Is Stone Coated Cookware Safe?

January 02, 2023 3 min read

Food on electric indoor griddle with stone coating

The debate on the safety of cookware is never settled. Almost everybody, including cookware manufacturers, has their opinion regarding stone-coated cookware. As a result, some of the information might be misleading. 

Is stone-coated cookware safe? High-quality stone-coated cookware is absolutely safe. It’s usually one of the non-stick coats that are PFOA-free and hardly peels off when using such cookware.

If you are searching for more information about the safety of stone-coated cookware, keep reading down here for comprehensive information. 

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How safe is the Stone Coated Cookware? 

Before we explore the safety of stone-coated cookware, let’s look into their types. Why is it important anyway? A significant number of people tend to confuse stone-coated cookware and traditional ceramic cookware. 

Stoneware cookware is either made from or coated with stone-containing or stone-derived materials. However, cookware made only 100% stone doesn’t conduct heat effectively since it is more of an insulator.

As a result, most stoneware has an inner core of metals such as aluminum, copper, and stainless steel and a stone coating on the exterior. 

So, what are the different types of stoneware cookware (primarily available in the market)?

They include 100% stoneware, porcelain, and granite-coated cookware

So, is stone-coated cookware safe? Stone is a naturally occurring substance in the soils and has many chemicals and minerals in them.

However, they are tiny traces, thus not much of concern because they are neutralized during the heating process. However, the safety of stone-coated cookware is affected by other components included in the coating.

For instance, stone cookware with a porcelain coating is safe and non-toxic. Porcelain is made from clay and does not contain nanoparticles. On the other hand, non-stick ceramic coatings are an issue of safety concern.

But how? A non-stick ceramic coating is a product derived from clay or sand but through a sol-gel process. It’s a procedure that entails turning ceramic into a liquid to enhance its spraying on cookware as a coat. 

Before the ceramic goes through the above process, it’s completely safe. However, the sol-gel process involves titanium dioxide nanoparticles that bring about the safety issues of ceramic coatings.

Is 100% stoneware the safest cookware? 

As mentioned above, you either get stone-coated cookware or 100% stoneware. However, 100% stoneware is not very common. 

The good thing is that 100% stoneware is the safest cookware. It’s completely free of toxins and safe for cooking. The only downside is it’s a poor conductor of heat.

Does stone-coated cookware contain Cadmium, Lead, or Arsenic? 

In the US market, cookware containing arsenic, cadmium, and lead are prohibited since they are categorized as toxins.

However, it may still be present in stone-coated cookware but on the exterior only and not the cooking surface.

Additionally, even when the above compounds are present, they are significantly below unsafe exposure levels. 

Final Thought

Quality stone-coated cookware is safe. It doesn’t contain toxins, thus making it a good option for cooking. Therefore, it puts your health at minimal risk.

Additionally, a quality stone coating doesn’t peel off easily, and it’s durable. Consequently, it doesn’t release minerals into your food.

Lastly, a stone coating does not affect the color and taste of your food when they come into contact. 

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