What Temperature Is The Smoke Setting On A Pit Boss?

May 09, 2023 4 min read

What Temperature Is The Smoke Setting On A Pit Boss

A Pit Boss is an excellent option for smoking your food and enjoying a tasty meal. You can use different settings to enhance the flavor of your food. The best thing is you will not have to make much effort when using a grill.

If you want to know more about the smoke setting on a Pit Boss, you don't have to look any further. Here is all you need to know about it.

What Temperature Is The Smoke Setting On A Pit Boss?

The smoke setting temperature range is 180 to 210 degrees Fahrenheit. So your grill should be within 80 to 100 degree Celsius for smoking properly. You can keep the heat level within this range for the best cooking day. This is the official range as per the brand, so you can rely on it.

This setting is also called the S setting by many grill experts. If your grill is not in this mode, it will be hard to add a smoky flavor to your dish. The best thing is that the smoke temperature range allows you to test different pellets.

So you will be able to choose the pellet that imparts the best taste more easily.

Why Should You Not Go Above The Maximum Smoke Temperature?

The maximum heat value you can reach on a smoke setting is 210 degrees Fahrenheit. You must not go above this value if you want to enjoy a tasty meal. This is because the grill will not infuse smoke into your meat above this setting.

Your food will have a regular taste rather than a smoky flavor. It may also cause the meat to not cook properly if the recipe needs a low temperature.

Why Should You Not Go Below The Minimum Smoke Range?

You must not go below the range if you want to avoid various issues. Here are some risks of going below the smoke setting temperature:

  • It Will Keep You In Danger Zone

  • A low heat value means your food will be in the danger zone. Bacteria can easily come onto your meal if you cook at a low temperature. Microbes can also multiply more easily and cause your food to spoil.

    This means your dish may taste or smell bad after cooking. Eating the meal may also cause health problems such as stomach pain, nausea, and much more. That is why you must avoid cooking at low heat.

    Some microbes can also cause worse effects and affect your quality of life. The worst part is that if food residues remain on the grill and you do not clean your pit boss grill, your next meal will also suffer.

  • It Does Not Allow Your Meal To Cook Well

  • There are various things you must ensure when cooking on a grill. The heat must be enough to allow the meal to cook to the well stage. If you cannot get enough eat, the food will not reach the done level.

    Most poultry has to reach an internal temperature of at least 175 degrees Fahrenheit. Meanwhile, meat cuts must reach above 185 degrees Fahrenheit. If you smoke below the range, your food will never be fully cooked.

    Some parts of the poultry or meat may also be completely raw due to less heat. This is why you must cook within the correct temperature range to enjoy a cooked and flavorful meal.

    How Can You Use The Smoke Setting On Pit Boss?

    Keeping the grill on the smoke setting is easy because of the simple instructions. All you have to do is feed pellets to the auger, close the lid of your grill, and turn it on. You must set the temperature at a value within the smoke setting range.

    The auger will transfer pellets to the firepot and use them to generate heat. It is necessary to avoid overfilling the auger. Otherwise, a lot of white smoke may be given off by the grill.

    This smoke can burn or irritate your eyes. It can also cause constant coughing. Remember, such thick smoke is also released when you turn on the grill, and pellets are being dispensed.

    The thick smoke disappears once the fire starts, and you will see the natural blue smoke that does not irritate your eyes. Once your grill reaches the right temperature after five minutes or so, you can add food to the cooking area.

    Preheating the grill is always best before you start cooking to ensure your meal is not affected by the white smoke.

    Can You Smoke Food On Other Settings Of Your Pit Boss?

    Many people believe that you can smoke your food in other settings of Pit Boss too. That is not true because the other options mainly allow you to control the heat level and not the flavor you can impart to your meal.

    All settings will allow you to give a very light smoky taste to the meal. However, that is not the same as the main smoky flavor that a proper smoked dish has. You can only achieve this by keeping your grill on the smoke setting.

    How Can You Control The Smoke Setting Without Changing The Temperature?

    An excellent way to control the smoking of your meal is by using the P setting of your Pit Boss. This allows you to pause the auger from feeding more pellets to the firepot. If your grill is already producing too much smoke, it is best to pause the auger.

    Meanwhile, you should turn the P setting off if your grill is not producing enough heat and smoke. This may happen if your Pit Boss is old and not well-maintained.

    Closing Thoughts

    This is all you need to know about what temperature is the smoke setting on a Pit Boss. You must always stay within the range to make sure your meal is fully cooked. The ideal range for smoking a meal is 180 to 210 degrees Fahrenheit on a Pit Boss. Staying in the range will also save the food from being spoiled by bacteria.

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