Common Reasons Why Is Blackstone Griddle Not Getting Hot?

March 23, 2023 7 min read

Why Is Blackstone Griddle Not Getting Hot

Blackstone griddles are a versatile cooking appliance to add to your outdoor kitchen. By having them, you can make family get-togethers exciting by cooking various foods, be it pancakes, steaks, or burgers.

But what if your Blackstone griddle fails to function correctly? What if the griddle does not get enough hot and delays cooking? It sounds like a tricky situation, but it is a significant possibility that it can happen.

So here is what you should know if your Blackstone griddle needs to get hotter.

Why Is My Blackstone Griddle Not Getting Hot?

There could be numerous reasons why a Blackstone griddle needs to be properly hot. For example, it could be due to choked or faulty burners, low levels of propane, poor weather conditions, or clogged regulators. However, the following are some significant reasons why your Blackstone griddle is unable to get properly hot:

Incorrect Installation:

It is one of the most commonly faced problems when you use a Blackstone griddle for the first time. You can't figure out the issue after reading the instruction guide repeatedly. It is because the problem lies in the assembly of the griddle hence why it does not get hot properly. It is likely to happen if you are new to the concept of Blackstone griddles.

How To Sort It Out?

Since it's a basic query, you can quickly look for the solution in the instructions booklet with the griddle. Read the instructions carefully and find something useful there, or you can immediately turn to the company's customer care.

Firstly why would you even want to dabble your hands in something that requires technical assistance? But if you have, don't hesitate to call customer service, as they can develop a better solution. Although hiring a professional would be costly, it would fix your griddle accurately.  

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Tank Issues:

A significant reason why the griddle is not heating up properly is an off or empty tank. When connected to the griddle, these propane tanks burn propane gas to generate heat. So if your Blackstone griddle is not getting hot, it could be due to low propane levels in the tank. Also, the tank could be switched off completely. Therefore before seasoning the griddle, it is advised to check the tank properly.

How To Sort It Out?

Check the valves of the propane tank before you begin preparing your meal. Turning the valves on is a common mistake experienced by most Blackstone griddle users. Another thing about Blackstone griddles is that they will only get hot if the tank is complete and has sufficient propane. There are several ways to check whether the griddle tank requires total replacement or a refill;

  • Weigh The Tank: A tank weighing around 16 to 17 pounds indicates that it is empty and needs refilling. A full propane tank typically weighs about 37 pounds, while the propane weighs 20 pounds. 

    To measure the propane levels in the tanks, you can use propane gauge attachments that are also easy to install. By installing these attachments on the tank, you will always know how much propane is left there. This way, you would know if a refill is to be made beforehand.

  • Pour Water: Pour hot water on the tank. If the tank surface feels cold, it means some quantity of propane is left inside it. As propane absorbs heat, it only needs to be refilled whenever the tank changes from hot to cold. The tank is complexly empty if you detect that no heat exchange occurred.  

Although these hacks would be helpful, you should always keep an extra propane tank at your place.   

Faulty Ignition:

Blackstone Griddle missing the rubber seal for the igniter

If the Blackstone griddle is not getting hot, then its ignition might be wrong. Ignition is part of the griddle that ignites the flame once the propane gets entirely burned. Today, most griddles come with battery-operated ignitions. Therefore you need to check the batteries occasionally before getting on with the cooking.

To check whether your griddle's ignition works manually or via a battery, thoroughly read the manual. So another reason behind the Blackstone griddle not getting hot would be the faulty ignition.

How To Sort It Out:

Upon noticing some issues with the heating of the griddle, first, check the tank through and through. Then, if nothing is wrong with the tank, check the ignition. If the ignition is battery-operated, you must change the batteries. What if the battery is working and the ignition is not?

In this case, you need to check the assembly of the griddle as most of the time; the ignition doesn't work due to improper installation. Always refer to the guide given with the griddle to double-check the instructions regarding the assembly.

You can try to check the ignition manually by trying to light up the burners. A blackstone griddle has a number of burners. These burners burn propane to ignite sparks so that heat can be produced. If the griddle top is not getting hot enough, it may be because some burners need to be adequately lit.

Sometimes strong winds might blow the burners off after some time, making the top of the Blackstone griddle less hot. You can deal with this by keeping a lighter handy near the griddle.  

