How Hot Should an Electric Grill be for Steak?

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Grilling steaks is fun. However, it requires individuals to be knowledgeable on several aspects, such as the proper temperatures for grilling and how long you should grill your steaks.

You might end up with undercooked or overcooked foods if you don’t pay attention to such details when using an electric grill

You are at the right place! This article is a simple guide on the suitable temperatures to cook steaks on an electric grill. 

How hot should an electric grill be for steak? 

How hot a grill should be, depends on several factors such as the size of the steak and the type of the steak. It also boils down to how you like your steak. 

Barbecue cuisine 

However, you must preheat your grill on high heat for about 5-12 minutes for most of the grilling.

The best temperature you should attain during this period for steaks is 450 degrees F- 500 degrees F. 

Below is a breakdown of various heat levels on a grill and the suitable meats it should cook. 

High Heat 

High heat means 450-650 degrees F. 

It’s suitable for pork chops, tuna steak, beefsteak, and kabobs. When a grill has attained this level of heat, you will notice sizzling once you place the meat on the grill for cooking. Also, it easily forms sear marks on your food. 

Medium-High Heat

Medium-high heat ranges from 375-450 degrees F

This level of heat is ideal for grilling fish steaks. It cooks slower but then cooks the inner portions of the steaks and leaves good sear marks on the exterior. 

Medium Heat 

Medium heat is between 325-375 degrees F. 

It provides enough heat to cook your steak internally slowly and a browning effect on the outer parts of it. It’s perfect for grilling steaks from poultry such as chicken and turkey. 

How Do You Gauge the Heat on Your Grill? 

There are two ways of gauging the heat/temperature on your grill, depending on the exact electric grill you’re using. 

Some electric grills come with a built-in thermometer that indicates how hot your grill is.

On the other hand, other electric grills do not have that feature. What should you do?

A simple technique entails holding your palm at a distance of 3-6 inches to the grill to estimate the hotness of your grill grate.

The principle of this method is the longer you hold a hand over the grill, the less hot the grill. Below is a simple table showing more details. 


Thermometer Reading

Hand Check


450-500 Degrees F

1-2 Seconds

Medium High

400-450 Degrees F

2-4 Seconds


350-400 Degrees F

4-5 Seconds

Medium Low

300-350 Degrees F

6-7 Seconds


250-300 Degrees F

7-9 Seconds

Take Away: What are Appropriate Internal Temperatures of Steak while Grilling 

The heat on your grill will affect the time a steak will attain an optimum internal temperature while cooking.

To determine the internal heat of a steak, use a quality food thermometer. 

Here are the internal temperatures various steaks should attain while grilling. 

  • Beef Steak- 120 to 135 degrees F. 
  • Pork Chops- 145 degrees F
  • Chicken Breast- 160 degrees F
  • Fish Steak- 145 degrees F

Steak food

Final Thought 

It’s crucial to ensure that your grill is hot enough before placing the steak on it. Therefore, you should always preheat your grill.

Additionally, you should maintain a suitable heat range on your grill grate depending on the particular steak you are cooking.

Utilize the built-in thermometer or the hand-over grill techniques to gauge the hotness of the grill.  

Also, attaining an optimum internal temperature will ensure your steak is well cooked. 

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