What is Cookware Coating, and what are the Advantages of Stone Coating?

ਦਸੰਬਰ 28, 2022 3 min read

Egg on Atgrills electric griddle with stone coating

The cookware industry keeps changing gradually. Various manufacturers are embracing innovative ideas and using them to make better products. Among the significant improvements include the use of non-stick coatings on cookware items.

What is Cookware Coating?

The coating is a layer of material on a cookware surface. Probably you must have come across or used a coated cookware, maybe a frying pan, saucepan, pots, etc.

The coating on cookware serves different purposes, such as enhancing easy cleanup and use, preventing foods from sticking, and preventing rust and corrosion.

So, what are the different types of coating mostly used in cookware?

They include ceramic coating, anodized aluminum coating, seasoned cast iron coating, PTFE coating, silicone coating, superhydrophobic coating, and stone coating.

Each type of coating has its application in making various cookware items.

What is a Stone Coating?

A stone coating is a layer used on cookware that is made from natural-looking stones.

The stone is crushed into smaller/ fine particles mixed with other non-stick chemicals to form a coat. It results in a durable and abrasive-resistant coat that is then used on cookware.

The crushed stone coating includes other materials such as ceramic, granite, diamond, marble, porcelain, etc.

Have you heard of or used stone cookware? Usually, such cookware has a core/inner metal material (either aluminum or stainless steel) and a stone coating on the exterior.

Egg and tongs on Atgrills electric griddle with stone coating

What are the Advantages of Stone Coating?

No harmful chemicals

Stone coating is safe from toxic components. Unlike other types of cookware coatings, it’s POFS and acid-free. Additionally, this coating doesn’t release toxins.

It means that you don’t have to worry about your health being affected as a result of using stone cookware.
Stone-coated items are among the safest cookware products in the market.


Stone cookware is not only safe but also highly durable. It’s also not prone to rusting or flaking problems.

Even upon regular use, stone cookware will last for years before it’s worn out.


One factor that contributes to the durability of stone-coated cookware is its high scratch-resistant level.

Unlike cookware with other types of non-stick surfaces, a stone coating is hard enough, and you can use a metallic cooking utensil: it doesn’t peel off.

Non-reactive to foods

Stone doesn’t leach; therefore, your food does not come into contact with the inner metal of cookware. Since no reaction occurring, there is no toxicity, and your food’s nutrition is maintained.

Easy cleaning

Most cookware with non-stick coatings is easy to clean, and so is a stone coating.

Food particles don’t stick on the stone surface; thus, cleaning does not require tough scrubbing. Additionally, it’s dishwasher safe as long as the soap you use is non-abrasive.

Note: Putting cold water in hot stone pans and pots; it decreases durability. Also, cleaning a stone coating with a metallic scrubber might cause scratches and wear out quickly.

However, it requires you to season stone-coated cookware to maintain their non-stick surface occasionally. You can do it after about 5 months.


Cookware with stone coatings is attractive. They enhance the styling of cookware. For instance, granite stone cookware is appealing to the eyes.

Enhance even distribution of heat

Regardless of the inner core of cookware being a good heat conductor, the exterior is also essential. Stone coating is among non-stick coating that boosts even heat distribution; thus, cooking is easier and faster.

Highly effective for baking

Pans with a stone coating give incredible results when used for baking purposes because they evenly distribute heat and retain it well. It offers efficiency while baking.

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