What is a Grill Pan Good For? 

July 02, 2021 3 min read

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It’s no secret that most of us, if not all, enjoy particular recipes cooked on a grill. However, not everyone has an outdoor space to use an outdoor grill, particularly those living in apartments, condos, or city dwellers. Therefore, the ideal solution is to cook on a grill pan or an indoor electric grill

What is a grill pan good for? Grill pans are best for grilling various foods and have raised ridges that make char marks on foods. Also, it allows slow cooking by the use of steam between the ridges of the pan. Keep reading to find out why grill pans are good. We also provided answers to a few frequently asked questions. 

What is a Grill Pan Anyway? 

A grill pan is a cookware that features a similar design to that of a frying pan. However, the difference is distinguished by the raised ridges on the cooking surface of a grill pan. 

Usually, the ridges are at least 1cm apart and 0.5cm deep. Additionally, most of and best grill pans come with a non-stick surface. 

While cooking on a grill pan, the juices that come from the food trickle down the cooking surface between the raised ridges. Grill pans are used to cook with radiant heat from a stovetop. Therefore, that makes it suitable for indoor cooking.  

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Why is a Grill Pan Good? 

As mentioned above, there is a significant difference between a grill pan and a frying pan. That means their uses/purposes differ as well. If you’re still wondering why you should invest in a grill pan, here are some of the advantages/pros/benefits of grill pans. 

1. Ridges collect fats 

Foods such as steaks produce some fats when exposed to heat. Grill pans have ridges that collect fats and juices that drip from the meat or other foods. Therefore, a burger or steak will not “boil” on its own fats. It also allows the food to absorb marinades or sauces juice.

2. It makes excellent grill marks 

One of the things that make grilled food attractive is the grill marks. The black dents also bring about the crustiness of foods, particularly on steak. 

3. Suitable for Indoor Cooking 

If you have things preventing you from enjoying grilling outdoors, such as space, weather or you don’t own an outdoor grill; a grill pan is what you should select.

Grill pans are built to cook on stove burners, making them a good choice for indoor cooking. Unlike outdoor grills, grill pans don’t produce excess smoke, thus making them safe for indoor cooking. 

You can still attain that great taste of grilled foods from a grill pan from your kitchen stove. 

4. Versatile 

Regardless of the shape, you opt for, grill pans allow you to cook various foods on them. If you think of grilling steaks, kabobs, chicken breast, vegetables, or burgers, a grill pan will handle it. 

In addition, grill pans have a larger cooking surface area; thus, you can grill different foods on a single pan simultaneously. That is a great bonus if you intend to save time while cooking. For instance, you can cook steak on one side and your favorite vegetables, such as zucchini, on the other side of the grill pan. 

5. Healthy Cooking 

Another great benefit of cooking on a grill pan is that it allows healthy cooking. The raised ridges on the cooking surface allow fats and juices produced by the food to flow out freely. Therefore, foods cooked on a grill pan will contain fewer fats, and that’s good for your health. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Does a grill pan work like a grill? 

Yes, a grill pan cooks like a typical grill and can cook the same foods cooked on other grills. The only difference is that a grill pan cooks over indirect heat from a stovetop, while most outdoor grills cook over direct heat of flames. Additionally, you might have to adjust your recipe or cooking time to ensure your foods are cooked appropriately.

 However, foods cooked on a grill pan taste great as those cooked on other grills. 

Can I use a grill pan in the oven? 

Yes, you can use a grill pan in the oven. There are a variety of grill pans that are oven-safe. All you need is to select the ideal grill pan like that one made of cast iron. Other grill pans made of copper, stainless steel, aluminum, and ceramic are oven safe. However, grill pans with plastic handles should not go into an oven. 

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