Are Indoor Grills Worth the Money?

ਮਈ 24, 2021 3 min read

Pancake, fried egg, chicken, veggie on Atgrills griddle

If you live in an apartment and love barbeques, you must be missing a lot during the summer season. Depending on where you reside, you might have limited or no option for outdoor grilling. Additionally, you cannot use your outdoor grill in the house: it’s unsafe and unhealthy.
The most practical solution for such a problem is investing in an indoor grill. Is an indoor grill even worth it? Are indoor grills worth the money? Is indoor grilling a better option? These are some of the questions this article addresses. It will help you understand various aspects of indoor grilling as you decide to purchase one.

Sausage, veggie and chicken on Atgrills gray griddle


Types of Indoor Grills

There are two types of indoor grills, i.e., contact grill and open grill. However, there are rare types that are designed with a double burner and skillet. Contact grills come with two cooking surfaces (one on top and the other on bottom). An open grill looks more like a regular outdoor grill, only that it features a smaller size. 

Is an Indoor Grill Worth it? 

If you love grilling and you want to do it all over the year, an indoor grill is worth your investment. Smokeless indoor grills are sold at affordable prices and offer a lot of conveniences while grilling. Also, they feature a compact design, making them portable and occupy less space in your kitchen. 

Additionally, indoor electric grills are very versatile and will accommodate most of your recipes, from pancakes and eggs for breakfast to grilled meat, vegetables, and sandwiches for lunch and dinner. Lastly, most parts of the indoor grill are easy to clean. Those with removable parts are easily cleaned safely in a dishwasher. 

How to Use an Indoor Electric Grill

Every new product we purchase comes with a manual. However, very few people read it. Below are essential steps to follow while using an indoor electric grill

  • Place/ position your grill unit on a flat surface
  • Connect your grill’s power cord to a source of power 
  • The next step is to let your grill plate heat evenly all over 
  • Use the heat settings to control heat on the grill
  • Place your foods on the grill 
  • Observe safety while cooking, and do not leave your grill unattended until you have finished and switched off the power source
  • Once your grill has cooled down, you can now move it for storage or clean it

As you can tell from the above steps, indoor grilling is a simple process. 

Advantages of an Indoor Grill

  • Offers enhanced heat distribution across the cooking surface area
  • It’s more versatile- you can cook a variety of food 
  • Affordable 
  • It’s compact and portable 
  • Ease of cleaning and maintaining
  • You can grill anywhere and any time of the day or year since it’s an indoor activity

Disadvantages of an Indoor Grill 

  • You can only grill food for two to five persons due to a limited cooking surface area 
  • You do not get the same flavor on food like on a charcoal grill

Grilled sausage

Simple Tips for Grilling Indoors 

Below are simple tips anyone grilling may apply to enhance the experience and quality of foods grilled indoors. 

  1. Season your foods with spices to enhance flavor. 
  2. Marinate your food before you place it on the grill. It’s always good to grill dry ingredients to prevent excess smoke and steam indoors. You can drain excess moisture on marinated meat on a drying rack as well. 
  3. Splash a liquid smoke while grilling to achieve a flavor similar to that of outdoor grilling 
  4. If your pan surfaces are likely to get sticky, coat your pan with a layer of oils. Prevent ingredients from sticking on the cooking surface. 
  5. Use a paper towel to smear oil on the ridges of the grill. Also, use oils with high smoking points, such as grapeseed and canola oil. 
  6. Grill near a window in your house

Sliced meat

Bottom Line 

Indoor grills are worth the money when you want to enjoy your favorite recipes on the grill throughout the year. Also, they are designed to be easy to use and versatile. You can make food for a large number of guests only that you will do it multiple times. 

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