Affiliate Program

We are inviting the social media influencers, food lovers or website and blog owners, in particular, those specialize in loving and sharing delicious food in addition to cookware and kitchen appliance reviewers with American fans, visitors or users to join our affiliate program. If you are obsessed with ATGRILLS, it’s definitely time to join us.

The Benefits

  • Earn 10% Commission on each sale.
  • 60-day tracking cookie to each link

How it works

We are using ShareASale in order to have collaboration with our affiliates. In other words, you will register an account on ShareASale and become our affiliate. Then you will promote us to your fans, users, website or blog visitors and if your users click your affiliate link that you will get from ShareASale and place their order on our online store within 60 days, you will automatically get your commission on your ShareASale account.

How To Join Our Affiliate Program

Click here and apply as our affiliate on ShareASale. We will receive your request and after approving, you will promote us and get commission from each sale on our store you refer. You can watch the video below to get familiar about how to open an affiliate account on ShareASale. If you have any questions, please contact us.