Blackstone Griddle Flaking? Here's Everything You Need to Know!

March 02, 2023 6 min read

Is Your Blackstone Griddle Flaking

Imagine the joy of cooking on your Blackstone griddle, the sizzle of the food, the aroma filling the air. Now, imagine noticing that the griddle's surface is starting to flake. Heartbreaking, right? If you've been nurturing your griddle with utmost care and love, such an issue can be a real downer.

But here's the good news: this is a common issue, and there's a fix! Dive into our guide to understand why your Blackstone griddle might be flaking and discover actionable steps to restore it to its prime condition.

Top Three Reasons Your Blackstone Griddle Is Flaking

It is completely normal for the Blackstone griddle to start flaking, depending on its use. Most of the time, flaking happens when people don't care for the griddle properly. Here are all reasons in detail to help you understand why this is the case:

  1. Building Up Of The Grease Residue

An important part of Blackstone griddle maintenance is that you remove all the grease residue before cooking. It allows you to have a clean griddle so that it doesn't affect the food you plan to cook. If you leave this residue, it hardens up with time because of the high heat while cooking.

The buildup of grease affects the smooth surface, and you will notice flaking. You might be tempted to wash off the grease layer, but we recommend that you refrain from this. Instead, you must clean this before cooking food to eliminate buildup.

  1. You Have Not Seasoned The Griddle Properly

No, seasoning does not mean that you put some salt, cayenne, or pepper on the griddle. Instead, it is the process of putting a light layer of fat on the griddle. The idea behind this is to create a smooth surface for all your cooking needs.

If you don't season the Blackstone griddle properly, then the food will stick to the surface. In the long run, this will build up and begin peeling off, which will lead to flaking. That is why you need to keep seasoning the griddle frequently for a smooth surface.

  1. Not Knowing How To Maintain The Griddle

You can purchase the best Blackstone griddle, but it will be of no use if you don’t know how to care for it. Many people think it is okay to use soap and liquid on the griddle to clean it properly. However, this will not work.

Instead, here are some care and maintenance tips you can follow for the griddle:

  • Use paper towels and a little bit of water to clean the surface
  • Invest in a Blackstone Scouring Pad to rub the surface
  • If there is food stuck, use a metal scraper or spatula
  • Always let your Blackstone griddle cool down properly after cooking

These small but effective maintenance tips will help your griddle to last long. Besides that, it will also prevent the griddle from flaking with time.

How To Fix The Flaking On Blackstone Griddle

Now that you understand the reasons, it is also crucial to take steps to fix the flaking. The key is to opt for extensive cleaning so that the griddle can be as good as new again. For this, you will need some paper towels, a metal scraper, a grill stone, and cooking oil.

Here is what you need to do:

  • Keep your Blackstone griddle on high heat
  • Take the metal scraper and use it to remove the flaking when the griddle is hot
  • Turn down the heat and let the griddle cool down
  • Take some paper towels and wipe the debris once the griddle is cool
  • Add two to three tablespoons of oil to the griddle
  • Then, use a grill stone to scrub the griddle until the flaking is gone
  • Use paper towels to wipe the surface
  • You can also add a little bit more oil and then wipe it off
  • Wipe everything down
  • Season the griddle to ensure that the surface is nonstick and ideal for cooking

Follow these steps, and you will have a perfect Blackstone griddle in no time. Flaking is common, but these guidelines can help you eliminate it without any issues.

Preventative Measures For Blackstone Griddle Flaking

Are you someone who has just invested in a Blackstone griddle? If you have, then you can take preventative steps to ensure that flaking is not a problem in the future. After all, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Here are all the preventative steps you can take so that flaking is not an issue for you:

  1. Clean After Using It Each Time

Grease buildup is one of the most common reasons for Blackstone griddle flaking. Because of this, it is crucial that you clean the griddle after each use. Now, you may be tempted to use dishwasher liquid and water, but that is not the way to clean the griddle.

Instead, get a metal scraper and just scrape off the surface so that there is no grease. Once you have scraped it, make sure that you dispose of the entire gunk. Then, take a paper towel or soft cloth to wipe your griddle and ensure a smooth surface.

  1. Season It Before And After Using It Each Time

The best way to make the most out of the griddle is to season it each time. It will ensure that the surface is even and smooth for use. You can begin this process by:

  • Using clean water to wipe the griddle clean
  • Turning the heat to high to get rid of the buildup
  • Pouring a light layer of cooking oil and using a cloth to rub it
  • Repeating this step until the oil has vaporized

Once these steps are done, you will have a perfect layer of seasoning on the griddle. It will be ready for all your cooking needs in no time. Just make sure that you don’t use too much oil for the seasoning process.

  1. Re-Season The Griddle Every Two Or Three Weeks

Seasoning your griddle just once is not enough. Instead, you need to re-season it every two or three weeks so that the seasoning can be maintained. You can begin by cleaning the griddle so that the surface is clean, to begin with.

Then, take some oil and scrub it on the griddle in circular motions. Use paper towels to wipe off this oil because it will be dirty as it will have entire residue on it. Next, you can pour a little bit of water and then wipe with a paper towel.

Keep repeating these steps till the paper towels come out to be completely clean. It will take you at least two to three times before the griddle is impeccable.

  1. Store It In A Proper Covering

You can be lazy and leave your griddle as it is after each use, but it will lead to flaking and buildup. That is why you must store the griddle in a proper covering after each use. For example, a canvas cover is perfect for storing the griddle and protecting it from harmful elements.

We recommend that you store the griddle in a cool and dry place, away from any harm. For example, it should be in a place where dust, rain, humidity, and other weather elements can't affect the griddle. These elements can also lead to rust and harm the griddle in the long run.

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  1. Invest In The Right Tools

The right tools and accessories can take the use of your Blackstone griddle to another level. Such tools will allow you to keep the Blackstone griddle nice and clean for a long time to come. Here are some of the top tools and accessories you can invest in for the Blackstone griddle:

  • A high-quality metal scraper to remove all the gunk and debris
  • Griddle cover to store and protect the griddle from any harmful elements
  • A Blackstone Scouring Pad to wipe the surface clean
  • Grill stones or bricks to remove any grease or stains from the griddle

If you love making food on the griddle, then these four tools are essential. They will allow you to keep the griddle clean and functioning for a long time to come. It will also prevent the Blackstone from flaking from time to time, which will result in a longer life for your investment.

Final Thoughts

While investing in a Blackstone griddle is incredibly exciting, it is also just as important to care for it. Maintenance and care will go a long way in ensuring that the griddle lasts a long time. Besides that, preventative steps will also guarantee that this problem doesn’t happen in the first place.

So, follow these guidelines and take care of the Blackstone griddle in the best way possible. Once you do, you will get a high return on your griddle investment. The griddle will be highly durable when you take care of it properly as you use it.

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