Can You Use A Grill After A Grease Fire? What You Need to Know

May 07, 2023 6 min read

Can You Use A Grill After A Grease Fire

It is no secret that many people love to grill food during the summer. You can cook many items on your grill to enjoy a tasty meal. The best thing is that it is easier to cook on a grill than in a kitchen.

The only thing that can annoy you when using a grill is a grease fire. It can happen without any warning and may harm you if you cannot control it.

You may also wonder whether your grill is still usable after a grease fire. The good thing is you don't have to look anymore for the answer. Here is everything you must know.

What Is A Grease Fire?

grease fire

A grease fire is a flare-up that can happen on any grill regardless of its brand. It may start when you are cooking using oil. The fire may also happen if old grease particles reignite on the grill.

Small fires are easy to handle on a grill. However, you may suffer significant damage if the grease fire is large. This may happen if you are cooking in a windy area. It can also occur due to flammable items nearby.

Can You Use A Grill After A Grease Fire?

Some people believe that they should not use their grill after a grease fire. This is because they may be scared of the event happening again. You may also not want to use the grill, thinking it is damaged.

The good news is that you can use your grill after a fire if you take the necessary safety steps. A grill is also not damaged after every grease fire, so you don't have to worry much. 

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What To Do Before Using A Grill Again After A Grease Fire?

Here are some things you must do before using your grill again after a fire:

Clean Your Grill Regularly

Many people do not clean their grills after every cooking day due to less time. Some also don't want to make the extra effort. This is the worst thing you can do to your grill because an unclean grill is more likely to suffer from a grease fire.

The top thing you should do is wait for the grill to cool down after the fire. Then, take a bucket of water to rinse the item. You should also use soapy water or cleaning detergent to clean different parts of the grill.

It is important to clean the drip pot for the best experience. Cleaning the grates is also necessary for preventing flare-ups in the future. The main purpose of this activity is to remove old food remains from the grill.

You can also use this for cleaning grease from the grill. Remember to season your grill again after cleaning, especially if it's made of iron. This will prevent rusting and enhance the lifespan of your grill.

Scrape The Grids

All grills have grates or grids that you must scrape to enjoy good meals. Sometimes this grid may also be removable. This depends on the brand of your grill.

You may take this step before using the grill or after. It is also important to turn on your grill and let it become warm before starting the scraping process. The main benefit of scraping is that it will get rid of bacteria and other microbes so that your food is safe to eat.

It will also get rid of excess oil and grease on the grids. Some people use a brush for scraping, but this may not be the best option. The better way to scrape grids is by using a soft microfiber cloth and little soap.

Scrubbing the grids will help you be thorough and make your grill sparkle easily.

Check For Problems

Most of the time, a grease fire happens because of too much oil in the cooking area or the grill becoming too hot. Sometimes the fire may also occur due to gas leaks and grill errors.

Your grill may become too hot on a low setting and lead to a fire. The best way to avoid this issue is by inspecting your grill for faults in the pressure regulator and cleaning it. There will be low chances of fire if your grill is in excellent shape.

It is also good to check for gas leaks because they can cause pressure changes in the tank. This means sometimes your grill may get gas at an excessive force, leading to a large flame. You must resolve the leak issue quickly, as it can also cause a blast if you cannot control the flames.

Checking for problems before reusing the grill is necessary so that you can enjoy peace of mind that there is nothing wrong with your grill. It also means that you don't have to fix any damage to use your grill for cooking.

Test Your Grill

You should always test the grill after cleaning it, ruling out problems. The best way to do this is by turning on the grill and checking for smoke signs. It is also good to cook something small on the grill.

Cooking vegetables on the grill may help you test them for fire problems. If you can cook things without large flames or another fire, it means your grill is ready to be used again. You should also take safety steps to take care of the situation if a fire starts again.

If the fire happens again without putting much oil or food on the cooking surface, you should call the company you got the grill from. Sometimes an inspection from a professional can help you identify an underlying problem easily.

How To Handle Grease Fires Efficiently?

A grease fire may happen on your grill due to a cooking mistake instead of a technical problem. This is why you should handle it properly to save your grill from permanent damage. If the fire destroys important parts of your grill, you may not be able to use it again.

So here are some ways to manage grease fires properly:

Keep An Extinguisher Nearby

Whenever you are cooking on a grill or in your kitchen, always keep a small fire extinguisher nearby. Fires can start without warning and spread rapidly. This tool will help you prevent the flames from becoming large and damaging the grill.

Another benefit of this item is that it will save your home from suffering any damage. You will also not have to worry about your loved ones getting hurt due to fire. Remember to keep the extinguisher in a space that is reachable in a few seconds.

This will allow you to take quick action and save your grill so that you can use it again.

Keep At Least Two Boxes Of Baking Soda Nearby

Many people cannot afford to buy fire extinguishers for managing fires. You may also have an empty cylinder at home which cannot be used. This is why a cost-effective solution is to keep baking soda near your cooking area.

The salt is excellent for putting out the fire because it cuts off the oxygen supply. So you will not have to worry about the flames spreading rapidly. You should also avoid using water rapidly so that an explosion does not happen if the fire starts again.

Two boxes of baking soda are good for taking care of a small fire. The best thing about this hack is that you can save money. It is also easy easier to get baking soda because most people already have it in their kitchen.

Always Have Your Phone With You

Some people tend to keep their phones away on a table somewhere when using a grill for cooking. You may also do this so that you do not get distracted. It is essential to avoid this so that you can be ready to handle fire with ease.

Remember, if the grease fire spreads fast and reaches your tank, you cannot put out the fire easily. This is why you should act quickly to remove your loved ones from the area. You should also dial the local fire department to deal with the fire.

The one thing you must do before an emergency call is to use an extinguisher to put out the fire. If you see no changes in the flames, move away from the area and make the call.

You must also not use water to put out the fire until the firefighters come. This is because grease fire happens due to oil, and water does not mix with it. So using the liquid will enhance the flames and allow them to spread more.

A blast can also happen if you try to put out a fire with things that make the flames worse.

Final Words

This is all you need to know about can you use a grill after a grease fire. You can use it again if the grill itself did not suffer any damage during the fire. 

Always clean your grill and test it for leaks or excessive smoke before using it again.

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