Blackstone or Pit Boss: Unveiling the Ultimate Griddle for Your Cooking Needs

March 01, 2023 6 min read

Blackstone Vs. Pit Boss Griddle

In the culinary world, the debate between griddles is as heated as the grills themselves. If you've ever found yourself lost in the sizzle and aroma of outdoor cooking, you know that the right equipment can make all the difference.

Enter the titans of the griddle world: Blackstone and Pit Boss. Both have carved a niche for themselves, but which one truly stands out? Whether you're a seasoned chef or a weekend BBQ enthusiast, this comprehensive breakdown will help you navigate the fiery debate between Blackstone and Pit Boss.

Let's dive into the details and find out which griddle reigns supreme!

Blackstone: What You Must Know About The Company

Blackstone Gas Griddle Features

Blackstone has been in the griddle business for a long time now, and it is the gold standard for the industry. That is because the company specializes in creating high-quality griddles and flat tops. You will find that Blackstone griddles come in unique sizes.

These include tabletop models with one-burner to full-sized griddles that you can use in your backyard. All of the products are designed in the United States, and they ship throughout the world. So, if you want the best in this industry, you must consider Blackstone.

Pit Boss: What You Must Know About The Company

PIT BOSS PB5BGD2  Gas Griddle  Features

Pit Boss not only focuses on griddles, but many other products, which include pellet, charcoal, and gas grills along with griddles and their accessories. They have aide range of products that you can choose from. The griddles are high-quality and the selection is great too.

You can select from four different types of griddles. These include standalone, compact, portable, and traditional griddles. All of them can be ideal for camping and other outdoor experiences.

Blackstone Vs. Pit Boss Griddle: A Comparison Of Various Features

Pit Boss Vs. BlackStone graphical presentation

Comparison Table: Blackstone vs. Pit Boss Griddles

Feature/Aspect Blackstone Griddles Pit Boss Griddles
Company Focus Specializes in griddles Offers grills, griddles, and accessories
Construction Material Stainless steel Cast iron and stainless steel
Surface Area Up to 720 square inches Up to 673 square inches
Temperature Control Controllable heat zones Limited heat zone control
Cooking Experience Ideal for breakfasts, veggies Ideal for thick meat cuts
Maintenance & Cleanliness Grease catcher, metal scraper Grease catcher, metal scraper
Pricing Range $199 to $500+ Few hundred dollars to $650+
Versatility Sautéing veggies, pancakes, eggs Thick cuts of meat, steaks

The only way to figure out which company is ideal for you is to compare the various features. Once you do, you can decide on the one that is perfect for cooking. Here are all the features we have compared to guide your decision-making process:

  1. Construction

The first thing you must take into account is the construction of the griddle. That is because if the construction is not sturdy, then the griddle will not last you for a long time. High-quality construction means that the griddle will be able to withstand rough conditions, weather, and high temperature.

The best part is that Pit Boss and Blackstone manufacture their griddles from high-quality materials. For example, Pit Boss uses cast iron and stainless steel to create its griddles. On the other hand, Blackstone uses stainless steel for manufacturing.

Both these griddles will last you a long time and prove to be effective for tailgating, camping, barbecue parties, and much more. If you want cast iron, you can opt for Pit Boss. However, if you require stainless steel, then both companies are excellent.

  1. Surface Area

Blackstone  griddle Cooking surface area

All of us have unique cooking needs. If you are living with your family, then you will need an adequate-sized griddle with a medium cooking surface area. However, if you are running a restaurant, then you will require a big griddle with a large surface area.

That is because the surface area will determine how much food you can cook on the griddle at one time. The largest Blackstone griddlehas a surface area of close to 720 square inches. It is enough to feed an entire restaurant without any issues.

PIT BOSS PB5BGD2 griddle Cooking surface area

On the other hand, the largest Pit Boss griddle has a surface area of close to 673 square inches. This is much less than what Blackstone has to offer. So, if you want a bigger surface area, then Blackstone is the ideal choice for you.

