What Is Maifan Stone Coating? Explore Health Advantages

December 20, 2022 5 min read

Health Advantages of Maifan Stone Coating

Cookware is manufactured with stainless steel, iron, aluminum, stoneware, ceramics, marble, and other heavy metals. Depending upon the type of recipe, each one of them stands out.

Maifan stone coating is a type of non-stick coating. It's a coat derived from the Maifan stone, also called Maifanite. This particular maifan stone pan has a long history with the Asian community.

For many years, they have used it because of its medicinal value. Hence, the Chinese refer to it as a medicine stone. Among the primary ways, they have used the Maifan stone for decades, including drinking water purification, food processing, drinking water remineralization, etc.

maifan stone coating

The stone contains several minerals and micro-nutrients such healthy minerals such as zinc, calcium, and magnesium, thus making it one of the most valuable stones. Additionally, it played a critical role in the cookware industry.

Maifan stones make cookware coating and other kitchen items such as Maifan Stone pans, mugs, cups, spoons, pots, etc.


It's a non-stick cookware coating made from maifanite. Usually, a Maifan pot is made ofCast Aluminum or stainless core, then coated with a smooth layer of maifan stones made of Maifan stones.

The coating covers both the exterior and the interior of the cookware and the pan of the cookware. The final product is a Maifan Stone Non-stick cookware.

However, the Maifan stones must be processed to turn into a finer substance or a liquid form to form a nice yet smooth coat on the cookware.

coat on the cookware


Among the foods you can cook on Maifan stone cookware are pancakes, fried eggs, fried steak, fried vegetables, etc. It can cook most foods any other stone-coated or non-stick pan can cook.


Maifan stone coating is a versatile material used on pans for various heat sources. For instance, pans can cook on an induction top and gas stove.

maifan stone-coated cookware


A Maifan stone coating is one of the best non-stick coatings in cookware. Here are a few reasons why it's good:


The Maifan stone coating surface is a non-stick material. Therefore, it enhances how you cook food and clean it.

For instance, your foods won't stick on the cooking surface even if you don't use cooking oils. It will also not burn since the surface is non-stick. On the other hand, suppose you use oil; it will be in little in minimal amounts.


A Maifan stone coating is strong and yet durable. If taken care of correctly, it can last long for years. In addition, it's durable and not prone to rust.


Like most stone-coated cookware, Maifan stone-coated cookware might take a long to heat. However, it heats evenly and retains the high heat even for an extended period.

Most of the inner core metals used to make this kind of cookware are good heat conductors, thus enhancing the heating efficiency of cookware.


Maifan stone does not emit dangerous fumes while cooking, thus making it a viable oven-safe choice of cookware.

Some non-stick coatings, such as Teflon, have toxins (PFOA and PTFE) when consumed, are unsafe, and bring about health issues such as cancer and Teflon flue.

However, Maifan stone coating is derived from naturally occurring rocks and has no toxins.  


No more difference is visible between Maifan coating and non-stick coated cookware.

The maifan cookware allows you to cook meals without oil or with less oil with even heat distribution. The heat conductivity enhances the cooking capacity of the pan. So, there is no chance of getting terrible food sticking to the surface.

Pan's nonstick surface makes it a perfect cookware for fried eggs and fish that cannot cook in less oil.


Maifan stone cookware is like non-stick-coated cookware that sticks no food to its surface. Hence, it provides an easy cleaning experience. In most cases, the food stuck to the cookware surfaces makes it tough to clean and disrupts the heating for the next batch of cooking.

Removing the stuck food particles from the pan's surface is now easier than ever with maifan coating. Additionally, the cookware is dishwasher safe, making it easy to clean without any time wastage. Tough scabbing is unnecessary; cleaning you doesn't take long.


Another advantage of choosing maifan pans is that they will not charge an arm and a leg.

The cookware is a budget-friendly choice with amazing benefits, from safety to health advantages, worth its money value.

Although its manufacturer doesn't guarantee that the cookware lasts long if used carefully.


Keeping the health benefits in mind when choosing cookware is very important nowadays. Research revealed that certain types of cookware with plastic coating are prone to different types of cancer.

Likewise, one must be mindful about selecting mineral stones regarding health aspects. One reason that makes the Maifan stone-coated cookware stand out is linked to its health advantages.

Many water filter plants use Mifan stone as it corrects the mineral water pH is believed to be beneficial for overall health, and may aid in combating the effects of excessive acidity.

Maifan stone cookware can leach trace minerals into the food as it cooks. That is the reason why nowadays, Maifan is used in cookware. Apart from that, it shares other health benefits that include:

1- Medicinal value:

As highlighted above, the maifan stone is highly recognized by Asians because of its medicinal value. They referred to it as the “medical stone.” It preserves the food's freshness and taste.

Maifan stone coating health benefits

2- Anti-bacterial properties:

The stone is referred to as a health stone as it is toxic to living organisms hence, kills the bacteria in food. The food cooked in the Maifan pan is fresh, healthy, and free of microorganisms which is an amazing benefit for overall health.

3- Trace elements:

The stone contains more than 40 trace elements. It contains micronutrients, elements, and healthy minerals like iron, zinc, potassium, and magnesium that are not dangerous to the healthy human body but essential. Additionally, it does not change the original flavor of foods.

4- Improve blood circulation:

Maifan stone usage significantly lowers blood pressure and improves overall blood circulation. In addition, it has amazing benefits in beauty and aging.

5- Less oil consumption:

Lastly, the Maifan stone coating is non-stick; thus, it requires cooking with less or no oil. Therefore, your foods will not have excess oil. 

Atgrills indoor electric grills and griddles to cook on cookware with maifan stone coating.

Final Verdict:

Maifan stone cookware is better than all other materials in all aspects as it is 100% safe and healthy to use with less oil consumption. Customers' reviews show a positive response with a high recommendation.


Is Maifan stone cookware safe for health?

Maifan stone cookware is 100% safe for health as it doesn't emit fumes like most non-stick-coated cookware.

Where do Maifan stones come from?

Maifan stone originated from uncontaminated resources in Mongolia and Shangdong. Moreover, it contains up to 70 trace elements, including calcium, potassium, magnesium, and others.

What is Maifan stone made of?

Maifan stone is a special mineral whose primary composition consists of silicate materials including but not limited to biotite, orthoclase feldspar, and more.

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