Why Does My Gas Grill Gets Too Hot On Low Setting?

May 02, 2023 7 min read

Why Does My Gas Grill Gets Too Hot On Low Setting

A gas grill is an excellent device for cooking various dishes in your backyard. The best thing about it is that you don't need to work on an open flame. This means the chances of fires are low.

However, some gas grills may not work the best because they may get too hot on low settings. Cooking food on a very hot surface can lead to a dry dish. This is why you must resolve this problem.

If you want to know more about your gas grill getting too hot on a low setting, you're in the right place. Here is a complete guide to it.

Why Does My Gas Grill Gets Too Hot On Low Setting?

Here are some reasons to help you understand this problem:

Pressure Regulator Problem

faulty Pressure Regulator

There are many problems that you may face because of a pressure regulator in your grill. This is an essential part of grills that must work properly to make the best dishes. If you place a high-pressure regulator on your grill, it means that gas flow will be high at all times.

High gas flow means your grill will get too hot regardless of its settings. You should also learn the type of grill you have for getting this part right. For example, you must avoid placing a propane regulator on a natural gas grill.

This is because propane produces more heat than natural gas. So it will be hard to control the gas flow and avoid high heat problems. It is also good to check the regulator for faults.

If the part is not working properly, your grill will not be able to control its gas flow. You should also clean this accessory to prevent dirt and grease from building up. These things can clog the gear and prevent your grill from receiving proper gas flow.

By ensuring the part has no faults and is of the correct type, you can reduce the risk of cooking food on a very hot surface. This will help you enjoy the dish more.

Hose Issue


A hose is an important part of gas grills that allows gas to flow easily. If this part is damaged or clogged, your grill cannot control the flow of its fuel. This means that a large discharge of gas during cooking on a low setting can lead to high temperatures.

The top thing you should ensure is proper insulation of the hose. If this is damaged, cooking on a hot day will cause the gas in the hose to expand more. This means the pressure and temperature of the grill will rise.

You must also check the inside of the hose for things such as spider webs and dust. Spider webs can interrupt the gas flow and lead to an irregular flame during cooking. So the setting of your grill will not have much effect on the heat.

Another thing you should check is the connection of the hose with the grill. If it is loose, gas may leak, or its flow may become abnormal. All these things will cause your grill to get too hot and affect your meal's taste.

Wrong Orifice

An orifice serves as a nozzle on grills to enhance the speed of the gas flowing. The orifice size of a natural grill is twice that of a propane grill. If you place the nozzle on the wrong grill type, the speed and flow of gas will change.

For example, you may have put a natural gas grill orifice on your propane grill. The bigger size will allow more propane gas to pass at high speed and combust in the air. This means more heat will be generated by the grill than necessary.

So your grill will become too hot on a low setting as well. The main way to prevent this issue is by checking the type of orifice and comparing it with the grill. You should also check the hole's diameter to make sure it is right.

Another important thing you must check is whether the orifice has a carbon layer or not. Carbon will damage this part of the grill, and gas will flow uncontrollably through the nozzle. Your grill will become too hot on all settings because of this.

Placement Under Direct Sunlight

gas grill placement under direct sunlight

It is no secret that the weather can affect the temperature of your grill. This problem mainly happens with propane gas grills. Direct sunlight means that the temperature of the tank will increase which will result in the thermal expansion of the gas that is inside the tank. 

The pressure of the gas will rise, and it will be able to produce more heat than the normal amount. This is why the grill can get too hot on a low setting. The good news is that you can resolve this problem quicker than other issues.

All you have to do is place your grill in a space with shade. If you cannot manage that, you should cover the grill when it is not being used. You may also find a space with indirect sunlight to reduce the heat effect.

Your grill must not be exposed to a temperature above 120°F. A thermometer will help you check the temperature in no time. This will make sure the gas pressure does not rise significantly on low or other settings.

A Clogged Burner

Your grill may also get too hot if its burner is clogged. The issue may arise if you cook on your grill often. Food particles may build up with time and impede the flow of gas. An irregular flame may occur due to this problem and cause your grill to become too hot.

Grease can also build up on your burner and lead to the same problem. Your grill may also suffer from uneven heating. Some areas of the cooking surface may get heat through high flames.

Meanwhile, other areas may have faint flames that can die down easily. This means hot spots will develop on the grill and cause uneven cooking. Food cooked on such a grill may have overcooked and undercooked parts.

The best way to get rid of this problem is to clean your grill regularly. You should clean the grill after every cooking session to prevent particles from building up. It is also good to clean the burner slots from time to time.

Unlike standard cleaning, you will need a screwdriver to clear clogs in the burner slots. A wire brush is also good for this purpose. This will not only prevent your grill from getting too hot, but it will also save you from the trouble of hot spots.

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Faulty Thermometer

Many people use the built-in thermometer to see if the grill is hot or not. Sometimes this part can be faulty and give wrong readings. This means you may believe that your grill is getting too hot because of the incorrect temperature.

So you may be wasting time by finding solutions for the grill getting too hot. The best thing is that you can identify this problem in no time. All you have to do is get your own thermometer and check if the grill is too hot.

The top thing you should make sure of is getting a thermometer from a reliable brand. After confirming the problem, you can get your grill's thermometer fixed for a better experience.

You may also use a Bluetooth probe for this purpose for better efficiency. The best part is that you can control this accessory remotely, so it will be easier to manage the flames if the grill gets too hot suddenly.

Such a probe will also let you adjust the temperature quickly to prevent accidents and overheating.

Tips To Prevent The Food From Getting Too Hot On Your Gas Grill

Here are some tips that will help you cook on your grill with ease, even with a heating problem:

Use Indirect Heat

Sometimes you may not have the budget to get the high heating problem fixed. This is why using indirect heating can help you cook for the time being without much trouble. You should switch on the grill for at least 15 minutes before cooking so that it heats well.

Then, you can turn off one of the burners and cook on that. This will save you from exposing your dish to high heat. Remember this tip only applies to gas grills with three or more burners.

You should also turn off the burner that is on the extreme edge on either sides of the grill.

Get A Heat Diffuser

A heat diffuser is an excellent device that can help you deal with hot spots and grill getting too hot problems. The main purpose of this tool is to distribute the heat evenly before you place food on your grill.

The diffuser plate will lie on your grill's grate and prevent the dish from becoming too hot. You can use it for the high-temperature problem without spending much. Placing the plate also does not require much skill.

The Heat Should Be Adjusted According To The Food

The temperature at which you grill the food is very important. There is no standard temperature for all foods. Some foods will need high temperature to cook perfectly while others will need to be slow cooked at a lower temperature.  So it is crucial to adjust the heat according to the type of food you have on the grill.

Use A Grill Mat

If you want to prevent flare ups on the grill then you should get a grill mat. It will also help to distribute the heat evenly which will result in a perfectly cooked meal. Grill mats will save your food from overcooking or burning.

Buy A Kitchen Thermometer

There is no better way to prevent your food from getting too cold on the grill than using a food thermometer. You can use the food thermometer to maintain the right temperature. This is why it is important to know the ideal temperature of the food you are cooking so that you can know when the food is getting overheated. 


These are the reason why a gas grill gets too hot on low setting and how you can save your food from getting overheated on a hot grill. If your gas grill is getting too hot on low setting the you can identify and resolve the problem by checking the reasons and tips mentioned above.

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