Tripped Regulator:

Blackstone Griddle  faulty Regulator

Blackstone griddles have a lot of safety features that help prevent severe accidents and terrible injuries. But what if these safety features become one of the reasons behind the griddle not working correctly? Yes, sometimes, these safety features can modify the heating mechanism of the griddle as well.

One of the safety features that can disturb the heating mechanism is the regulator. A regulator is a component that controls the amount of fuel delivered to the Blackstone griddle. The lesser the energy, the lower the heat generated, leaving the griddle top cold.

As per US regulations, all griddle regulators must comprise a flow-limiting device to ensure safety. This device detects and controls the amount of propane reaching the regulator.

For example, if high propane levels flow through the griddle, the regulator would activate and immediately restrict propane flow. So, a tripping regulator is what you need to look for if the griddle is not getting hot enough.  

How To Sort It Out:

There are numerous ways to deal with a tipping regulator;

  • Always turn the nozzle of the propane tank slowly, as opening it quickly would suddenly increase the propane levels. In case you didn't know, a sudden surge in the propane levels automatically shuts off the griddle.

  • Reset the regulator by closing the valve tank and tuning on all the knobs of a Blackstone griddle. Leave the knobs for around ten seconds; this way, you will allow all the gas to pass out from the line. After ensuring all the gas has moved out, turn all the burners off, then slowly turn on the tank valve. Lastly, light the burners of the Blackstone griddle to check if the regulator is working smoothly.

  • Some individuals who are savvy in the technical aspects use a different approach to bypass the regulator. Instead of attaching the tank directly to the griddle, this method adds a couple of other components in between them.

    The propane tank is attached to the adapter hose, which is further connected to the regulator, which is finally attached to the griddle. By doing so, they can keep the regulator from getting triggered without altering how the griddle works.

Poor Weather Conditions:

Blackstone griddle is undoubtedly one of today's high-end and versatile kitchen appliances. Although it works well in all temperature conditions, it does not mean that weather would not impact its working. Griddles get highly affected by cold, windy weather.

In such adverse weather conditions, keeping the burners lit for a prolonged time is challenging. The griddle will use more propane in winter to keep the burners working. So ensure your tank is full of propane if you plan a potluck at your place.

How To Sort It Out:

Rain and winds generally do not affect the working of a Blackstone griddle. It is because the heating and safety mechanisms of the griddle are well-covered. So what's the fuss about whether the griddle works well in adverse weather conditions?

Well, the main culprit is the wind. A slight wind blow is enough to put the heating of the griddle off. In such situations, you can use wind guards to protect your griddle. The wind guards shield the griddle from wind and dust, thus keeping the heating mechanisms of the griddle running. You can keep the griddle under a shade or move it indoors during winter. However, it would be best if you invest in wind guards.

Blocked or Choked Regulators:

Blackstone griddles are mainly used as an outdoor kitchen tool for making steaks, burgers, scrambled eggs, and the rest. Due to being kept outdoors, it is exposed to dust and dirt that build up in "difficult-to-clean" corners of the griddle. One such corner that is likely to get blocked is the regulator. A dirty and greasy regulator is another primary reason why the Blackstone griddle is not getting hot.

How To Sort It Out:

It is often suggested to constantly clean the griddle inside and out after using it. More than cleaning the griddle top is required; you should also focus on other features like regulators and burners. A Poorly maintained regulator would ultimately affect the griddle heating mechanism.

You must unscrew the regulator from the propane tank and clean the dirt using a wire sponge or brush. This will help unclog the tiniest holes on the regulator, allowing gas delivery. You can also use compressed air to remove dust particles stuck on the surface. Once you feel that the regulator is dirt-free, screw it back on the propane tank and turn it on.

What If The Griddle Still Does Not Get Hot?

The problems mentioned above are some of the most common issues that one can encounter. However, even after troubleshooting every case, you should consider contacting customer service if the griddle still doesn't work. If the griddle is brand new and fails to work, there might be something wrong with it.

In this case, companies often make refunds and exchanges. But it might be broken if the griddle is familiar and only works after considering all the possible factors. Consider hiring a local electrician to repair or replace it with a new one.      

Blackstone griddles have become a popular choice in kitchen tools. Apart from being used on a commercial scale, most homeowners like installing them in their backyards. Well, every griddle user should be aware of the problems that can hamper griddle heating. Also, they must know how to troubleshoot the issue before it worsens. 

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