All You Need to Know about Griddle Pans

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Atgrills electric griddle pan

Outdoor food tastes quite good and has an exceptional flavor. However, a number of reasons might make it hard or impossible to cook outdoor. Among them include weather, inadequate space, and maybe restrictions. Therefore, you have to cook indoors utilizing other options such as cooking on a griddle pan

What is a griddle pan used for? Griddle pans are used for cooking flavored foods such as bacon, eggs, pancakes, and sandwiches on their smooth flat cooking surfaces. They are versatile cookware that brings the outdoor taste into your kitchen. Let’s find out what they are used for and also answer other related questions. 

What is a Griddle Pan Anyway? 

A griddle pan is a large cookware pan explicitly with a smooth and flat surface that cooks over a stovetop. Usually, it’s designed in either a round or square/ rectangular shape. However, people tend to confuse the round griddle pans with frying pans. 

In many instances, griddle pans are used for cooking breakfast meals and making burgers. In addition, they still cook other meals such as steaks and chicken breasts. Griddle pan’s cooking surfaces offer even heat distribution and bring about crispness and flavor. 

Atgrills electric griddle pan

What is a Griddle Pan Used For? 

As mentioned above, griddle pans’ flat cooking surface makes them suitable for cooking a variety of foods. Griddle pans are used as an alternative to bring outdoor cooking experience indoors 

It perfectly cooks some of the breakfast foods, including pancakes, sausages, bacon, eggs, French toast, etc. However, griddle pans are ideal for cooking other foods such as burgers, steaks, pork chops, seafood, vegetables, and quesadillas. Generally, a griddle pan can handle most foods cooked on a frying pan. 

Griddle pans are good if you want to achieve charring and a smoky flavor on your foods. It’s crucial you ensure that your foods not too thick to ensure proper cooking. 

Large-sized griddle pans are used ideal for cooking a large number of people may in a party. Small and medium-sized griddle pans are best for a family or a few people. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is a griddle pan the same as a frying pan? 

A griddle pan is different from a frying pan or the so-called skillet. Grill pans can be round or square-shaped, while a frying pan is round-shaped. Additionally, griddle pans have a shallow depth than frying pans. Lastly, griddle pans can be used for dry-heat cooking and frying, while frying pans/skillets are used for searing and frying foods. However, some skillets are used for baking various desserts. 

Do you need oil on a griddle pan? 

Most griddle pans have a non-stick cooking surface; therefore, using oil is not necessary. Preheating the grill pan on medium-high heat for about 5 minutes before cooking prevents foods from sticking. 

Suppose your grill pan doesn’t have a non-stick surface, then you can brush it with oil. However, you should avoid putting oil directly on the grill pan since it burns and might also ruin your diet’s flavor. 

Additionally, oils with a high-heat sautéing application, such as avocado oil and grapeseed oil, are ideal for spraying or brushing on a griddle pan. 

Is using a griddle pan healthy? 

Cooking a griddle pan is healthy since it requires no grease or oils, and when used, it’s minimal compared to other cooking methods such as frying. Therefore, you cook food with less fat and within reduced cooking time. Additionally, griddled foods have low calories compared to fried foods.

Final Thought 

Griddle pans are essential cookware in your kitchen. They can be used to cook most of your breakfast meals, steaks, and burgers. Grill pans also leave your food with an outdoor taste and excellent flavor. 

Griddle pans heat evenly, thus cooking uniformly and making the overall cooking easier. 

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