What is the Difference Between Grill and Griddle?

May 30, 2021 3 min read

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If you have been doing outdoor cooking, you surely understand there is a big difference between a grill and a griddle. We all love owning any of these appliances to make some of our favorite cuisines. However, many people tend to confuse the two cooking surfaces.

Is a griddle better than a grill? Well, you can interchangeably cook some foods on both appliances, but they are different. Therefore, this brief article reflects on their comparison and how they work. It will give a better understanding as you embarking on selecting the right choice for your cooking needs.

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Griddle vs Grill: What is the Difference?

The distinction between these two special appliances is seen in their characteristics and application. Also, on deciding which is better, a focus on their advantages and disadvantages is vital.


Characteristics of a Griddle

• It has a smooth yet flat cooking surface area
• It features a rectangular or square shape on the cooking surface
• The heat source is normally located underneath the cooking surface (whether electric griddle or stove griddle)
• It can be used indoors
• Griddles have no walls/sides on their cooking surface

Types of Griddles

Griddles come in different shapes and sizes to suit other users and applications. In addition, they are either electric griddles or stove griddles. Below is an explanation of their types.

1. Table Griddles

Most of the table griddles are small in size and prepare foods for a few people. Usually, they are portable and easy to store after use.
Most of the table griddles are common in home kitchens and camping activities.

2. Freestanding Griddles

These kinds of griddles feature a stand and cart that enhance mobility. They are larger than their counterpart, the table griddles.
Usually, they are most suitable for cooking in your backyard.

3. Insert Griddles

It’s a flat square cooking surface that is easily added to a grill or BBQ over a heating element to create a place to griddle. It’s meant to increase the utility of your already existing grill.

Advantages of Griddles

• Effectively serves outdoor and indoor applications
• They are super versatile appliances
• Best for searing and even cooking
• Ease to clean and maintain

Disadvantages of Griddles

• Depending on the type of food you cook, you might have to use some oils. However, you have to use the right oil or food spray.
• Griddles cost more than grills. However, this is not a significant factor for a customer who needs one.


Characteristics of a Grill

• Grill’s cooking surface either has ridges on its plate or grates of bars, steel, or wires.
• Grills leaves marks on the food while cooking
• The heat source is underneath the cooking surface, i.e. a gas burner, charcoal firepit, or electric heating elements.
• Grills are best used outdoors and not indoors

Types of Grills

Grills are categorized according to their structure and application. Here are different types of grills.
1. Covered grill- used for indirect grilling and smoking.
2. Open grill- used for direct grilling and has a high heat
3. Vessel grill- best for high heat grilling, roasting, and smoking
4. Smoker- a traditional grill that uses low heat to grill food indirectly

Advantages of Grills

• Best for making flavored foods.
• Easy to use
• They make checkered sear marks on the food.

Disadvantages of Grills

• Deep cleaning a grill is at times a hassle
• Grills cannot be used indoors because they produce too much smoke

Griddle vs Grill: Which I should You Buy?

Choosing between the two is not an easy thing, and it can be hectic. Both are good in their respective cooking applications.
To be more precise, a griddle is best for someone who enjoys indoor cooking and wants to make steaks, burgers, pancakes, among other foods. However, it’s versatile; you can cook a wide range of foods with it. Additionally, its portable nature allows for the cooking of 2-3 people during outdoor adventures such as camping.
On the other hand, a grill is best for some who enjoy outdoor cooking and like sear marks on their foods. Also, it is suitable for people with enough space in their backyard and regularly accommodates a large of friends for dinner or lunch.

Final Thought

Both griddles and grills are versatile cooking appliances that will allow you to enjoy some of your favorite recipes. However, griddles are suitable for small diced foods and vegetables, while the grill handles large foods such as chicken and meat steaks.
If you like cooking and do it regularly, you can get both of these appliances. A small electric griddle and a medium-sized electric grill are a viable selection.

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