What Is A Pit Boss Smoker ErL Code?

April 01, 2023 6 min read

What Is A Pit Boss Smoker ErL Code

A smoker can allow you to cook many items like pork, turkey, chicken steaks, and much more. Pit Boss is one of the best companies for smokers on the market. This is why you may have their device at home.

The only downside of a Pit Boss smoker is that it can show an ErL code even if you haven't used the item for a long time. If you want to learn more, you're in the right place. Here is what you need to know about Pit Boss smoker ErL code.

What Is A Pit Boss Smoker ErL Code?

Pit Boss Smoker ErL Cod

This code is an error that may show up on your tool when cooking things. The main feature of an ErL is that the temperature probe cannot connect to the item. So the system will not be able to read values.

Remember, the smoker will turn off due to the issue and to help you be safe. Because of that, you will see an ErL error prompt if you turn on the smoker again.

The top thing about the error is that it can show up on new and old devices. However, this code is also fixable using some easy methods. So you don't have to worry much about losing your money.

Why Does An ErL Code Show Up And The Solution For It?

It is necessary to understand the reasons behind the error. This will help you overcome the issue quickly. So here are the main reasons why your smoker may show an ErL error:

The Control Board Is Not Working

This is an important part of Pit Boss smokers and helps them work smoothly. If your board is not working, the temperature probe will also show issues. So the item will turn off instead of working and helping you cook.

The best part is that this issue is easily solvable. You can call the company for a replacement. This is a better idea than changing parts of your smoker to fix the issue.

You must prepare yourself to wait a bit when contacting the company. Pit Boss can take up to a week to give you a reply about the issue. Getting a new control board from the company will be easier if your smoker warranty is valid.

Low Chimney Cap

Some Pit Boss smokers come with a chimney cap, while others don't. Remember, a chimney is a part that will help the smoke leave your tool. The cap that comes with it can be adjusted for easier use.

If you keep the cap low, extra smoke will not leave the smoker. This means it can damage the other parts of the device, such as the temperature sensor. Your device will also never reach the ideal value because of a low cap.

The best way to tackle this issue is by leaving a gap between the cap and the base of the smoker. So the smoke will be able to leave more quickly, and you will not have to spend any money. 

Dirty Probe

The probe or sensor for temperature can become dirty if you cook continuously on the same smoker. You must clean the item regularly to avoid grease from developing on different surfaces. The sensor may not work properly due to poor hygiene.

You may be able to get rid of the issue by cleaning the probe with your family. It is best to form a solution of vinegar and water.

The cleaning solution will help you get rid of all grease and contaminants on the dirty probe. This will prevent the ErL code from showing up on the monitor.

Stuck Auger

Auger is the place through which pellets pass through the electric motor. If this part of your tool is damaged, you may experience a weak flame. This is another common reason behind the tool showing ErL code.

The part may become jammed if you don't use good quality pellets for cooking. You can avoid the issue by checking the hopper for pellets. It is also good to let experts see the tool for offering a better experience for the future.

You can easily get rid of this reason by clearing the hopper. Removing the block will help you enjoy a strong flame when using the tool for cooking. So you can achieve the minimum heating value for the smoker to work.

Chilly Weather

The natural weather rarely affects a smoker's ability to work properly. However, it can have some effects on a Pit Boss tool. This is because colder weather enhances the pellet usage of the smoker.

You will require more pellets than the regular amount you use in cold weather for cooking. The best way to solve this problem is by keeping an extra supply of pellets nearby. This will prevent the hopper from becoming empty.

No ErL code will show because of chilly weather if you maintain a pellet supply. Another thing that will help you is using excellent quality pellets for cooking. Such wood last longer than the normal options.

Ignition Failure

A smoker must ignite for you to use it for cooking. If it does not, your screen may show the ErL code. The error may appear if there is too much ash in the firepot of your tool.

The igniter may have also become faulty. This can happen if you have been using the Pit Boss smoker for years. It may also occur in new tools with faulty igniters due to quality control issues.

If ashes are the problem, you can clear them after cooking a meal on a smoker each time. Cleaning the firepot will also allow you to enhance the lifespan of your tool.

Remember, if the igniter is faulty, cleaning the smokerwill do you no good. You must replace the part so that your tool can start working again. A new part may be available on Amazon, or you may call the company.

How To Fix Pit Boss Smoker ErL Code At Home?

Your grill may be showing this code because of loose wiring. If that is the cause, you don't have to worry or wait much to fix the problem. This problem can be easily solved at home with a few tools.

You will have to remove the smoker from all sockets. Then take out the pellets from the tool. You will have to reach the access panel for the next steps.

It is present on the back of your smoker and bounded by four screws. Take a screwdriver to remove them easily. Check if the wires for the sensor are damaged or burnt.

You should also ensure that wires are connected tightly to the smoker. It would also be best to check if other connectors are in place. The top thing that would help you with fixing the connections is the manual book that came with the smoker.

If you have lost the book, there is no need to worry. You may open the troubleshooting forum on the Pit Boss website. It will allow you to get a picture of the system for easy management.

If you are faceing ErH code error, read this  blog- How to Fix Pit Boss ErH Code? Quick and Easy Solutions

Where Can You Get Help For Fixing Pit Boss Smoker ErL Code?

You may have tried all the earlier solutions, but the code may not be going away. In such a case, you can get help from these two options:

Pit Boss Customer Support

Pit Boss has an excellent support system to help their clients with ErL code troubles, faulty tools, and other problems. This should also be your top option if the smoker's warranty is valid.

You may call the company during business hours to get help. If you don't like talking on the phone, Pit Boss also offers an email option for support. Remember, it may take a week to get a reply online.

If the company decides to replace your smoker, send a technician, or replace one of the parts, it will take some time. So you should prepare yourself to wait a few days or weeks for help.

A Help Forum

Many smoker owners engage with each other on online forums to share their experiences. You may come across such a forum for Pit Boss smokers too. Many people also share their troubles, such as ErL code errors, and their solutions.

You may talk to an owner about their ErL issue and how they overcame it. Some people can guide you to the exact cause of the error and help get rid of it. This is because owners who have been using Pit Boss smokers for years are as helpful as technicians.

Final Words

This is everything you need to know about Pit Boss smoker ErL code. The error appears when the temperature sensor is not working properly. So your display will not be able to read the heating value and turn off.

You can get rid of the error by changing the faulty sensor. Cleaning the tool may also help with fixing the code. If nothing works, your best chance would be to call Pit Boss customer support for help. They may change the device if it is faulty or replace the damaged part.

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