Which is Better? Stoneware or Granite?

December 20, 2022 4 min read

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Often you’ll hear the terms stoneware and granite cookware when people talk of non-stick cookware. This two cookware are often alternatives for Teflon-coated cookware. However, it can be hard to select between the two due to some of their similarities. 

Is stone or granite cookware better for cooking? Granite cookware mostly has a carbon steel core that delivers heat consistently while cooking. On the other hand, stoneware allows heat to rise evenly and keeps warm for longer.

Generally, each of them has advantages and drawbacks. Now, keep reading down here as we explore each of these cookware to help you decide what suits you. 

What is Granite Cookware? 

Granite cookware is not a new term to most people. Granite cookware refers to stainless steel, carbon, or aluminum core and a high-quality non-stick coating.

Usually, the main type of non-stick coating found on granite cookware is Teflon or porcelain enamel.

Generally, we can say that granite cookware is a type of enamelware. Most of the granite cookware in today’s market has nothing to do with granite stone. It’s only that the cookware has a coating resembling granite. 

Granite cookware comes in various designs and forms such as pans, pots, plates, grills, griddles, etc.  

What is Stoneware?

Stoneware is a type of cookware made from stoneware clay that is fired at a high temperature of between 2100 to 2300 degrees F.

Due to high heat; the clay turns into stones mixed with vitreous ceramic material that helps make stoneware more durable. Another unique feature of stoneware is its non-porous and thick build compared to other cookware such as granite. 

Additionally, stoneware can be made into various multiple colors to enhance a unique appearance. It also retains and distributes heat more evenly than other types of cookware. 

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What are the Advantages (Pros) of Granite Cookware?  

  • Affordability- most granite cookware issues are affordable compared to stoneware, which is relatively expensive than most types of cookware. 
  • Easy to cook on and clean- the non-stick coating on granite cookware ensures food doesn’t stick to the cleaning surface and enhances easy cleaning. 
  • Seasoning isn’t necessary- the coat on granite cookware is already non-stick; therefore, you don’t need to season to get a non-stick coat. 
  • Easy and fast heat conduction and distribution- granite cookware has its core made of suitable heat conductor materials such as carbon steel o aluminum, allowing easy and fast heat conduction while cooking. 
  • Not prone to rusting- granite cookware is not prone to rust, enhancing its longevity. 
  • Lightweight- unlike 100% stoneware, granite cookware is not heavy. It’s also lighter than cast iron. Therefore, it’s a considerable alternative for people who like camping or traveling. 

What are the Disadvantages (Cons) of Granite Cookware? 

  • Prone to chipping- the non-stick on granite cookware is prone to chipping, especially when using metal utensils. 
  • Not as durable as the stoneware- despite granite cookware being affordable, it doesn’t last long as stoneware does. It also needs extra care to prevent chipping the coat. 
  • Some granite cookware is unsafe- some granite cookware has Teflon as their coating and is toxic. Also, some manufacturer makes low-quality granite cookware whereby foods stick to the cooking surface despite the labeling “non-stick.” However, you can always check on the manufacturer’s composition before purchasing cookware. 
  • Unsuitable for glass stovetops- they can easily break the glass of a stovetop. 

What are the Advantages (Pros) of Stoneware? 

  • Durability- one thing that makes stoneware products stand out is durability. They don’t chip easily (chip-resistant). 
  • Versatility - stoneware is versatile in different aspects, i.e., it can be used on both gas and electric stovetops for cooking. Additionally, it cooks a variety of foods. 
  • Dishwasher and microwave/ oven safe- You never have to worry about using stoneware in a microwave or oven because it can handle such tasks. Also, you can clean stoneware products in a dishwasher. 
  • Even heat retention and distribution while cooking.  
  • A natural non-stick surface- stoneware has an excellent natural non-stick cooking that enhances easy cooking and cleaning. Additionally, it doesn’t contaminate food or affect foods flavor. 

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What are the Disadvantages (Cons) of Stoneware? 

  • Heavy- stoneware is relatively heavier than ceramic. Therefore it’s mostly suitable for indoor cooking or when you don’t have to move it from one place to another. 
  • Expensive- unlike other types of cookware such as granite, stoneware costs more. 
  • Requires proper maintenance- Stoneware requires proper maintenance to prevent it from cracking.  

Stoneware vs. Granite Cookware: Which One Should You Choose? 

Choosing between these two types of cookware primarily depends on your budget, intended use, and personal preference. 

If you don’t mind paying extra bucks to get durable and versatile cookware, you should choose stoneware. However, granite cookware is an ideal choice if you’re on a budget and looking for non-stick-coated cookware. 

Here is another comparison between granite cookware and Miafan stone cookware.

Where can you get quality stoneware products at reasonable prices?  

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