Pit Boss Smoke Too Much? What You Must Do To Tackle It

March 30, 2023 6 min read

Pit Boss Smoke Too Much

A Pit Boss smoker is famous for helping cook things slowly. You may make tasty steaks on your tool. This can help you enjoy good lunch or dinner with your family.

Cooking on this tool is easy except when facing some problems. A common issue you face is too much smoke from your Pit Boss smoker. Do you want to know more about this?

If so, you don't have too any further. Here is everything you need to know about too much smoke from a smoker.

Why Does My Pit Boss Smoke Too Much?

Pit Boss Smoke Too Much while cooking

Here are some reasons and fixes to help you prevent too much smoke from your tool:

Starting Mode

When you turn on your Pit Boss, it will go into starting mode. This means that the smoker will smolder wooden chips for fuel. The main problem with this is that too much white smoke will be produced.

You must remember that too much white smoke at the start is not a problem. The tool will continue heat while releasing smoke. When the smoker becomes hot enough, it will burn the pellets cleanly.

Clean burning will get rid of the high white smoke. Instead, the standard blue smoke will appear on cooking. The good thing about this smoke is that it is never too high.

So you will not be bothered by such smoke when cooking on your Pit Boss. There will also be no need to look for a fix for this problem as the smoker will get rid of the white smoke itself.

Low Temperature

The main purpose of a Pit Boss is to help you cook things slowly. This is why the ideal temperature for such a tool is a low value. If you keep the smoker at too low heat, the smoke will be too much.

This is the regular way a smoker works. You may increase the temperature if you don't love to see much smoke. Remember increasing the value will also cause your dish to cook faster.

High heat will also prevent much smoke from being released. The air around you will be cleaner if you don't use a low temperature for cooking.

Of course, high heat is not the best for cooking every dish. Sometimes a low value may be necessary. In such a case, you may choose an intermediate temperature.

This heating value will produce lesser smoke while allowing you to cook the dish the right way.

Wrong P Setting

Many owners of Pit Boss smokers know that the P setting has to be changed during cold weather. This will allow you to cook things more easily. However, you may forget to adjust the setting once winter is over.

If the P setting is incorrect, the tool will produce too much smoke. The top thing to know is that this setting extends from a value of 0 to 7. A high setting will lead to high smoke in your outdoor space.

The best way to choose the ideal value is by experimenting with different values. Most guides state that you should keep your Pit Boss at a level of P4. Sometimes this value may not be suitable. So you can also choose from P5 to P7 values.

It is a great idea to test the smoker at different P settings. You can easily find out at which value the tool produces high smoke. This will help you avoid the same setting the next time and enjoy less smoke.

Poor Pellets

Every Pit Boss smoker requires you to add pellets to the tool to serve as a fuel source. This is why you must use good pellets for cooking. If the chips you use are of low quality, the tool will produce too much smoke, and you may find it bothering.

You may be using high-quality pellets, but the smoker may still be producing too much smoke. Another reason related to wooden chips may be that the item has gone bad. Remember, pellets also have a shelf life.

If you keep the chips in the hopper for a long time, they will go bad easily. A similar thing will happen if you store the chips outdoors with your smoker. This is because the item will gain more moisture content.

The best way to avoid smoke from bad pellets is to conduct a test before using them. If the chips burn very hot and produce high smoke, it means they are affected by moisture or other problems. You must not use those pellets for cooking on your Pit Boss smoker.

Meanwhile, to get excellent pellets, you should check the wood content on the packet before buying from the store. If a brand sells chips with real wood and high content, you can buy the pack. However, do not get a packet with low wood content because the chips will mainly have filler material and burn too much smoke.

The Pit Boss Is On Smoke Setting

There are many modes that you can use on your Pit Boss smoker. The different settings are offered to help you cook various dishes with ease. If you're a beginner, you may not know the right settings for the tool.

Keeping the smoker in a smoke setting will cause the tool to produce too much smoke. This is regardless of the weather or pellets you are using. The setting is mainly helpful for cooking dishes that require you to smoke a lot.

So always check the tool's settings and adjust them as per your preference. You can use the temperature dial to change the mode of your smoker. Another thing that can help with resolving this problem is the manual book of your smoker.

You may read the book to understand the different settings of your tool. This will be most helpful for cooking in no time and avoiding smoke mode when it is not necessary for the process.

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The Fan May Be Faulty

The induction fan of a Pit Boss smoker is one of its most important parts. It gets rid of the heavy smoke that your tool may produce otherwise. The fan may have become faulty after years of the grill being used.

You may have also gotten a device with a faulty fan. If the warranty is valid, you can call the company to get the part replaced. Otherwise, you will have to get the fan yourself for the smoker.

The best thing about an induction fan issue is that it is easier to diagnose than other problems. All you have to do is see where the smoke is coming from. If the heavy smoke is being released by the hopper instead of the barrel, your fan is damaged.

You may also be able to identify the issue by checking whether air is blowing into the tool's firepot. If it is not, you can be sure that the fan is not working.

There are also some precautions you should take when the fan is not working to avoid fire accidents. Upon seeing heavy smoke from the hopper, you should turn off the tool immediately. 

You should also remove the grill from the electrical socket. Besides that, keep the hopper closed to ensure the smoker does not get any oxygen. This will prevent more heavy smoke from being produced and irritating you.

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How Much Smoke Should My Pit Boss Release?

You may be wondering about the ideal amount of smoke that your tool must produce. Remember, a good smoker will mainly release thin blue smoke if it's working properly. This smoke may be very hard to see if your eyes are not sharp.

If the tool is releasing heavy black or white smoke, you may need to worry. White smoke is mainly released at the start of turning on the smoker. It will disappear as the tool heats enough.

Remember, if the white smoke does not disappear, something may be wrong with your tool. If the heavy smoke is coming from parts other than the barrel, your smoker is experiencing an issue.

Final Thoughts

This is your complete guide to Pit Boss producing too much smoke. You should understand the different reasons behind the smoke thoroughly. This will help with fixing the issue faster.

If none of the earlier fixes at home work for minimizing the smoke, you should call the company. Pit Boss may send a technician to help you understand what's wrong with your tool.

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