Why Your Blackstone Griddle Won't Light Up and How to Fix It?

January 18, 2023 4 min read

Blackstone Griddle Won't Light

When it comes to griddles, Blackstone products are the finest in the industry but it does not mean these griddles are resistant to problems. We all expect proper burner flames but the problem arises when the igniter does not function at all. You get frustrated when you turn on the switch to ignite the griddle but it does not work. 

Blackstone griddles are one of the best but you may have to deal with the situation of lack of ignition when the switch is turned on. Lets’ understand how to overcome this issue.

Why Blackstone griddle won't light?

There is an automatic ignition system in every Blackstone griddle and it works well. Unfortunately, if the ignition system fails then you cannot light the griddle easily. There are very simple causes that lead to issues of not lighting. Below are the major reasons and their solutions.

Keenly check for Visible Damage

When you doubt any wiring issue then you should check for any damage and replace the wire or section of it if it is not proper. Check electrodes are properly connected and make sure everything is fine.

Ignition Switch

Blackstone Griddle  faulty ignition button

The ignition button or switch turns on the igniter when you want to use the griddle. The switch is located on the griddle’s control panel and when you turn it on it gives a clicking sound. When an ignition button does not give out a clicking sound, make sure to replace a damaged ignition button.

Generally, a wire connecting an igniter and a button are knocked out or damaged so you should check it also.

Loose wire

Start the investigation by checking for the loose ground wire and spark wire. If there is any issue with the wires such as if they are unplugged or loose, then the spark generator does not work. You can plug the wires properly into the spark generator and check. You can plug the wires into any socket.

An igniter is a very sophisticated component and wires connect the igniter to the electrode. So always check that wires are not broken or frayed so that igniter works properly.

Battery change 

You should also check the battery condition whether is it dead or not. A dead battery cannot generate a spark and this is one of the major reasons for ignition failure.

Sometimes people forget to install a battery or they insert the battery inaccurately. This can be a cause of a non-working igniter. You can change the battery with the new one and if the issue persists, there can be other reasons to focus upon. 

Igniter Needle

This is a small rod made of metal that peeks from the side of the electrode. When the igniter needle does not work no spark is created to ignite the gas that comes out of the griddle. There are several reasons for dislodging of igniter needle-like cleaning, shipping issues, or when the griddle falls.

When the igniter dislodges, the spark cannot reach the burner tube and the igniter does not work. You must check that the igniter needle is in its place and if it dislodged then re-insert it into the electrode.

Check the igniter electrode

Many times igniter rod gets covered with grease, carbon, and debris when used for a long time. Wipe the igniter electrode using a cotton ball and rubbing alcohol. Never knock out the igniter rod from its place when cleaning.

Getting rid of debris is important and you can use sandpaper, green pad, or steel wool to clean the gunk. Similarly, you can clean a spark plug and this trick works well most of the time. 

Electrodes should be dry because wet electrodes cannot produce a spark. Ensure to disassemble a griddle when it gets wet so all parts dry completely. Specifically, dry out electrodes before using a griddle.

Ensure the igniter electrode is correctly placed

When used for a long time, the igniter needle can knock out of its place. Ideally, the igniter needle should be a quarter inch from the burner tube. If an electrode is loose, you should arrange the needle in a way that it faces the tube and is a quarter inch away from the burner.

Propane Tank

Check that griddle is connected to a propane tank. Inspect the coupling nut and ensure it is connected to the tank’s cylinder valve. The coupling nut should be tight so you can adjust it accordingly. Do not use tools to adjust the coupling nut as it can strip the threads. Connect the griddle after tightening the nut so that igniter receives the fuel when turned on. 


The regulator regulates the flow of gas from the propane tank to the griddle’s heating element. It adjusts gas pressure but a damaged regulator cannot optimize gas flow to the griddle and this causes ignition issues. Make sure to check the regulator and replace the faulty one. 

Use a candle lighter to light the burner

After trying all, you can use a lighter to light the burner. You can do it by holding a lighter near a propane burner and lighting a burner. Do this initially on the first burner followed by other burners. 

Warranty and Replacements 

Once you followed the above steps and are satisfied with checking but the igniter does not work then it's time to replace a faulty igniter. Look out for a warranty as Blackstone is expensive to brand. You must contact the supplier or manufacturer for a better deal. 


An igniter is a crucial component of the griddle because it is responsible for burner operation. A griddle is nothing without a working igniter and you cannot cook anything. 

Some of the major reasons for non-working igniter are non-operational battery or when a battery is not correctly installed, the igniter needle is out of place, wiring issues, dislodged igniter, and debris built up around the igniter. 

You can replace the battery or check it is fitted rightly, check for any damage, replace the damaged wire, and clean debris. Try out the solutions provided above and enjoy outdoor cooking. 

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