About us

The Journey Begins

My name is Angel. My journey began in 2018 when I was working for a company as acookware production manager.  While the work was challenging, it was neither stimulating nor was it satisfying. I found that the products I was working on were too generic, too assembly-line. The magic was missing. There was nothing unique, personalized, or suited for small families or single people. That’s when I decided to quit and start my own company – doing something I was proud of.  I had realized long ago how people struggled to find true inspiration in life. If there was one remedy that I knew would lead people to inspired living, it was food. But how do people cook delicious and healthy meals while remaining within budget? After all, healthy food isn't just about the produce. It's also about the cookware.


The Business of Designing for Inspired Living

At ATGRILLS, we have always been a team of fun-loving and driven individuals. We love to eat, and we especially love to cook. But what we love more than these is to share our love for cooking with others. One thing we have realized over these few years is that our jobs wouldn’t be as satisfying without you – our customers. Your constant guidance, unending support, and tons of love have helped us to become better creators, thinkers, and dreamers. That's why we believe you deserve to know how our humble journey began and what we're doing to lead (and help others lead) inspired lives. This is the story of our journey, and it starts with how we design our small cooking appliances and grilling products.  


The Right Kitchen Appliance Sets Can Change Lives

That's when I realized what I wanted to do. I wanted to design and develop premium-quality cookware, small cooking appliances and grill appliances, made using non-toxic and durable materials. The objective was to make this cookware available at the best of prices and in the most-efficient designs to suit single-family and small family households. This inspired some of my first creations – like the ATGRILLS electric smoke-less grill and the Aurora Luxe cookware. These were first-generation technology, wholly contemporary, and best-in-class. Today, ATGRILLS boasts of being one of the most reputed cookware and grilling products designers in the world. We are dedicated to bringing our inspired products for inspired living.
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