When Should I Use an Electric Griddle? 

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Pancakes with fresh fruits

Do you remember how you used to enjoy pancakes during your childhood days? Maybe you still want them for breakfast today. Making those brown and fluffy pancakes is always fun when using an electric griddle

So when should you use an electric griddle? Electric griddles can be used in many instances for various reasons. They cook a wide range of meals from breakfast to dinner. Keep reading through this article to find out more about using an electric griddle and its advantages. 

When Should You Use an Electric Griddle? 

Different people acquire electric griddle for various reasons. Usually, the focus is to solve a certain problem or enhance its effectiveness in cooking.

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Below are instances an electric griddle would be the ultimate kitchen appliance to use. 

Cooking Indoors 

Conventional griddles are not suitable for indoor cooking for various reasons, including safety and smoke. On the other hand, electric griddles are the ideal cooking appliances for indoor cooking, particularly when you want a flavor of griddled food on your table. 

For instance, electric griddles such as the Atgrills Indoor Griddle are smokeless and suitable to use on your kitchen top any time of the day. Therefore, it makes cooking indoors convenient and easier even during the winter when you cannot use a griddle outdoors. Additionally, your house walls, curtain, or cookware won’t get soot coatings since there is no smoke. 

Grilling bacons on Atgrills electric griddle

For Camping 

Electric griddles are lightweight and compact; thus, they are easily portable. Also, their parts are removable, and setting up the whole appliance for cooking is hassle-free. As a result, a significant number of people do not shy away from using them for cooking as they enjoy camping outdoors. 

Electric griddle’s large cooking surface area is also why you ought to use an electric griddle for camping. They accommodate more foods at once for a family. 

Lastly, electric griddles easily fit in your car trunk or cargo area and occupy minimal space; thus, you don’t have to worry about storage. 

Pancakes with fruits

When You Have No Space Outdoors

Not everyone has a backyard or spacious patio. If you are a tenant in an apartment with rules restricting you from using griddles and grills indoors, your ultimate choice is an electric griddle. 

Due to their compact design and size, they are effectively used in kitchens, rooftops, and balconies. All you need is access to a power source to heat the griddle. 

Cooking Variety of Foods 

Electric griddles are versatile and cook a wide range of foods. Therefore, an electric griddle is the ultimate choice for cooking various griddled foods for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. 

Common foods cooked on electric griddles are burgers, pancakes, bacon, eggs, toast, cheese sandwiches, chicken breast, and so on. 

To Cook Foods with Less Grease 

If you are looking for a healthy cooking technique that requires you to use no oil or less grease, an electric griddle is a right choice. Most of the griddles come with a non-stick cooking surface; thus, foods do not stick. 

Also, if grease is used or your food produces fats while cooking, electric griddles have detachable oil drip trays where it’s collected. 

Cooking on Flat Surface 

If you want to cook on a flat surface, an electric griddle is what you should use. Unlike frying pans, they don’t have high walls; thus, flipping your food is more effortless. Also, the flat yet smooth surface has no ridges, thus enhancing the use of a spatula to flip foods. 

Therefore, if your recipe requires you to cook on such surfaces, an electric griddle is the way. 

Final Thought 

Electric griddles are versatile and are utilized in various applications. The fact that they are compact and lightweight, they are suitable for camping, among other outdoor cooking. Also, people have embraced electric griddles for indoor cooking. Lastly, they have bigger space and flat surfaces, making cooking easier even when preparing meals for many people.

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