Why Does My Traeger Keep Shutting Off? Troubleshooting Tips to Keep Your Grill Running

April 11, 2023 6 min read

Why Does My Traeger Keep Shutting Off

Every person who loves to grill should have a Traeger at their place. It is one of the most highly used grills in the country. It has been helping you bring the best flavor to your food. 

You may have been using the Traeger for a long time, but now it suddenly keeps shutting off. If that is your problem with the Traeger, you've come to the right place. 

Here is all you need to know why the Traeger keeps shutting off.

Is It Okay For The Traeger To Automatically Shut Off?

For any Traeger to suddenly shut off is not a good sign. If the Traeger doesn't have the option to shut off automatically, then something is wrong. 

You need to dive deep into the issue and discover why you are facing such a problem with your Traeger. The constant shut-off of the Traeger can damage your favorite grill, which would be the last thing you would want. 

There are many reasons why your Traeger may keep shutting. Keep reading to know the issues in detail and suggestions on how to fix them. 

Reasons Why Your Traeger Keeps Shutting Off

There can be different reasons why your Trager keeps shutting off, but you don't have to worry, as there are solutions online that can help you get rid of all these issues. 

Here are the top reasons due to your Traeger keeps shutting off.

  1. Pellets

low quality pellet

Pellets are a popular fire fuel that not only helps to ignite the fire but also brings a smoky flavor. Mainly every grilling expert uses it. 

Since pellets help a Traeger to work, you may be thinking about how they shut it off. Well, pellets are the best source of fire to use in Traeger, but the quality of pellets also matters. Sometimes the pellets don't burn completely, and the grill shuts down, or they can get jammed. Some pellets may also burn quicker than other types of pellets.

Traeger advises customers to only use their brand pellets as they are highly compatible and work best with them. However, you don't need to use them. 

Buying good quality pellets is essential, and the flavor and taste of your food somehow depend on it. You may get your hands on good quality pellets, but then comes a responsibility to store them properly. 

Pellets should be stored in a dry and cool place. Ensure the storage facility is well-ventilated. Keep pellets away from wet surfaces or high humidity. This helps you store the pellets without any issue that can shut off the Traeger. 

  1. Tripped Power Outlet

The power outlet your Traeger is connected can be at fault too here. Sometimes due to heavy power load by other appliances at your home, some outlets can trip. Due to this, when the hot rod starts working at an optimum level, the high power load can add to it and trip the outlet. 

This is one of the most common reasons your Traeger may keep shutting off. Check the outlet by plugging something else once the Traeger stops working. 

If power isn't supplied to any other appliance, it is the outlet at fault. Using some other outlet is not the permanent solution. Using such tripped outlets can lead to bigger electrical issues at your home. 

It is best to call an electrician and fix the issue once and for all. If the Traeger shuts off after you fix the outlet issue, there might be other reasons from this list. 

  1. Traeger Unable To Reach The Minimum Temperature Due To Weather

Due to some weather conditions, it may be difficult for your Traeger to get hot and maintain a minimum temperature. This is one reason why the Traeger may be shutting off. 

You will see this case mainly when it is too cold or windy. However, due to high winds, it sometimes gets difficult for the Traeger to ignite the fire. 

If this is why your Traeger keeps shutting off, you will see the error codeof LEr on the display screen. This error code means the machine cannot maintain a temperature too low to operate. 

Here are some points to tackle this issue and use the grill smoothly in weather conditions.

  • Use the grill in a covered but well-ventilated area
  • Place obstacles near the Traeger to divert the wind and not directly hit the grill
  1. Hot Rod Malfunction

Hot Rod Malfunction

The hot rod may deteriorate over time if you've had some good times grilling using the Traeger. Traeger is undoubtedly a durable and heavy-duty machine, but with time, every machine needs maintenance. 

The same is the case with Traeger. With constant usage and high-temperature grilling, the Traeger hot rod might weaken. Here is how you should check if it is the hot rod that is shutting the Traeger constantly. 

  • Remove all the internal parts of your Traeger, including the grill
  • Place some pellets near the hot and plug in the Traeger
  • Set the flame to the lowest
  • Once you’ve set the flame to the lowest, carefully notice the pellets
  • If the pellets are not burning properly or you think it has taken a long time to ignite such a quantity of pellets, the hot rod needs a replacement
  • Only contact Traeger customer service and request a replacement hot rod
  1. Faulty Temperature Sensor

The temperature sensor display screen is one of the most vital components of your Traeger. It helps convey the temperature to you, and the entire machine operation depends on it. 

The temperature sensor helps maintain a constant temperature and ensures a smooth operation. If there is an issue with the faulty sensor, it will show the wrong temperature, and the grill will be hotter than that. 

Since the temperature displayed is lower, the machine will try to reach the required temperature constantly. But due to a faulty sensor, the grill is already at that temperature. 

Therefore, the Traeger might get overheated and shut off repeatedly. 

Want to check if the temperature sensor is faulty? Here is how you do it.

  • Err, or Er1 code is being displayed on the screen
  • The grill feels hotter than the temperature displayed
  • Use a digital thermometer to check the temperature inside the grill and compare it with the temperature on the display sensor
  • If the difference between the temperatures is more than 100, then you have a faulty temperature sensor
  1. Dirty Fire Pot

Many people ignore the fact that their Traeger should clean all the time. However, cleaning plays a vital role in carrying out the smooth operation of your machine. 

People who use their grills constantly don't get time to clean and use the pot without clearing the old debris. That is a big mistake. 

Old debris and wood dust can choke the hot rod and create layers of debris in the hot plate. Due to such elements, the efficiency of Traeger may be affected and can keep shutting off. 

The best way to clean the hot pan is to vacuum the wood dust and debris. Then, clean all the debris left in the pan with a wet cloth. 

However, with the hot rod, you must be careful and clean it with a soft hand. Make sure you don't roughly use the cloth around the hot rod while cleaning it.

  1. Faulty Fuse

Since the Traeger uses a heavy load of electricity to operate, a fuse is installed that helps stabilize the input of current. Many grill users don't know, but the fuse is a major component. 

However, the fuse wears out with time and usage and might need a replacement. Without timely replacement, the fuse may trip, leading to shutting off the Traeger. 

Another reason the fuse blows up is when other appliances or devices are connected to the same outlet that your Traeger is. Therefore, only use the Traeger in the power outlet. 

  1. Torn Power Cable

Many users use a power extension to plug their grill in to conveniently grill. This may seem okay to them, but using an extension can bring many issues. 

The two main issues are the unstable power supply and damage to the power cable. In addition, the power cord may get damaged with time and affect the power supply to the machine. 

On the other hand, since the Traeger is placed in the open air, there will be some elements that may lead to the power cord to tear. Moisture, humidity, rain, and dust have a huge impact in the long term.

If this happens constantly, the Traeger will keep shutting off. Therefore, only plugin the Traeger in a power outlet. 

Final Words

The Traeger is a remarkable machine to use if you love the grill. It is one durable and reliable grill. However, due to some minor issues, you may experience shutting off. 

If not used properly, there may be some issues that you will experience with the Traeger. Once you do, make sure to research every issue to understand the machine better. 

Once you point out the issue and fix it, you will not face it long-term. Therefore, it is very important to safely and responsibly use the Traeger.

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