Do Indoor Electric Grills Work?

June 07, 2021 4 min read

Gray griddle with steaks and veggies

If you are a grill-lover, you know that Independence Day in the U.S and Canada Day in Canada are special days in a year for outdoor cooking. Grilling foods is a way of life, and the majority of homes in America own a grill. However, do you know you can grill indoors? 

Electric grills are gradually replacing the typical charcoal and propane grills that have been in existence for decades. What’s fascinating is their convenience of cooking on the countertop of your kitchen all year round. Thanks to the technological advancements and innovative minds in the current world. 

A Quick Insight: According to a 2020 report by one market research store, the global electric grill market size was valued at $3.04 billion in 2019, and it’s expected to grow to about $5.26 billion by 2027. The reports cite health issues linked to smoked and grilled foods, convenience, and versatility as the key things prompting the surge in electric grills’ sales in the market. 

Do Indoor Electric Grills Work? 

Yes, indoor electric grills work. In some instances, they work better than charcoal and propane grills. 

Electric grills are simply devices used to grill foods that use electricity as the source of power. They feature relatively similar designs to gas and charcoal grills; only the heating element is directly connected to the grill plate or under it. Indoor electric grills come in two types, i.e. open grills (closely looks like an outdoor grill with an open grilling surface) and contact grills (have a cooking surface on top and another on bottom). 

Electric grill griddle combo with steaks and pancakes 

Below questions and answers will help you understand the basics of an electric grill and how it works: 

  • How smokeless are indoor electric grills? 

Electric grills are suitable for indoor use because they produce little smoke or no smoke at all. The slight amount of smoke produced is similar to that produced while cooking using a stovetop; thus, there is no risk of soot coating your walls, curtains, or other cookware in your kitchen.

Additionally, electric grills do not produce excess carbon dioxide as a charcoal grill does. 

  • How efficiently does an indoor grill cook? 

First, the recent models of electric grills have demonstrated a lot of efficiency in terms of energy consumption. They use reasonable amounts of electricity, and there is no hassle of refilling gas or adding charcoal like in a traditional grill. Most of the electric grills use approximately 1200-1400 watts. 

Secondly, indoor electric grills are versatile and will cook most of your grilling recipes throughout the year. The versatility is enhanced by the temperature control features that you can use to attain a suitable temperature for that specific food you’re preparing. 

Unlike a traditional grill, an indoor electric grill’s plate heats uniformly, resulting in consistent cooking and even the formation of char marks on foods. Isn’t that incredible? 

Electric grills cook faster than conventional grills. The grill plates heat up very quickly yet retain the heat, thus making the cooking stress-free and more rapid. 

  • Are indoor grills safe? 

The fact that you will be grilling indoors, safety cannot be compromised. Electric grills are safe for cooking indoors. 

The conventional charcoal and propane grills produce carbon dioxide, smoke, and flames; thus, they are strictly used outdoors where there is open space and adequate air circulation. In contrast, electric grills produce minimal smoke and have no flames, making them the alternative for indoor cooking. 

In addition, electric grills are regarded as the best option because they do not produce carcinogens. It’s a way of enhancing healthy cooking since you can easily control the temperatures while grilling. 

According to surveys, over 70% of grill fires on residential apartments are caused by gas grills; charcoal grills cause about 15%, while electric grills account for approximately 2% of the total grill fires that occur. 

Generally, electric grills are safer than propane and charcoal grills. 

  • Is an indoor electric grill good as an outdoor grill? 

Indoor electric grills are good as outdoor grills. The only difference is in the flavor of foods, whereby charcoal and gas grills produce a smokier flavor than electric grills. However, you can still achieve a fairly similar flavor on an electric grill by marinating your ingredients or adding a few drops of liquid smoke while grilling. The only downside is that liquid smokes contain carcinogens that are considered to be cancer-causing properties when consumed.

Furthermore, electric grills are the ultimate choice for grilling steaks and vegetables during winter when you cannot grill outside. 

Which Electric Grill should Purchase 

From the above outlook, you can confidently assert that indoor electric grills are an alternative cooking technique for people interested in grilling throughout the year. Above all, selecting an appropriate grill is significant. 

Therefore, consider the following factors when buying an electric grill: 

  • How easy can you control the heat? 
  • Ideal cooking power (1300-1800 watts) 
  • Grill plate- how easy can you clean it? Is it dishwasher safe? How easy can you use it for cooking your recipes? 
  • Design- is the electric grill compact? Can it fit on your cooktop? Is it portable? 

We recommend checking out an affordable grill that meets the above requirements. It also doubles up as a combo with both griddle and grill top surfaces. It’s the Atgrills Electric Indoor Grill Griddle Combo. It features an outstanding design that makes grilling easier.                                                        


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