Understanding the Reasons: Why Does My Infrared Grill Smoke So Much?

May 09, 2023 6 min read

Why Does My Infrared Grill Smoke So Much

An infrared grill uses infrared heat to help you cook many dishes. The main purpose of this grill is to let you cook things at a high heat level. Many people use such grills for searing and crispy meals.

The only downside is that this grill may smoke a lot sometimes. You may be worried about the smoke harming you or affecting your home. The good news is this problem is easy to solve. Here's what you need to know about your infrared grill smoking so much.

Why Does My Infrared Grill Smoke So Much?

Too much smoke while cooking on a infrared grill

Here are the top reasons behind your grill smoking so much and solutions for them:

Your Grill Is New

Some people stress out a lot when their new infrared grill gives off a lot of smoke. This is because you may worry that you have gotten a faulty grill. The best thing is that it is not true when your new grill gives off smoke.

All new grills come with residue coating on their surfaces due to the manufacturing process. This means that cooking on the grill for the first few times will always give off high smoke. You don't have to worry about this because there is an easy method for getting rid of the coating.

Most experts use the burn-in option to ensure their new grill does not give off much smoke. All you have to do is put some oil on the grill and set it to a high temperature. The oil will burn and get rid of the coating.

When the oil completely burns, your grill will not give off any smoke. This means you can use it for cooking many dishes easily. Remember you must take this step for every new grill you get to rid yourself of the residue.

You don't have to worry about your safety when doing this step. This is because the residue is not toxic. So it will not harm you or your family members. The best part is that it will only take a few minutes for the burn-in.

Heat Level Is Very High

Many people buy infrared grills because they normally work on a higher heat than regular gas grills. This means you can cook faster and serve many dishes to your guests without much effort. You may also prefer faster cooking to save time for your other house chores or office tasks.

The only drawback of faster cooking is that you will have to keep the heat very high. This can be dangerous for you because your grill will give off a lot of smoke. So you may cough a lot when the smoke builds up around you.

High smoke may also affect your visibility and cause discomfort to your eyes. This is why you must avoid cooking food at an excessively high heat level. It can also burn your dish, causing all your efforts to go to waste.

The main solution for this problem is cooking on a medium heat level. You may also use low heat for slow cooking. Another thing you must check is if the grill stops giving off much smoke after reducing the heat.

If the amount of smoke remains the same, it means that the high heat level is not the issue. So you will have to continue troubleshooting to find the root cause of the smoking.

Your Grill May Be Unclean

It is no secret that many people do not love cleaning their grills. You may avoid this step because it can take extra time to clean your grill, which can affect your other chores. This is why you may not clean your grill regularly.

Remember, this is the worst thing you can do to your infrared grill. Poor maintenance of the grill means that it will have a shorter lifespan. Food remains, and grease will also be stuck to your grill.

Old particles on the grill can be harmful because they will cause your grill to smoke a lot. The residue may also impart a bad flavor to your new dish. Microbes on the residue may also transfer to your meal and lead to health problems such as food poisoning. 

This is why you must thoroughly clean your grill after every session to keep it in top shape. Doing so will also make sure the grill does not produce much smoke the next time. You must start the cleaning process by using a cloth tool to clean the panels of your grill.

Then, use a cleaning solution to get rid of particles on the stainless hood. You must also separate grilling grids and clean old debris on them. It is best to use a cloth for cleaning this part, but you may also use a grill brush for a faster experience.

Your Grill May Be Using More Fuel

Another possible reason behind your infrared grill smoking so much is that the appliance may be using more fuel than needed. This is an important problem that you must resolve quickly to avoid more issues. The best thing is that it is easy to stop your grill from using too much fuel.

Your grill may start using excessive fuel if you keep the control knob at a high level for a long time. This is because it takes less time for the fuel to burn at a high setting. So the grill will give off more smoke during cooking. 

Remember, when fuel burns faster, your grill will also reach a very high heat more easily. This will contribute to the amount of smoke being released. If you don't take care of the problem, your grill may burn the food more often.

The easiest way to avoid this issue is by keeping the control knob at a lower level. It will ensure your grill does not use more fuel or reach a very high temperature in less time. The chances of burning your food will also reduce due to this, and you will not have to worry about high smoke levels.

Cooking Food With High Fat Content

The type of meal you are cooking on your grill will also determine the amount of smoke it will produce. Some recipes will require creating more smoke by keeping the grill at high heat. This makes it easy to impart a smoky flavor and cook the item properly.

Some dishes also give off a lot of smoke without you realizing it. For example, a meal with high fat content will cause your grill to release more smoke. This is mainly true if the oil you are using has a low smoke point. 

So even at low heat, your grill may give off a lot of smoke. The best way to avoid this problem is by using an oil that has a high smoke point. This will make sure the grill does not give off much smoke at low heat.

You may also avoid this problem by cleaning your grill often. Old residues of food with high fat can also cause more smoking during the start of your session. Cleaning will ensure your grill does not have previous remains.

Faulty Grill

The final reason behind your grill smoking so much may be a faulty grill. This rarely happens if you have bought a new grill recently. However, you will have to worry if your infrared grill is relatively old.

A fault in the grill may cause it to use excess fuel for cooking. The grill may also not be able to work at a low temperature. So it may always be on a high heat level without you realizing it. If a part of the grill becomes damaged, you will have to stop cooking on your grill.

All these problems will also lead to your grill smoking a lot. If the temperature monitor or control knob of the grill is not working, you can identify the problem by using your own thermometer to check the heat level.

Meanwhile, a damaged part will have to be replaced before you can use the grill again safely. The best way to resolve this issue is by calling the customer support of your grill's brand. This is especially true if the warranty of your grill is valid.

Remember getting a response from the customer team may take a few days or weeks. You must avoid using your grill during that time to save yourself from more trouble. If you don't want to wait that much, you change the part yourself.

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Final Thoughts

This is everything you need to know about your infrared grill smoking so much. The main reason behind high smoke may be using the grill at a high heat level. An unclean grill will also lead to the same issue, so you must maintain your grill properly.

New grills also produce more smoke than usual, regardless of their type. Burning the grill with oil at a high heat will get rid of manufacturing residues to ensure high smoke is not given off.

If your grill is faulty, contact the company for a replacement of the damaged part or the entire grill.

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