What are the Benefits of Stone Cookware? 

January 03, 2023 3 min read

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Stone cookware is not a new product in most traditional and even modern kitchens. As a matter of fact, it’s getting a lot of attention in modern kitchens than its non-stick counterparts.

Generally, household kitchens are now opting for traditional cookware made from clay and stone.

Are there any benefits of stone cookware? Yes, there are numerous benefits of stone cookware, such as durability and safety.

Keep reading down here as we explore and discuss other benefits of stone cookware.

Note: We’re talking about authentic stoneware or 100% stone coated cookware.

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6 Benefits of Stone Cookware 

Below are the benefits of stone cookware: 

1. Durable 

Durability is one significant reason that attracts most people to purchase stone cookware.

Stone cookware products tend to be thick and sturdy, withstanding tear and wear. Also, it’s non-porous and chip-resistant, thus enhancing durability. 

Additionally, stoneware clay is fired at high temperatures (about 2200 degrees F) to make cookware: thus, making it capable of withstanding extremely high temperatures while cooking. 

If you take proper care of your stone cookware, your children or grandchildren will have lovely moments inheriting them. 

2. It’s safe 

Another notable benefit of stone cookware is its safety. Generally, it’s toxic-free. Natural stone cookware doesn’t have Teflon or other toxic metals such as Lead, Cadmium or Zinc. 

Therefore, you enjoy your food without worrying about food intoxication, and you end up dealing with health issues. 

Note: anytime you purchase stone cookware, ensure it doesn’t contain Lead or Teflon. Usually, you should avoid any cookware that the manufacturer doesn’t indicate composition. 

Check out this post about the safety of stone coated cookware

3. Easy cleaning 

Stone cookware features a smooth non-stick surface. Therefore, food doesn’t stick to the cooking surface, cleaning is easy and food doesn’t stick. 

Unlike other non-stick cookware, stone cookware is dishwasher safe. You can do both hand cleaning and dishwasher cleaning. 

4. Produces quality results

Another reason you should consider stone cookware as your ideal kitchen cookware is exceptional results.

First, it comes with a non-stick cooking surface; therefore, cooking is easy. 

Secondly, stone cookware offers even heat distribution, enhancing even and efficient cooking.

Additionally, if you use some of the stone cookware to bake, you’ll get exceptional results because of its ability to hold heat for a long time. 

5. Non-reactive 

One of the challenges you’ll face with some non-stick cookware is reaction with foods and liquids (especially acidic foods) while cooking. As a result, toxic chemicals and metals are released into the foods.

However, it’s a whole different game with stone cookware because it doesn’t react. Therefore, making it a safer and healthier cookware alternative.

Also, stone cookware will not interfere with the authentic flavor of your foods while cooking. 

6. Scratch-resistant 

You’ll hardly experience flake and chipping problems with stone cookware, especially when your mind what kind of utensils you often use.

The coating is hard to get scratches unless you’re rough on the cookware. 

It’s worth noting that regular use of steel or other hard pad to clean stone cookware can damage it.

After all, such rough cleaning is unnecessary because stone cookware has a non-stick cooking surface that is pretty easy to clean. 

Read more about Maifan Stone coating.  

Is stone cookware worth your investment? 

No doubt, stone cookware is worth your investment/ buying. Despite being priced slightly higher, it comes with a lot of benefits worth what you pay for.

Think of safe/healthy cooking, durability, easy cleaning, and excellent cooking results. 

So, where can you get some of the quality and authentic stone cookware products at affordable prices?

We have indoor electric griddles and grills with a natural stone coating. The cooking surfaces are non-stick and offer even heat distribution.

Also, they’re versatile in handling a variety of foods. See more of our products

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