How to Make Saute Potatoes

September 30, 2021 3 min read

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Saute potatoes are among the easiest meals to cook. The entire process takes a few minutes to prepare and cook. Additionally, there are various saute potatoes recipes you can always try. For instance, saute potatoes with garlic, saute potatoes with onion, saute potatoes lyonnaise, saute potatoes with fresh herbs, saute potatoes with lardons, etc.
What is saute cooking method anyway? It’s a cooking method that entails cooking food quickly in minimal oil/fat over relatively high heat. Saute is a French word that means to jump or tossing food in the pan. Let’s find out how we can make saute potatoes.

Stainless steel saute pan

What ingredient do you need for making saute potatoes?

•    Potatoes
•    Butter
•    Canola oil
•    Cloves of garlic
•    Chopped fresh rosemary
•    Salt
•    Pepper

How do you make saute potatoes?

1.    First, start by preparing the potatoes. How do you want your potatoes? You can opt to peel your potatoes or clean them and saute them unpeeled. In our case, we opt to peel the potatoes.
2.    Secondly, cut the potatoes. You can cut the potatoes into halves, slice them, or cut them into cubes. It depends on how you want them.
3.    The next step entails boiling the potatoes for a few minutes. Put the potatoes in boiling water. Depending on the size of your cut potatoes, you can simmer them for about 5 minutes. The aim is to cook the potatoes partially.
4.    Then place the potatoes in a colander/ strainer for about 5 minutes to help drain any excess water. Also, it will help you get crisper potatoes.
5.    Now heat a small amount of canola oil in a frying pan. Also, add the butter after a few minutes and let it melt.
6.    Add your potatoes to the pan and cook them on high heat. After a minute, you should add chopped cloves. For even cooking, ensure you only cook a single layer of potatoes at a time. Let the potatoes saute until they turn golden brown.
7.    It’s time you add salt and pepper to taste. Also, add your chopped fresh rosemary or other ingredients you have to add flavor.
8.    Then toss/stir the potatoes a few times with the spatula to mix the potatoes with other ingredients.
9.    It’s ready. Serve.
No doubt, sauteing potatoes is that easy. Above is a simple recipe. You can try other saute potatoes recipes.
You can enjoy sauteed potatoes alone or with other dishes such as salads, veggie burgers, steaks, pork chops, chicken, etc.


1.    Can you cook saute potatoes without boiling them first?

You don’t need to pre-cook or boiling the potatoes before sauteing them. However, if you have the time to do it, there is nothing wrong with that. Boiling will also make the interior of the potatoes softer.

2.    What is the best potato choice for sauteing?

Yukon Gold, Russets, long whites, Peruvian, and new potatoes are among the best type of potatoes for sauteing. They hold up the shape even when tossed.

3.    Can you saute sweet potatoes?

Yes, you can saute sweet potatoes. Unlike regular potatoes, you’ve to peel them and cut them into cubes or slices while preparing them.

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