Meatstick vs Meater vs Yummly: A Heated Conflict!

July 15, 2023 6 min read

Meatstick vs Meater vs Yummly: A Heated Conflict!

Thermometer probes can make or break your dish. So, it’s better to use a reliable and accurate thermometer.

Now, betweenMeatstick vs Meater vs Yummly, which one is better?

The MeatStick offers the longest wireless range of up to 260ft outdoors and 100ft indoors among these three. MeatStick and Meater offer higher levels of accuracy with a deviation of 1°F, while Yummly has a slightly higher deviation of 2°F. Meater stands out in terms of connectivity, offering both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi options. The MeatStick has a wider temperature range, suitable for various cooking methods. Yummly offers the longest battery life with 25+ hours of continuous use. The MeatStick is the most affordable option, making it a budget-friendly choice.

In the next sections, we will uncover the differences in detail.

Meatstick vs Meater vs Yummly: What Is Their Difference?

We should take a moment to look at the major differences between them before moving on.





Wireless Range

Up to 260ft outdoors, 100ft indoors

Up to 150ft

Up to 35ft








Bluetooth and Wi-Fi (with additional accessories)

App Control




Temperature Range

Internal: 32-212°F Ambient: 32-572°F

Internal: Up to 210°F

Ambient: Up to 527°F

Internal: Up to 212°

Ambient: Up to 527°F


2 (Internal and External)

Dual temperature sensors

2 (Internal and Ambient)

Battery Life

24+ hours

25+ hours

24-48 hours

App Features

Guided cook list, 30-day satisfaction guarantee

Built-in timers, assisted cooking options

Guided cook system, advanced estimator algorithm





Now let's explain the differences based on these comparing factors.

Wireless Range

MeatStick has the longest wireless range, up to 260ft outdoors and 100ft indoors. Yummly has a range of up to 150ft, and Meater has a range of up to 35ft.

meatstick vs meater


With a wireless range of 260ft outdoors and 100ft indoors, the MeatStick allows users to monitor their meat from a considerable distance without losing connection. Yummly has a wireless range of 150 feet, which is still decent for monitoring your cooking from a modest distance, but not as extensive as the MeatStick.

However, Meater has a relatively shorter wireless range of up to 35ft. As a result, you may be limited in your ability to move away from your cooking area. If you want more range, you will need additional accessories like Meater Link WiFi and MeaterCloud.

Winner: The MeatStick offers the longest wireless range.


Yummly has the highest accuracy deviation with ±2°F, meaning the temperature reading can vary by up to 2 degrees Fahrenheit from the actual temperature. On the other hand, both MeatStick and Meater have a higher level of accuracy with a deviation of ±1°F, indicating a smaller margin of error in temperature readings. So, whether you cookwagyu or prime beef, you will get good results from both of them.

The smaller deviation in the temperature readings of MeatStick and Meater suggests that they provide more precise and accurate measurements compared to Yummly.

Winner: Both MeatStick and Meater offer a higher level of accuracy. 


Meater offers both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, while MeatStick and Yummly only offer Bluetooth connectivity.

The MeatStick and Yummly rely solely on Bluetooth connectivity to connect to your smartphone or tablet.

MeatStick and Yummly


But the Meater stands out in terms of connectivity as it offers both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi options. In addition to Bluetooth, Meater can be connected to your phone or tablet via Wi-Fi. This provides greater flexibility and convenience for monitoring your meat remotely.

Winner: The Meater because of its dual connectivity options.

App Control

All three thermometer offer similar app control features, which is easy to navigate.

The MeatStick app allows users to monitor real-time temperatures, customize cook alerts, and receive notifications when the meat is ready. It features a guided cook list with different meats to maximize cooking options.

The Yummly app provides built-in timers and alerts for flipping food and adjusting heat. Also, it provides assisted cooking options based on preferred doneness. Users can set up recipe schedules for easy meal planning too.

