What is a Griddle Used For?

May 19, 2021 3 min read

What is a Griddle Used For? - ATGRILLS

Recently you might have noted that most people in the commercial sector, outdoor adventures, and home have adopted griddle cooking for their breakfast meals to dinners. It’s because you can get a lot from these flat cooking surfaces. If you are a lover of smoky tastes and ingredients flavors on your food, a griddle pan is your ultimate choice of cooking. Let’s explore how to use a griddle. 

What is a Griddle Anyway? 

Often some people might confuse a griddle with a skillet. Their differences are notable from their shapes, size, surface area design, and use. A griddle features a rectangular or square shape with a flat top surface perfect for cooking various foods such as pancakes, eggs, shrimp, shells, sausages, and French fries. 

There are different types of high-quality griddle pans. Most popular griddle pans are made of cast iron and aluminum and have an excellent heat retention capability. However, a significant number of users still like the griddle pans made of non-stick coatings due to enhanced ease of use. 

One noteworthy change in the market is that consumers have embraced electric griddles over typical stovetop griddles for commercial and residential cooking purposes. Well, is an electric griddle worth it? Yes, it is. Most people like them because of the even heat distribution on the pan while cooking. Most importantly, it enhances the indoor smokeless cooking experience in your kitchen. 

What’s the Point of Griddle Pans? 

There are several reasons why one would settle for a griddle pan. 


There is no doubt that a griddle pan is a versatile appliance in every kitchen. It handles most of your favorite cuisines at home for your family and in a hotel for your customers. Here are some of the foods and recipes to cook on a griddle: 

  • Pancakes (classic, fluffy or crispy pancakes) 
  • Eggs 
  • Grilled Cheese 
  • Bacon 
  • Naan 
  • Burgers 
  • Swiss griddle cakes 
  • Griddle cookies 
  • Grilled pizza wraps 
  • Grilled Burritos 
  • Crab cakes 
  • Hash brown patties 
  • Grilled Tilapia

Grill griddle with burger, sausage, shrimp and chicken


Above is a brief list of what you can cook with a griddle. It’s a practical appliance to cook the infinite recipes on your cooking list any time of the day. 

No smoke 

Unlike the traditional griddles, most recent and specifically electric griddles do not produce smoke while cooking, thus maintaining fresh air. As a result, it allows easy cooking indoors and outdoors. 

Even Temperature 

One significant benefit of griddles is their even distribution of temperature across their cooking surface areas. Additionally, you can easily and precisely control the temperatures like on an electric griddle while cooking. Maintaining the appropriate temperatures means preserving the flavor of the foods being cooked. 

Griddle grill even heat distribution

How to Use a Griddle 

Cooking on the griddle is a simple yet straightforward thing regardless of the type of griddle you are using. Here is a brief guide 

The first thing entails heating your pan for even distribution of heat all over the surface. It allows food to cook at a similar rate. 

Then you may add a cooking spray or oil to reduce the possibility of food sticking on the pan. Add your preferred species or ingredients. 

Use a spatula to flip and rotate your food on the pan and prevent your hands from burns. 

Once your food is appropriately seared and cooked to your flavor, use the same spatula to remove it from the pan. 

It’s worth noting that foods tend to cook quicker on the griddle; therefore, pay attention while cooking. 

Cooking on Griddle FAQs 

  • How do I clean a griddle pan 

    Like any other kitchen tool, griddle pans ought to be cleaned after use. Below are simple steps: 

    • Scarp off the residue of the pan 
    • Wipe with a wet cloth 
    • Coat it with some cooking oil 
    • Wipe the oil 
    • Store in a cool, dry place. 

    Conversely, there are dishwasher-safe griddles that are even easier to clean. 

    • Do you need oil to griddle? 

    Oil is essential when you want to griddle your food. It prevents foods from sticking on your pan, thus making cooking easier. Also, some people tend to add oil to enhance flavors. However, using oil and the amounts to be used depends on the type of food being cooked. 

    • Can I cook steak on an electric griddle? 

      An electric griddle is one of the best griddles. It cooks steak easily and perfectly as a regular griddle does. 

      Steak on griddle grill

      Final Thought 

      A griddle is one of the suitable kitchen appliances every kitchen should have. It’s versatile thus will cook most of your recipes. You cannot ignore the fact that it’s easy to use and clean. Additionally, most griddles are smokeless, thus safe for indoor cooking. Check out Atgrills indoor electric griddle to cook food on a cookware with natural stone coating.


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