What is Maifan Stone Coating?

December 20, 2022 3 min read

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Maifan stone coating is a type of non-stick coating. It’s a coat derived from the Maifan stone, which is also called Maifanite. This particular stone has a long history with the Asian community.

For many years they have used it because of its medicinal value. Hence, the Chinese refer to it as a medicine stone. Among the primary ways, they have used the Maifan stone for decades including water purification, food processing, and water remineralization, etc.

The stone contains several minerals and micro-nutrients such as zinc, calcium, and magnesium, thus making it one of the valuable stones. Additionally, it played a critical role in the cookware industry.

Maifan stones are used to make cookware coating and other kitchen items such as Maifan Stone mugs, cups, spoons, pots, etc.

Atgrills electric grill with maifan stone coating

What is Maifan Stone Coating?

It’s a non-stick cookware coating made from maifanite. Usually, a Maifan pot is made of Cast Aluminum, or stainless core then coated with a smooth layer of Maifan stones.

The coating covers both the exterior and the interior of the cookware. The final product is a Maifan Stone Non-stick cookware.

However, the Maifan stones have to be processed to turn them into a finer substance or a liquid form to form a nice yet smooth coat on the cookware.

What Foods Can You Cook on a Maifan Stone Coated Cookware?

Among the foods, you can cook on Maifan stone cookware are pancakes, fried eggs, fried steak, fried vegetables, etc. It can cook most foods any other stone-coated or non-stick pan can cook.

On What Types of Heat Sources Can I Use a Maifan Stone Coated Cookware?

Maifan stone coating is a versatile material that can be used on various heat sources. For instance, it can cook on an induction top and gas stove.

Is a Maifan Stone Coating Good?

A Maifan stone coating is one of the best non-stick coatings in cookware. Here are a few reasons why it’s good:

Easy to use and clean  

The Maifan stone coating is a non-stick material. Therefore, it enhances how you cook and clean it.

For instance, your foods won’t stick on the cooking surface even if you don’t use cooking oils. It will also not burn since the surface is non-stick. On the other hand, suppose you use oil; it will be in little in minimal amounts.

Also, cleaning is pretty easy since food doesn’t stick. Therefore tough scabbing is not necessary, and you don’t take long.

Strong and durable

A Maifan stone coating is strong and yet durable. If taken care of in the right way, it can last long for years. In addition, it’s not prone to rust.

Even heating

Like most stone-coated cookware, Maifan stone-coated cookware might take a long to heat. However, it heats evenly and retains the heat for an extended period.

Most of the inner core metals used to make this kind of cookware are good heat conductors, thus enhancing the heating efficiency of cookware.


Maifan stone does not emit dangerous fumes while cooking, thus making it a viable choice of cookware.

Some of the non-stick coatings, such as Teflon, have toxins (PFOA and PTFE) when consumed are unsafe and bring about health issues such as causing cancer and Teflon flue.

However, Maifan stone coating is derived from naturally occurring rocks and has no toxins.  

Health benefits

One reason that makes the Maifan stone-coated cookware stand out is linked to its benefits. As highlighted above, maifan stone is highly recognized by Asians because of its medicinal value. They referred to it as the “medical stone”.

It contains micronutrients, elements, and minerals that are not dangerous to the human body but essential.  Additionally, it does not change the original flavor of foods.

Lastly, the Maifan stone coating is non-stick; thus, it requires cooking with less or no oil. Therefore, your foods will not have excess oil. 

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