Can Grilling be a Hobby?

September 22, 2021 5 min read

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Grilling has been in existence since man was able to create and sustain fire. People have embraced this cooking method for decades across the world. Grilling has also evolved, and millions of people have adopted it as a standard cooking method and part of their lifestyle.
Can grilling be a hobby? Yes, it can be a great hobby. It involves a lot of exciting activities, and there is much more to learn about various foods. Also, it creates a social life whereby you can enjoy yourself with your family and friends. This post looks into why grilling is a good hobby and tips to master grilling as a hobby. It also answers some frequently asked questions.

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How is Grilling a Hobby?

According to a 2017 survey across the U.S, statistics depicted that 20% of the U.S adult respondents grilled several times a month, and 17% of the same group grilled several times a week during summers. More data shows that about 75% of U.S. adults own a grill or a smoker, 83% own grill accessories, and 20% of U.S. adults grill two to three times a week.
From the above statistics, it’s clear that grilling is more than a hobby and a lifestyle. Despite most food enthusiasts perceiving grilling as a hobby, even ordinary people still enjoy it.
The good side of grilling is that you enjoy it alone, but it’s even more fun while you do it with friends or family. All it requires is a good recipe, a grill, and have basic grilling skills.
Additionally, grilled foods have a unique yet great taste and flavor. Who wouldn’t enjoy grilled food anyway?
Lastly, with the rise of electric grills, a significant number of people are embracing grilling as a hobby. But why? Well, electric grills allow you to cook indoors and outdoors throughout the year. Therefore, you have what it takes to try different recipes on a grill.

Why You Should Take up Grilling as a Hobby

Are you a food aficionado? Are you in search of a new hobby? Grilling might be one of the great things you should try. It’s full of fun, and at some point, it is “addicting,” just like some other hobbies.
Below are reasons and benefits of choosing a grilling as a hobby:

1. It’s easy and fun

Grilling is not like other cooking techniques such as baking that requires to be master super unique skills to make excellent food. It’s a simple process that you can master within days, and the more you practice it, you become better and find more fun.
Grilling requires a few things, i.e., a grill, source of heat, and some food to grill (mostly meat). In fact, with some grills, such as electric grills, things are much easier since you can easily adjust the cooking heat to your preference. There are no fancy requirements, and once your grill is heated, you’re set to go.
Watching the juices and fats drop from a slice of meat, flipping the foods, and watching the grill form beautiful char marks on the foods is exciting.

2. Grilled food tastes great

Have you tried grilled vegetables, steak, or fruit? Grilled foods taste good. The Caramelization process causes the vegetables and fruits to get sweeter on the grill. Additionally, the Maillard reaction process makes the meat to be more savory. Thanks to the grill’s cooking surface for forming nice yet crispy grill marks and browning on foods’ exterior.

3. It’s a hobby you can enjoy even when you’re busy

Grilling is one of the hobbies that will not limit you from doing other things. You can grill foods as you play along with your children (a few meters away) or as you enjoy some drinks with friends.
It’s a hobby that will allow you to sit back and relax.
Additionally, grilling is not time-consuming. Preparing and cooking some of the foods on the grill takes less than an hour.

4. A healthier way of cooking

If you’re cautious of healthy cooking, you might consider grilling as your hobby. Grilling foods doesn’t involve the use of excess fats or butter for cooking. Also, the grill plates/grate allows meat to drip down excess fats and juices. As a result, you will not be consuming extra calories.
Additionally, grilled food tends to retain most of its nutrients.

5. It allows spending time with family and friends

For many years grilling has been perceived as a social activity. You can gather in the backyard with friends and spend time cooking on the grill tighter.
You can as well grill with your family members and use that chance to enjoy it together. Therefore, you’ll get to catch up and interact during the summers or weekends.
Generally, grilling is a hobby that the family will enjoy.

6. You can take it on the road

Grilling is one of the hobbies you can enjoy anywhere as long you have the skills, foods to cook, a grill, and a source of heat. Luckily, some grills, such as electric grills, are compact, lightweight, and portable, thus cooking anywhere you travel is easy.
If you enjoy outdoor activities, grilling is a viable hobby since it allows cook some of your favorite recipes outdoors.

Useful Grilling Tips for Hobbyists

When you choose to grill as your favorite hobby, the below tips might help you become better:
• Preheating your grill is essential. Before you start cooking on your grill, ensure you preheat it for about 10 minutes. It helps in forming clean grill marks and prevents foods from sticking.
• Temperature is vital. Each food has its ideal cooking temperature on the grill. Therefore, ensure you control and attain the right temperature for the best results.
• Marinating your food will enhance the flavor. There are a variety of spices and ingredients you can include in your recipe to enhance the flavor of your grilled food.
• Always have the right accessories while grilling. Having some of the accessories such as tongs, a meat thermometer, a knife, and gloves can enhance your grilling experience.


1. Is grilling an expensive hobby?

Grilling is a cheap hobby. It’s cheaper to grill your steak at home compared to buying a grilled one from a restaurant or joint. Grills range on all budgets, and there are standard grills that cost as little as $60 and give exceptional results.
Grilling is an affordable hobby compared to other hobbies such as yacht racing, golfing, gaming, art collecting, traveling, etc.

2. What is the difference between grilling and barbecuing?

Grilling entails cooking fast and using high heat while barbecuing is a slow cooking process that involves low and controlled temperatures. Another difference is that grilling entails cooking small pieces of food while barbecuing can cook large pieces of meat.

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