Tips for Cooking Brats on an Electric Grill

January 03, 2023 3 min read

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You’ll notice most of the people like enjoying brats during summers. Their heavier texture makes them stand out compared to hot dogs. Additionally, brats are easy to cook.

Can I cook brats on an electric grill? Yes, brats or bratwurst can be cooked on an electric grill. All you need is medium-low heat and about 20 minutes of cook time to attain an internal temperature of about 160 degrees F.

This article comprises helpful tips you need while cooking brats on an electric grill.

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7 Tips for Cooking Brats on an Electric Grill 

Preheat the grill

Anytime you want to grill brats, first think about preheating your clean grill.

Preheating a grill will significantly contribute to getting effective results while grilling. 

First, a well-preheated grill forms nice grill marks on the brats. Second, a well-preheated grill prevents your brats from sticking to the grill’s cooking surface. 

Avoid boiling brats 

One of the common mistakes people make is boiling brats beer or other liquids before or after grilling. By boiling them, you drain/ leach brat’s authentic flavor. 

Generally, brats are better raw on the grill.

Consider brats from your local butcher

While most people know about packaged brats, they rarely eat or even try brats from their local butcher.

Brats from a local butcher tend to be fresh and may have a unique taste. Often these kinds of brats have a different seasoning and flavor.

Never poke holes in brats

Another common mistake people tend to make while grilling brats is poking holes.

Poking a hole in a brat drains fats and juices that enhance the flavor, especially when using meat. Also, it might cause your brats to dry out pretty quickly while grilling. 

Avoid high heat while grilling brats

Avoid high heat grilling if you want brats with excellent grill marks and brown color on the exterior.

Usually, the high heat causes the brats to burst, and a significant amount of flavor is lost. 

Therefore, go slow and low while cooking brats on a grill. Your grill should be at medium-low temperature when grilling brats.

Don’t overcrowd

Depending on the size of your electric grill and the number of people you’ll be serving, you might tend to cook too many brats over a single grill. That shouldn’t be the case. Brats need enough space to achieve even cooking. 

If you’re cooking for many people, you can grill in batches. 

Allow grilled brats to rest 

You should never serve your brats immediately after removing them from the grill.

Allow them to rest for about 5 minutes before serving. It will enable the juices to settle and redistribute throughout the brat. 

How do you Cook Brats on an Electric Grill?

Cooking brats on an electric grill is a simple process. Below is a quick step by step on how to do it: 

  • Start by preheating an electric grill 
  • Prepare your brats for cooking. It entails thawing and seasoning them before they hit the grill. 
  • Place brats over the heated electric grill to start cooking. 
  • Use a tong to turn the brats at an interval of 4 minutes. It will help you achieve even cooking and grill marks on all sides of brats. The total cooking time is about 15 to 20 minutes. 
  • Once you’ve attained an internal temperature of 160 degrees F in the brats, they are cooked.

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What is the right temperature for perfect brats on a grill?

The ideal temperature for cooking brats on an electric grill is medium-low temperature, i.e., approximately 300 to 350 degrees F. Such temperature causes even coking on the interior and exterior.

Extreme high temperature is not recommended because it causes the brats to burst. Therefore, you end losing all juices with the flavor of the brats. 

Can you grill brats without boiling them?

You should never boil brats in any liquid before or after grilling because it drains all the meat's flavor. 

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