7 Best Oils for Flat Top Grill

January 20, 2024 4 min read

7 Best Oils for Flat Top Grill

Are you looking to enhance the flavor and performance of your flat top grill? Choosing the right oil can make a significant difference in your cooking experience. this article, we'll explore the best oils for a top grill. From their points to taste profiles we'll cover it. Get ready to take outdoor cooking to the level!

Av Oil: The Jack of Trades

Avocado is a versatile option for your flat top grill With a high smoke of around 520°F271°C), it handles high-temperature cooking breaking down. Its mild, buttery flavor is a great complement to a variety of dishes. Whether you're searing meats, stir-frying vegetables, or grilling seafood, avocado oil is a fantastic choice.


  • High smoke point
  • Mild, buttery flavor
  • Versatile for different types of cooking

"Avocado oil's high smoke point and neutral taste make it an excellent all-purpose oil for flat top grilling." - Culinary expert, Emily Thompson.

Olive Oil: The Mediterranean Master

When it comes to flavor, it's hard to beat olive oil. With its distinctive taste and health benefits, it's an excellent option for flat top grills. Extra virgin olive oil, specifically, is preferred due to its lower acidity and higher smoke point compared to regular olive oil. It enhances the flavors of grilled vegetables, chicken, and fish, giving them a delicious Mediterranean touch.


  • Distinctive flavor
  • Health benefits
  • Extra virgin olive oil has a higher smoke point

"Using extra virgin olive oil on your flat top grill can infuse your dishes with that iconic Mediterranean flair." - Chef Thomas Walker.

Canola Oil: The Affordable Workhorse

For those on a budget, canola oil is an affordable yet reliable choice for flat top grilling. With a high smoke point of 400°F (204°C), it is suitable for various cooking methods. Canola oil's neutral taste won't overpower the natural flavors of your ingredients, allowing them to shine. It's ideal for searing meats or griddling pancakes, providing a crispy and golden exterior.


  • Budget-friendly
  • High smoke point
  • Neutral taste

"Canola oil is a wallet-friendly option that won't compromise on performance. It's perfect for everyday grilling." - Cooking enthusiast, Jennifer Collins.

Grapeseed Oil: The Light and Flavorful Option

Grapeseed oil is gaining popularity among culinary enthusiasts, and for a good reason. With a smoke point of approximately 420°F (216°C), it is ideal for high-heat cooking. Its light flavor allows the natural essence of your ingredients to shine through. Grapeseed oil is an excellent choice for grilling delicate fish or sautéing vegetables, giving a subtle yet pleasant taste to your dishes.


  • Light flavor
  • Suitable for high-heat cooking
  • Enhances natural flavors

"Grapeseed oil is a hidden gem for flat top grilling. Its light taste and high smoke point make it a perfect companion for various dishes." - Passionate home cook, Sarah Richards.

Peanut Oil: The Signature Asian Flair

If you enjoy Asian-inspired cuisine, peanut oil is a must-have for your flat top grill. With its distinctive nutty flavor and high smoke point of around 450°F (232°C), it brings an authentic taste to dishes like stir-fried noodles, fried rice, and satays. Peanut oil's ability to withstand high heat and impart a unique flavor profile makes it a favorite among many chefs.


  • Distinctive nutty flavor
  • Perfect for Asian-inspired dishes
  • High smoke point

"Peanut oil adds that unmistakable Asian flair to your flat top grill dishes. It's the secret behind the authentic taste of many stir-fried creations." - Chef David Nguyen.

Coconut Oil: The Tropical Twist

For a touch of tropical indulgence, coconut oil is an excellent choice for your flat top grill. Its moderate smoke point of around 350°F (177°C) makes it suitable for low to medium heat cooking. Coconut oil infuses a rich, sweet aroma into your dishes, especially grilled fruits, shrimp, or chicken. Its unique flavor profile adds a delightful twist to your grilling adventures.


  • Rich, sweet aroma
  • Perfect for grilling fruits and seafood
  • Adds a unique tropical flavor

"Coconut oil's tropical essence can transport your taste buds to an exotic paradise. Try grilling pineapple or shrimp with it to experience a burst of flavors." - Food blogger, Rachel Adams.

Sesame Oil: The Fragrant Fusion

Sesame oil is a go-to choice for those seeking an Asian fusion experience on their flat top grill. Although it has a lower smoke point (around 350°F/177°C), using it sparingly can add a burst of savory flavor to your dishes. Its nutty and aromatic profile pairs exceptionally well with grilled meats, vegetables, and even noodles. Remember, a little sesame oil goes a long way!


  • Distinct nutty and aromatic flavor
  • Adds a savory touch to various dishes
  • Matches well with grilled meats and vegetables

"Sesame oil's distinctive flavor can elevate your flat top grilling. Just a drizzle will take your dishes from ordinary to extraordinary." - Seasoned griller, Mark Thompson.


Choosing the right oil for your flat top grill can transform your culinary creations. The 7 oils mentioned in this article - avocado oil, olive oil, canola oil, grapeseed oil, peanut oil, coconut oil, and sesame oil - each have their unique flavors and characteristics that can enhance your grilling experience. Consider the smoke point, taste profile, and versatility of each oil when experimenting with different recipes. Whether you're aiming for a Mediterranean flair, Asian fusion, or a tropical twist, these oils will elevate your flat top grill dishes to new heights. Happy grilling!

Discover the endless possibilities by exploring these top oils for your flat top grill. Step up your outdoor cooking game and savor the flavors like never before.

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