. 

Preparing foods through the typical cooking methods mighty take two hours, while grilling takes minutes and the food is ready. 

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What to Know Before Grilling Indoors

Indoor grilling is fun, especially during the winter periods. Here are a few tips to keep in check while grilling indoors. 

  • Marinating your ingredients will enhance the flavor of your foods. Also, using dry spices is excellent. 
  • Some little oil on the grilling plate is vital. It prevents foods from sticking on the grill. 
  • You can enhance the flavors by adding little amount of liquid smoke while grilling. 

Final Thought 

Indoor grilling is a convenient way of preparing flavored meals that the typical cooking methods cannot achieve. It’s not time-consuming.

Lastly, indoor electric grills cost less than most kitchen cookware and are easy to clean and maintain. For that reason, thousands of people continue investing in indoor grills each year. Check out Atgrills indoor electric grills and griddles to cook food on a cookware with natural stone coating.


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