What Temperature Can I Cook Bacon on an Electric Griddle?

ਦਸੰਬਰ 28, 2022 3 min read

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Bacon is a favorite food for most Americans and a significant number of people across the world.

According to some of the facts highlighted by the Foundation for Economic Education, in 2020, an American eats 18 lbs. of bacon each year, and Americans spend approximately $5 billion annually on bacon. No doubt that people like this food for breakfast.

Cooking bacon requires you to observe some specific details. What temperature can I cook bacon on an electric griddle? The ideal temperature for cooking bacon on electric griddles should start low to medium at approximately 325 degrees F.

The details below will help you further comprehend the above question. 

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Temperature for Cooking Bacon on Electric Griddles

Cooking bacon on an electric griddle is different from cooking other foods that require you to first heat the electric griddle before cooking.

Temperature is a critical aspect you ought to observe if you want results of crispy bacon that is neither undercooked nor burnt.

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While cooking bacon, you do not have to preheat your electric griddle. Immediately you turn it on, place your bacon on the cooking surface.

That means you are starting on cold cooking, and gradually, the temperature will rise as you cook. The highest and the most suitable temperature should be 300 to 350 degrees F. 

The gradual rise of heat while cooking prevents your bacon from sticking. Also, the bacon gently melts down its fats on the griddle cooking surface, which is collected on the drip tray. 

Generally, cooking bacon on an electric griddle requires gradual heating from the start and medium heats to allow even cooking and prevent burns on either side.

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TAKEAWAY: Easy Tips for Cooking Bacon on an Electric Griddle 

Now that you have the proper knowledge of the ideal temperature to cook bacon on an electric griddle, here are essential tips that will help you cook bacon on the same griddles. 

  1. Always use a nice tong to flip the bacon and ensure it does not scratch the surfaces of the bacon. By doing so, you prevent excess oils from draining back to the bacon while cooking. 
  2. You can always cut your bacon into halves if you have an electric griddle with quite some space to cook on. You’ll cook faster, and no space is wasted on the griddle. Additionally, your rashers must not overlap as it might prevent proper crisping. However, this depends on how you want it on your plate. 
  3. Use a food thermometer when you see your bacon is turning crispy and attaining a reddish-brown color. Well-cooked bacon should have an internal temperature of 160 degrees F. 
  4. Ensure your electric griddle drain away half of the fats properly. When your bacon swims on such fats, it hardly achieves the crispness. 
  5. Avoid adding oil to your electric griddle since bacon has enough fats to release once it starts absorbing the heat from the cooking surface. Its fat is enough for cooking. 

Wrap Up 

Cooking bacon on electric griddles requires you to pay attention to the heat. Once again, start low and go up to medium. 

Also, if some of the fat from the bacon sizzles and jumps on the cooking surface, reduce the temperature using the controls on your griddle. 

Lastly, keep your eyes on your griddles since bacon cooks pretty fast and frequently flip your burger to avoid burns and enhance even-cooking on both sides.

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