What is the Difference between Electric Griddle and Panini?

January 20, 2022 3 min read

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Often people will use griddle and Panini press interchangeably. It’s because of their similarities. However, they are two diverse kitchen appliances and serve different cooking purposes. 

What is the difference between a griddle and Panini? A Panini maker is an electric grill or griddle with two cooking surfaces (bottom and top). In contrast, an electric griddle is a cooking appliance with a flat smooth cooking surface and uses electricity as a source of heat. This post profoundly examines the differences between an electric griddle and a Panini maker and answers some frequently asked questions. 

What is a Panini Press? 

A Panini press is a cooking appliance with two grill or griddle contact surfaces (cooking surfaces), i.e., top and bottom. It has an electric element that heats both plates. The bottom heats foods while the top side is pressed down against the foods on the bottom plate. 

Panini press is also called a Panini maker or a grill press. A Panini maker is often used to press sandwiches, grills small amounts of meat, warm tortillas, make hash browns, grill small amounts of meat, etc. Generally, Panini makers are versatile and can handle a wide variety of foods. 

What is an Electric Griddle? 

An electric griddle is a cooking device with a flat, non-stick, and smooth cooking surface. Additionally, it has a shallow ridge/ wall around the edge that prevents juices and cooking fats from pouring. Another unique feature of electric griddles is that they have electric elements that act as heat sources.

An excellent example of a standard and quality electric griddle is the Atgrills indoor electric griddle. It’s smokeless, non-stick, and versatile. 

Electric griddles are known best for making breakfast meals such as pancakes, eggs, bacon, crab cakes, etc. Additionally, it can be used to sear foods such as steaks, hams, and vegetables. 

Black indoor electric griddle

Differences between an Electric Griddle and Panini Press

As you can see from the above brief definitions, electric griddles share some similarities with Panini press/ Panini maker. But, also, their differences are pretty notable. 

Their differences are based on the following aspects: 


An electric griddle has only one cooking plate while a Panini maker has two cooking plates, i.e., top and bottom. Therefore, while you cook on a Panini maker, you don’t have to flip your food to cook both sides because the top and bottom sides cook at the same time. It also means there is reduced cooking time. 

However, cooking on an electric griddle requires flipping foods to cook both sides since you’re using a single cooking surface. Consequently, cooking on an electric griddle takes longer than cooking on Panini Press.


You can make a variety of sandwiches and Paninis on a Panini maker. It’s a handy cooking appliance you can use to cook a variety of foods. Additionally, you can prop down the top plate and use the entire unit as a normal electric griddle or grill. Therefore, it can easily cook most of the foods that go on an electric griddle. 

On the other hand, electric griddles are versatile and have a large cooking surface area. Therefore, they can cook a lot of food at once. 


Electric griddles tend to be more compact and lightweight than Panini makers. An electric griddle has a single cooking surface area, while a Panini press has two cooking plates that bring about increased weight. 

However, most Panini makers are not bulky, but they’re heavier than electric griddles. 

What is common about electric griddles and Panini makers?

Both have electric elements that heat the cooking surfaces. Another similarity is that they have non-stick cooking surfaces; therefore, food doesn’t stick, and cleaning is easy. 

Electric Griddle vs. Panini Maker: Which is better? 

 These two appliances, i.e., electric griddle and Panini maker, are great, easy to use, and versatile. Are you torn between the two choices? Worry less because each has its unique function. Additionally, selection should be based on your preference. 

Electric griddles are best for cooking breakfast meals and searing meats and vegetables. Also, they can cook a lot of foods at once due to the increased surface area. Lastly, food doesn’t stick, and cleaning is easy. So be sure to check out this quality electric indoor griddle

On the other hand, a Panini maker is a viable choice if you want to prepare thick yet tasty sandwiches regularly. In addition, due to its versatility, it can cook other foods cooked in an electric griddle. 

Are you looking for a quality electric griddle, grill, or electric grill and griddle pans with a durable no-stick cooking surface? Click this link to see our products. They have a natural stone coating and don’t produce smoke. 


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