The Meater app, with its guided cook system, walks users through every step of the cooking process to ensure perfect and consistent results. An advanced estimator algorithm calculates cooking and resting times and offers custom alerts/notifications based on time and temperature.

Winner: Tie.

Temperature Range

MeatStick can measure temperatures between 32-212°F, while ambient can measure temperatures between 32-572°F. Yummly’s internal sensor can measure temperatures up to 210°F, and the ambient sensor up to 527°F. Meater’s internal sensor can measure temperatures up to 212°F, and the ambient sensor can measure temperatures up to 527°F.

Due to its wide temperature range, MeatStick is suitable for a wide range of cooking methods, from low to high heat, deep-frying, to sous-vide cooking. So, it performs exceptionally well for eithertri-tip or brisket meat cuts while cooking!

On the other hand, Yummly's temperature range allows for monitoring internal temperatures up to 210°F. This makes it suitable for a range of cooking techniques, such as grilling, roasting, and baking.

Similarly to the MeatStick, Meater offers a temperature range suitable for various cooking methods, including low and slow cooking and high-heat grilling.

Winner: The MeatStick wins in terms of temperature range.

Battery Life 

The battery life of the MeatStick, Yummly, and Meater thermometers varies slightly. The MeatStick offers a battery life of 24+ hours, and Yummly provides a battery life of 25+ hours. Meater, on the other hand, offers a battery life of 24-48 hours. 

When comparing the battery life of these thermometers, Yummly offers the longest continuous use between charges with its 25+ hours of battery life. However, it's worth noting that Meater has the potential for longer battery life, depending on specific usage patterns.

Winner: Yummly wins by offering the longest continuous use.


The MeatStick offers the lowest price among the three thermometers at $55.99, providing a more budget-friendly option. Meater is priced slightly higher at $69.95, while Yummly is the most expensive option at $79.99.

When considering the price factor, the MeatStick wins by offering the most affordable option among the three thermometers, making it a cost-effective choice for those looking for a wireless meat thermometer.

Winner: Meatstick for providing the budget option.

Meatstick Vs Meater Vs Yummly: Which One Should You Get?

Considering all factors, if you prioritize an extended wireless range, durability, versatility, and affordability, the MeatStick would be the ideal choice. Meater, however, is a strong contender if you want dual connectivity and advanced features. Yummly's standout feature is its battery life, making it a great choice for long cooking sessions.

The MeatStick stands out with its longest wireless range, extensive temperature range, high accuracy, affordability, and durability features. It offers Bluetooth connectivity, a guided cook list, and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. With its versatile design, it is suitable for various cooking methods.

Meater, on the other hand, provides dual connectivity options with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, making it more flexible for remote monitoring. It offers a guided cook system, an advanced estimator algorithm, and a reasonable battery life.

Yummly excels in battery life, offering the longest continuous use between charges. It provides built-in timers, assisted cooking options, and a popular recipe app that caters to specific dietary needs and preferences.

 Additionally, all three thermometers have their own unique features and capabilities in their respective apps.

Ultimately, the best choice depends on your specific needs and preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What thermometer do professional chefs use?

One thermometer that is highly regarded by professional chefs is the Thermapen Mk4 Thermocouple Cooking Thermometer. The Thermapen Mk4 is an instant-read thermometer known for its speed, accuracy, and ease of use. 

Is it worth buying a meat thermometer?

Yes, it is definitely worth buying a meat thermometer. Using a meat thermometer is essential for cooking meat safely and accurately. It ensures that the meat reaches the correct internal temperature.

Are digital meat thermometers better?

Yes, digital meat thermometers are generally considered better than analog thermometers. They offer several advantages, such as improved accuracy, consistency, and convenience. Digital thermometers provide quick and accurate temperature readings.


When it comes to the choice between Meatstick vs Meater vs Yummly, each product offers unique features. Whether you prefer the precision of Meatstick, the convenience of Meater, or the recipe integration of Yummly, it ultimately depends on your personal preferences and cooking needs.

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