How to Adjust Your Pit Boss Chimney Cap for Optimal Performance

May 09, 2023 6 min read

Pit Boss Chimney Cap Adjustment

Many people use a Pit Boss smoker for making many dishes. The main purpose of it is to help make food with a smoky taste. You may also use it for smoked steaks.

One of the top things that people don't understand about a smoker is its chimney. Its other name is a smokestack, so you should not get confused. If you want to know more about adjusting this part on your Pit Boss smoker, you're in the right place. Here is all that you must know.

What Is A Pit Boss Chimney?

Before handling this part, you must know what it is to avoid mistakes. A Pit Boss smoker always comes with a chimney, which may be vertical or horizontal. This will depend on the type of your smoker.

The main purpose of this part is to control the airflow that your smoker will get. Keeping the chimney in the right position will help your smoker reach the best heat level easily. If you don't maintain the correct gap, you will suffer from many problems.

Remember, you will have to set up the chimney after getting your new smoker. You don't have to change the gap often if you set it up properly the first time. The main time you will have to adjust your chimney will be in winter.

Will You Keep The Chimney Open?

Many people also wonder whether the chimney should be left open or closed after assembly. You should go with the former option because the part is for maintaining airflow. If you keep the item closed, your smoker will not get enough air.

This means it will be hard to reach the best heat level. Using the grill may also become dangerous with a closed chimney. Another thing that confirms this answer is that Pit Boss also sells devices with fixed chimneys.

If you look at such smokers properly, you will see that they have an open chimney. This is why you should never close this part for the best cooking day.

Pit Boss Chimney Cap Adjustment

When you get a new smoker, you will have to put the chimney yourself. The good news is that putting the part has to be done once only. You should check for the opening on the main cabinet of the smoker.

Secure the stack to this opening using four screws. You will have to apply these from the outside on the nuts that will already be on the cabinet. Twist the cap on the stack's top to attach it easily.

To adjust the cap, you will have to rotate it to the left or right, depending on your needs. Moving it to the right will enhance the airflow of the smoker. If you turn it to the left, the cap will tighten, and airflow will be restricted. 

What Is The Ideal Gap For Pit Boss Chimney Cap Adjustment?

ideal gap of a Pit Boss Chimney

The Pit Boss manual guide will mainly tell you that a wide opening is best for cooking meals at low heat with good airflow. Some people will also tell you the gap should be enough to fit a thick cardboard piece.

This is why you may be confused about how wide the cap should be for cooking. The ideal gap is 1 or 2 inches between the chimney's top and bottom. 

Once you've set this gap, you don't have to adjust the chimney cap anymore except in the winter. This is because weather changes will require you to change the gap for the best airflow.

Pit Boss Chimney Cap Adjustment For Winters

Grilling in the winter can be tough because the weather changes easily. Wind may start blowing without any warning and affect the heat level of your smoker. It will also change the airflow that your grill will get.

The best way to adjust the chimney cap in winter is by reducing the gap between the top and bottom. This is because the small opening will allow enough air to pass without causing high temperature changes. 

Remember not to close the chimney completely to avoid issues and cook easily. This small gap is also good if you want to cook meals at low heat. The restricted airflow will limit the grill's ability to reach a high temperature.

Pit Boss Chimney Cap Adjustment For High Heat

There may be times when you want to reach a high heat level on your grill. This is because you may want to cook the meal faster, or your recipe may require this. Adjusting the gap will allow you to enjoy a better heat level.

You can open the gap more than 2 inches to ensure more air flows to your smoker. This will allow more combustion to occur so that your grill can heat to a higher level. The one thing you must remember is to avoid adjusting the cap often.

Leaving it 2 inches during all seasons except winters will be best for reaching the right heat levels. If you change the gap often, it can reduce the effect of your smoker on the meals.

Why Should You Not Close The Pit Boss Chimney Cap?

Many people say that closing the chimney is dangerous for you. However, you may be wondering about the reasons behind that. So here are some things that will help you understand why you should not close your chimney:

It Can Lead To A Blast

Close Pit Boss Chimney Leads To A Blast

The main purpose of a chimney is to allow air to reach your grill. This is so that oxygen can react with the fuel to give heat that you can use for cooking. If the chimney is closed, your grill will not get any air to produce heat.

Many different gases will also start to build in the smoker. This means that there will be a higher chance of a blast occurring when you turn on your grill. If you're near the grill at that time, you may also suffer injuries such as burns.

A blast can also damage your smoker so much that you will not be able to use it again. This means you will suffer from financial damage too.

So never close your chimney cap completely to ensure your grill receives air for heating.

Creosote Is Very Bad For You

Creosote is a harmful chemical that can build on your food if you cook on a smoker with a closed chimney. This item, along with other particles, will impart a harsh taste to your meal. Eating such a meal will ruin your mouth's taste and may cause you to discard the food leading to wastage.

This material can also cause health problems such as mouth burning. Your throat may also burn after eating food with creosote. You may also suffer a stomachache after having a meal that contains unburned particles.

Remember, if the amount of creosote reaches very high in your body, you may suffer from rashes, eye burns, kidney issues, and much more. Some of these problems may also lead to death. That's why it's important to clean creosote from smoker regularly.

This is why you must not close your chimney cap at all costs to avoid health risks and enjoy a better quality of life.

Why Should You Not Open The Chimney Cap Too Wide?

Keeping the chimney cap very wide will also cause problems that can affect your cooking experience. Your grill may reach a very high heat level if it gets too much air for combustion. This means that your food can burn more easily.

Overheating may also damage some parts of your smoker. The grill may also give off more smoke that can hurt or burn your eyes. Some parts of your meal may also be overcooked if you cook at a high heat level.

This is why it is best not to keep the gap more than 2 inches when using the grill regularly.

Cleaning The Pit Boss Chimney

Cleaning your chimney cap is also necessary after every six months to avoid issues such as clogging of air. Here is how you should clean the chimney:

  • Turn off your grill and ensure it is cold before cleaning it
  • Take off the cap and clean it with a soft cloth
  • Remove the residue from the back of the cap too
  • Reattach the chimney cover after you're done cleaning

The top thing you must not do when cleaning the chimney cap is use water. This is because it can cause rusting of the pipe. You must clean the part twice every year to ensure a good flow of air.

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Final Words

This is all you need to know about Pit Boss chimney cap adjustment. The cap is an essential part of smokers and grills for allowing good airflow. You must always keep it open to ensure your grill can combust well and save your food from unburned particles.

The best gap for your chimney cap is 2 inches. It is ideal for adjusting the cap in winter only by reducing the space to restrict airflow and avoid temperature changes. These things will help you use your smoker without risks of explosion.

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