  1. Temperature Control

The most important thing to keep in mind is that a lot of models from Pit Boss don’t come with heat zones you can control. Because of this, you have no way to control the heat of individual burners. You will notice that this leads to an uneven temperature throughout the surface.

Fortunately, this is not a problem you will face with Blackstone griddles. A lot of models come with controllable heat zones. That means you can cook various things on different heats by controlling the burners independently.

This is one of the top advantages if you are trying to cook various foods at one time. You will not have to rely on one heat source. So, all of your food will be perfectly cooked, regardless of where it is on the griddle.

  1. Cooking Experience

Cooking on a Blackstone griddle

You want to invest in a griddle for the cooking experience, which is why this is an important feature that needs to be taken into consideration. You will find that the griddles have individual burners and more or less the same cooking system. In some of the griddles, you can also adjust the temperature.

Blackstone griddles are perfect for making breakfasts, vegetables, and much more. However, it will take you a little bit of a learning curve to cook thick mean on it. That is because the surface is stainless, which is a little thin for such meat.

Cooking Steak on a Pit boss griddle

On the other hand, Pit Boss griddles are ideal for making steaks and other thick cuts of meat. The reason for this is the cast-iron plates that ensure your food has enough heat to cook. The distribution and retention of heat will be equal for your benefit.

So, if you want to do some light cooking, such as breakfasts, hot dogs, pancakes, and more, then Blackstone is ideal. However, if your primary aim is to use the griddle for various meat cuts, the Pit Boss might be a better option for your cooking needs.

  1. Maintenance And Cleanliness

Cleaning of a Pit boss griddle

Regardless of the brand you choose, you have to maintain and clean your griddle for the best results and taste. You will notice that the Blackstone and Pit Boss griddle have a grease catcher and hole on the surface. You can use a metal scraper to clean the grease and let the hole catch the dirt.

Then, you must wipe the surface clean so that there is no debris or food left over on the griddle. Whatever model you choose, you will have to do research on how to clean it in the best way. However, both these companies will require the same type of maintenance and care for their griddles.

Besides that, you will also have to season them to guarantee that the surface remains even and nonstick. Once you take care of the griddles, they will last for a long time to come. So, griddles from both brands are easy to clean and require the same amount of maintenance.

  1. Pricing

Blackstone 22 Portable  Gas Griddle

The pricing of a griddle can make or break your decision to purchase. After all, you need to stay within your budget when you want to invest in a griddle. Pit Boss griddles can range anywhere from a few hundred dollars to more than $650.

On the other hand, Blackstone griddles will also range from $199 to more than $500. Because of this, you will find that Blackstone is more affordable. However, a good way to understand if is worth the price is to compare similar models.

PIT BOSS Portable  Gas Griddle

Doing this will provide you with a much better idea if Blackstone is more affordable or Pit Boss. However, when it comes to the most expensive models of both brands, Blackstone wins in terms of affordability.

  1. Versatility

Finally, it is important to understand how much versatility each brand offers when it comes to griddles. This includes the number of burners, what you can cook on the surface, and much more. The good thing about the brands is that their griddles are highly versatile.

You can cook many things on it, such as breakfast, lunch, and dinner. However, depending on the model, there might be some limitations on what you can cook. You can read the manual and see the type of food you can cook best on the griddle you have chosen.

A great thing about Pit Boss is that it is ideal for cooking thick cuts of meat. So, it will take you less time to cook steaks on it. On the other hand, Blackstone is ideal for sautéing veggies and cooking pancakes, eggs, sausages, and much more.

Final Thoughts

That was a complete comparison of Blackstone vs. Pit Boss griddle so that you can decide which one is best for you. Keep in mind that there is no better or worse griddle. The one that is best for you will depend on your budget, cooking needs, and other factors.

So, weigh all of it and then decide on the griddle brand that will be perfect for you. Once you do, you will get a lot of use out of that griddle for a long time to come. Make sure that you do your research on the models, compare them, and then make an informed decision.

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