How Can I Cook Pancakes on a Griddle Pan?

July 07, 2021 3 min read

Pancake with strawberry and blueberries

Pancakes and waffles are among the most eaten foods by a significant number of people for breakfast. The Shrove Tuesday (also known as Pancake Day) is also an excellent day for pancake lovers worldwide. However, how you cook them matters and determines the taste you’ll get. 

How can I cook pancakes on a griddle pan? No doubt, griddle pans have been known to cook breakfast meals such as pancakes and eggs. Therefore, we have outlined a step-by-step on how to do it on a griddle pan. There are also useful tips for you to improve your cooking. 

How to Cook Pancakes on a Griddle Pan 

Prepare your ingredients 

There are essential ingredients you need to cook pancakes, as outlined below. Always adjust the quantities depending on the number of people or the number of pancakes you want. You can also add some of your favorite ingredients not listed below. 

  1. 2 beaten eggs 
  2. 400ml milk 
  3. 2 teaspoons baking powder
  4. 1 teaspoon salt
  5. 300 all-purpose flour
  6. 2 tablespoons of melted butter 
  7. 2 tablespoons sugar 
  8. A cup of blueberries 

Mix the ingredients

  1. Start by adding the beaten eggs to a bowl, followed by milk. Then whisk them together until everything is well mixed. 
  2. Then add your all-purpose flour, sugar, salt, butter, and baking powder to the same bowl you added milk and eggs. Whisk them till you get a thick paste. 
  3. Depending on your choice, you can leave the batter for about an hour or start cooking immediately. 
  4. If you left it for the above period, beat the batter with a spoon before cooking. 
Beating with mixer

Preheat your griddle pan

For the best results, you need to preheat the griddle pan for about 10-15 minutes. It ensures the even distribution of heat all over the pan and prevents pancakes from sticking. 

Use a thermometer to see that you have attained the ideal temperature of 375 degrees F for cooking pancakes. For someone without a thermometer, pour a few drops of water on the griddle pan. If you see water sizzling and not dissolving immediately, that is the right temperature, and you can start cooking. Conversely, if it dissolves immediately, the pan is extremely hot, thus reduce the temperature. If the water settles and no sizzling or evaporation, the pan is not yet hot enough. 

Grease the griddle pan 

If you’re using a cast iron griddle pan, there is no need to grease it since it’s not necessary. However, if your cast iron griddle pan is new, you may opt to grease it. Additionally, griddle pans that are not made of non-stick materials should be greased to prevent pancakes from sticking. 

For greasing, use butter or other oils such as coconut oils. Ensure you spread it evenly all over the pan. You can as well use cooking spray instead of oils or butter. 

Cook the pancakes 

When your griddle pan is already heated, and the cooking surface is non-stick, it’s time for cooking. 

Add some batter for each pancake. Also, add the blueberries or any other fruits and nuts of your choice. 

Let the batter cook for about 3-4 minutes until it rises and bubbles pop. Then flip the pancakes until you see a golden brown color appear. 

If you see bubbles on the pancakes' edges, it suggests that the pancake is well cooked on the bottom. 

Remove your pancakes from the griddle pan and add syrup or any of your favorite sauces. 

Pancake with cherries

Tips for Cooking Pancakes on a Griddle Pan 

  • It’s also good to let the batter rest for a few minutes or an hour before cooking. It allows even hydration of the batter and smoothens the lumps in the same butter. 
  • Avoid adding excess butter as part of your ingredient. 
  • Avoid pressing down the pancakes as they cook. 
  • Flipping pancakes multiple times is not necessary. Once the cooking side turns brown, flip once. 

 Pancakes on Atgrills electric griddle pan

Final Thought 

Cooking pancakes on a griddle pan is a simple process that takes less than 10 minutes to prepare the ingredients, about 15 minutes to preheat the griddle pan, and approximately 5 minutes to cook. 

How you prepare your ingredients and the heat of your griddle pan are very significant factors that determine the quality of pancakes you will get. 

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